Republican Party (United States)

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Republican Party
AbbreviationGOP (Grand Old Party)
ChairpersonDonald Rasband (TX)
U.S. PresidentClarence Wiggins (MI)
U.S. Vice PresidentFredrick Itcheon (FL)
House SpeakerMeghan Quimby (BC)
Senate Majority LeaderJoshua Smith (WV)
House Majority LeaderArthur McDonald (TX)
FoundedAugust 3, 1854 (1854-20-03)
Split fromTea Party (1994)
Preceded byWhig Party
HeadquartersWashington, D.C.
Membership (2019)Increase 39,384,540
Political positioncenter-right
Colors     Red
49 / 92
House of Representatives
177 / 352
House of Representatives Non-Voting Members
42 / 106
State Governorship
27 / 46
Territorial Governorship
4 / 12
Election symbol
100 pixels

The Republican Party, often shortened to GOP, or the Grand Old Party, is one of the four major political parties in the United States. The GOP's main ideological and historical rival is the Democratic Party. The GOP and the Tea Party split over ideological differences in 1994.