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This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly parameter usage report for this template.

TemplateData for Infobox archaeological culture

<templatedata> { "description": "A template to display basic information about an archaeological culture at a glance", "params": { "name": { "label": "Culture name", "description": "The name of the archaeological culture described in this page", "type": "string", "required": true, "default": "{{subst:PAGENAME}}" }, "map": { "label": "Image name", "description": " Map showing the geographical extent of the culture. If no map is available, could be replaced with another illustrative image.", "type": "wiki-file-name", "suggested": true }, "period": { "label": "The period of the culture", "description": "The period of the culture", "example": "Neolithic", "type": "wiki-page-name", "required": true }, "dates": { "label": "The absolute date range of the culture", "description": "The absolute date range of the culture. Take care to use calibrated radiocarbon dates.", "example": "c. 1800 BC – 900 BC", "suggested": true }, "precededby": { "description": "The culture that directly preceded this culture in its geographical range.", "type": "wiki-page-name", "suggested": true }, "followedby": { "description": "The culture that directly followed this culture in its geographical range.", "type": "wiki-page-name", "suggested": true }, "mapalt": { "description": "Alt text for the map/other image.", "type": "string", "suggested": true }, "altnames": { "description": "Alternate names of the culture.", "type": "string" }, "horizon": { "description": "The archaeological horizon the culture belongs to, where applicable.", "example": "First Temperate Neolithic", "type": "wiki-page-name" }, "region": { "description": "Written description of the geographical extent of the culture; probably not necessary if there is a map.", "type": "string" }, "typesite": { "description": "The site which the culture is named after.", "type": "wiki-page-name" }, "majorsites": { "description": "Other significant or well excavated sites belonging to the culture." }, "extra": { "description": "Any other defining characteristics of the culture", "example": "\"House burning\" in the case of the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture.", "type": "unbalanced-wikitext" }, "module": { "description": "Used for embedding other infoboxes into this one." } }, "paramOrder": [ "name", "map", "mapalt", "altnames", "horizon", "region", "period", "dates", "typesite", "majorsites", "extra", "precededby", "followedby", "module" ] } </templatedata>