Royal Sjealandic Air Force

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Royal Sjealandian Air Force
Nasjonal Samling ørnemerke.svg
Emblem of the Royal Air Force
FoundedJune 16 1918
Country Sjealand
AllegianceFrederik VI
TypeAir force
RoleAerial warfare
Size21,301 as well as 2,600 conscripts
547 aircraft
Part ofSjealandian Armed Forces
HeadquartersFlyvestation Guttorp
Nickname(s)The Ravens
Motto(s)In the clouds, salvation
ColorsRed and yellow
MarchHonourary march for the RSAF
Mascot(s)The red Baron
Anniversaries8th of June
Commander in ChiefFrederik VI
RigsmarskGeneric-Navy-O11.svg Admiral Karla de Ulborg
Chief of the Air StaffRDAF Gen.svg Marshal of the Air Force Hjalmar Jønsson
Chief Master Sergeant of the RSAFRDAF Lt Gen.svg Air chief marshal Henrik Nielsen
RoundelRoundel of Sjealand.svg
Fin flashState Flag of Sjealand.png
Aircraft flown
EKF-1 Pelikanen, EKF-2 Falken
FighterKF-25 Falken
Attack helicopterLods AHK, Ræven FKH, Haren FKH
Multirole helicopterRæven FKH
Observation helicopterMusvitten FKH
Utility helicopterMusvitten FKH, Ræven FKH
PatrolAzimut-44 Saturne, MF-10 Høgen
TrainerKF-25 Falken, TF-1 Giraffen
TransportMF-10 Høgen, ACARA 50 Galère, Azimut C-45 Bis

The Royal Sjealandic Air Force or RSAF (Kongelige Sjællandske Luftvåben, KSL) is the aerial warfare force of the Sjealandic Realm. It is the oldest independent air force in Nordania, having been formed just before Sjealands entrance into the Continental War in 1918. It proved effective against the Concorde, earning its place on the battlefield against the Swastrians, and was soon employed to police Sjealands vast holdings across Nordania, one the its modern principal duties.

The standing mission of the RSAF is to help the two larger bodies of the Royal Sjealandic Defence achieve their duties, this is handled as providing the necessary support and capabilities needed for the Army and Navy to complete their goals. In particular this consists of maritime flying and patrolls and to promote Sjealandic supremacy in its waters, especially against states like Swastria and Ambrose.

Today it is among the best-equipped air forces in the world, operating a fleet of various types of aircraft both domestically produced and imported. This fleet largely consists of fixed-wing aircraft, including: fighter and strike aircraft, airborne early warning and control and strategic and tactical transport aircraft. Additionally a large amount of helicopters are under the RSAF's command, and the helicopter and plane services of both the army and navy are considered to be under the command of the RSAF should it request it. The majority of the RSAF's aircraft and personnel are based in Sjealand, with a small amount stationed in the Union of Nautasian Islamic Republics on peacekeeping missions and others part of rotating NFO squadrons.


Current Structure


Air Bases



Flying schools





Current inventory

Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Combat aircraft
Haastrup KF-25 Falken Sjealand multirole KF-25C 150 60 E variants on order
EKF-1 Pelikanen Sjealand AEW&C 6
PTF 21 Hethland SIGINT 6
Azimut Chronos Ainin Maritime Patrol 6
ACARA 50C Galère Ainin aerial refueling / transport KC-130H 3
F-1 Pelikanen Sjealand utility transport 5
ACARA 50 Galère Ainin transport Galère 18 three designated for air refueling duty
MF-10 Høgen Sjealand
Minor Tuthinan involvment
transport and maritime patrol 13
Azimut C-45 Bis Ainin transport 15
Defence Helicopter Wing
Lods AKH Ainin Attack 32
Ræven FKH Ainin Utility 29
Haren FKH Ainin Multirole 37
Musvitten FKH Ainin Transport 27
Trainer aircraft
TF-1 Giraffen Sjealand Jet trainer 79
Haastrup KF-25 Sjealand conversion trainer
ARL Y-12 Jorland and Lothican surveillance ()
Vidar RQ-07 Sjealand surveillance ()

Symbols, flags, emblems and uniform

Ceremonial functions and display


Music and marches