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R15 Longshore
Place of originOderran Confederation
Service history
In service2922 - present
Used byOderran Confederation
Oderran Commonwealth
WarsGreat Intergalactic War
Medusa War
Production history
DesignerRedbrook Armoury
Designed2900 - 2919
ManufacturerRedbrook Armoury
Produced2919 - present
No. builtOver 1 billion built
VariantsSee Variants
Weight2.0 kilograms (4.4 lb)
Length40 centimetres (16 in)
Width7.0 centimetres (2.8 in)
Height31 centimetres (12 in)

Cartridge15x45 mm Redbrook
Cartridge weight45 grams (690 gr)
ActionElectromagnetic coil accelerator
Rate of fire100 rounds/min trigger pull cap
Muzzle velocity1,000 metres per second (3,300 ft/s)
Effective firing rangeEffective range: 500 metres (550 yd)
Maximum firing range1,500 metres (1,600 yd)
Feed system7 round cylinder
SightsHologram projection sight
Back up tritium iron sights

The R15 Longshore is an Oderran coil-accelerated revolver manufactured by Redbrook Armoury.