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| видил|| vidil || /vidi:l/ || person || only used in wordcombination
| видил|| vidil || /vidi:l/ || person || only used in wordcombination
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Native toSaruzhan,Arganuta
Native speakers
unknown (2019)
Saruzh - Tračian
  • Saruzh - Tračian
    • Saruzh
Saruzh Script, Kinchuk, Saruzh Print Script(SPS)
Language codes
ISO 639-3


Saruzh is the spoken language of Arganuta and a minority language in areas previously under saruzh rule.


Saruzh is related to the extinct Tračian Language, but is otherwise an language isolate.





perpetual tense: For actions are performed perpetually or repeat themselves continually: e.g. gears turning, astronomical phenomena occuring, cylinder of an engine going back and forth, describing (the religious) "cycles", etc.


The biggest foreign influence on Saruzh historically came from slavic languages, though loanwords from aydnirian and other languages also exist.

List of Saruzh Words

(TODO: make table for nouns, so tenses can be included ? or just include verbs in general table)

General List:
Saruzh (SPS) Transcription IPA Translation Notes
Арганута arganuta /aʁganu:ta/ Arganuta
Заружан saruzhan /zaʁuʐan/ Saruzhan
Нута nuta /nu:ta/ country, homeland
Котра kotra /ko:tra/ state, country
Малиц malits /malits/ King
Малицaкотра malitsakotra /malitsako:tra/ Kingdom
Шар shar /ʂaʁ/ Emperor Aydinir Loanword
Шарван sharvan /ʂaʁva:n/ Empire Aydinir Loanword
Невй neviy /nevij/ Prophet
Невйкан neviykan /nevijka:n/ Archprophet
Ёрёвидил yoryovidil /joʁjovidil/ Foreigner
Лаба laba /laba/ Language
Saruzh (SPS) Transcription IPA Translation Notes
Шарaшарван sharasharvan /ʂaʁaʂaʁva:n/ Aydnirian Empire
Ёрёван yoryovan /joʁjovan/ Outland, Abroad
Ксёчра ksyotshra /ksjotɕʁa/ Continent
Special Words:
Saruzh (SPS) Transcription IPA Translation Notes
ван van /va:n/ dominion, large area, sphere of influence only used in wordcombination
видил vidil /vidi:l/ person only used in wordcombination

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