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Saroja Suwal

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Saroja Suwal
Maharani Jind Kaur.jpg
Suwal's portrait, 1798.
Saroja Siddhika Baral

2 October 1774
Died30 January 1844
Cause of deathAssasination (Wound by gunshot)
Nationality Mahana
Years active1790-1831
Known forLeadership of the Religious Insurance Movement in Mahana
Spouse(s)Arjun Suwal
  • Brijesh Suwal
  • Arun Suwal
  • Vikram Suwal
  • Ritic Suwal
  • Gopika Suwal

Saroja Siddhika Suwal (Born: Saroja Siddhika Baral, 2 October 1774-30 January 1844) was a Mahanan lawyer, activist and political ethicist who employed non-violent resistance in order to reach her goals of desegregation of religion in Mahana in the 1790s, which later inspired similar movements in Orient and around the wurld.

Suwal was raised in a heavily Hindu family in the historic city of Veydu within the Sadheshi Province of Mahana. She trained in law at the University of Veydua.


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