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Profile of a woman with red eyes

Red Eyes, known locally as "Oyos Roujes", is a physical trait statistically frequent among the population of Inyursta.

People with the trait are described as having quote "hazel eyes with a strong ruby tint", rather than cartoonish glowing red eyes. The trait is most common in southern and central Marindino, but still present in almost every province to some degree.


The origin of the red-eyed trait is highly disputed. It is noted that red-eyed individuals exist outside of the country, albiet in extremely small and insignificant frequencies.

Many scientists believe a single ancestor is responsible for the trait, noting that records of red-eyed individuals did not show up until 1852, and have increased exponentially since. However, critics argue that many who posses the trait today have absolutely no familial relations with other segments of the population, and that using historical records as a basis can be highly inaccurate.

Another major theory proposed is that the eye color comes from an extremely unlikely mixture of genes. This theory states that a baseline allele sequence tied to certain regions of Catalonia and Occitanie mixed with a specific allele sequence tied specifically to the Coacuendo Peoples and created the "red eye" phenotype. The heavy correlation of red eyes with individuals sharing both heritages supports this theory, although no specific genes have been identified and proven to cause the trait.

Urban legend says the amount of copper in Inyursta's waters causes the red eyes; but this theory is widely rejected and disproven.


The Red Eye trait occurs in roughly 1.3 - 2.0% of the Inyurstan population, approximately 2.5 million to 4.6 million people; as reported in a study by Univeristé National de Jacques Duvalier. However, the Departément National de Salúdé y Bienèrais (NDHW) reports that over five million people self-identify as having red-eye color on official government identification forms. The discrepancy is beleived to be due to people with amber or copper shades of light-brown eyes considering themselves red-eyed.

Miscellaneous Facts

The NIS bars individuals with red eyes from serving in undercover or other clandestine field operations abroad, due to the association of the trait with Inyurstan nationality and additional risks regarding the use of colored contacts.

Captured Black Skulls Cartel boss Juan Diego Lafous claimed to authorities and reporters that the price of a red-eyed woman or girl on the white slave market was on average over $7.5 million USD a head.

Actress Ofelía Lafitte possess the red-eyed trait.