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| name                = Silvia Ravenna
| name                = Silvia Ravenna
| honorific-suffix    = DAA EOV [[Emperor's Council of Latium|CI]]
| honorific-suffix    = DAA EOV [[Emperor's Council of Latium|CI]]
| image              = Margot Robbie Oxfam 2016.jpg <!--Margot Robbie at Somerset House in 2013 (cropped).jpg-->
| image              = Silvia Ravenna.jpg
| image_size          = 220px
| image_size          = 220px
| office2            = [[Mistress of the Robes|Mistress of the Robes to <br/>Empress Alazne]]<br><small>Lady of the Chamber</small>
| office2            = [[Mistress of the Robes|Mistress of the Robes to <br/>Empress Alazne]]<br><small>Lady of the Chamber</small>

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Silvia Ravenna

Silvia Ravenna.jpg
Mistress of the Robes to
Empress Alazne

Lady of the Chamber
Assumed office
8 December 2017
MonarchConstantine XX
Preceded byNone
Personal details
Silvia Gentilis Ravenna Maria Constantia Victoria

(1994-06-29) 29 June 1994 (age 25)
Mediolanum, Latium
Alma materGalata College, Haenna

Silvia Ravenna, DAA EOV CI (Silvia Gentilis Ravenna Maria Constantia Victoria; b. 29 June 1994) is a Latin noblewoman and courtier who, since 2017, serves as Mistress of Robes to Empress Alazne. She is the granddaughter of Diana Augusta and Leo Claudius, Duke of Adrianople. At the time of her birth, she was 11th in the line of succession to the Latin throne; she is currently 31st.

Early life and education

Silvia was born on 29 June 1994 at University Hospital, in Mediolanum, Latium, to parents Michael Ravenna, Count of Eporedia and Princess Joanna of Latium. Her father was not present at the birth because he was in {country} and Silvia's birth was 3 weeks early. At the time of her birth, her paternal grandfather Victor Gentry-Ravenna, Duke of Ravenna was a Senator and a Deputy Magistrate for Foreign Affairs. Her name was announced a week later, named Silvia after her great-great-great grandmother Princess Silvia of Latium. She was baptized into the Fabrian Catholic Church on 5 September 1994, in the private chapel of Palatium Supranio. Her godparents are then Jason, Prince of Youth (her mother's brother); Zoe Verrucosa (Jason's wife); {name}; and {name}.

She primarily grew up in Ravenna, but regularly spent time in Castellum and Adrianople. Silvia attended XXXX for her primary education, and XXXX for secondary school. She enrolled at Galata College, Haenna, earned a degree in [subject]. While at Galata College, she took part in a foreign study program at the University of Ghish between her first and second year studies.

Latin court

As a member of the extended Latin Imperial Family, Silvia regularly attended major court events. In 2005, she accompanied her parents on an official trip to Gelonia.

Mistress of Robes

In 2017, it was first reported that Silvia was in line to be appointed Mistress of Robes leading up to the marriage of her cousin Emperor Constantine and Ghantish noblewoman Alazne Dain. Silvia became Mistress of Robes on 8 December 2017 in a private swearing-in ceremony the day of the wedding, allowing her to take part in the coronation of the Empress just following the wedding ceremony. As Mistress of Robes, Silvia is ex offico a Lady of the Chamber, and serves as Empress Alazne's chief lady-in-waiting and the leader of the Empress's office.

Due to her status, she is a member of the Emperor's Council.

Titles, styles, and honors


As male-line descendants of Emperor Nathan II of Ghant, Silvia is entitled to the rights and privileges as members of the House of Gentry. While the current line does not utilize it's style as Ghantish Princes of the Blood in Latium, all children and grandchildren of the current duke are entitled to use such a title in line with the house law of the House of Gentry. Since 1997, paternal grandchildren of Victor Gentry-Ravenna, Duke of Ravenna have since assumed "Ravenna" as a surname.

  • 29 June 1994 – present: Lady Silvia Ravenna
    • in Ghant: 29 June 1994 – present: Her Imperial Highness Princess Silvia of Ghant


  •  Latium: Dame of the Sacred Order of Golden Eagle Order of Isabella the Catholic - Sash of Collar.svg
  •  Latium: Knight of the Order of the Winged Ram Red ribbon bar - general use.svg


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Silvia Ravenna
Cadet branch of the House of Gentry
Born: 29 June 1994
Lines of succession
Preceded by
William Ravenna
Succession to the Latin throne
31st in line
Followed by
The Queen of Dakmoor
Court offices
Preceded by
Mistress of Robes
to Empress Alazne