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| [[File:Caltari sun.png|100px]]
| [[File:Caltari sun.png|100px]]
| [[Cadwell]]
| [[Cadwell]]
| MT
| {{flag|Miersa}}
| [[Aeia]]
| [[File:Miersa_arms.png|100px]]
| [[Żobrodź]]
| MT
| MT

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Kakletron's Infobox <3
One Big Union 02.jpgThis user is interested in Labour history.
CommonwealthLogo.pngThis user is a member of Kylaris.
enThis user can contribute with a highly advanced level of English and is a native speaker.
Red flag waving.svgThis user is a socialist.
Bi triangles.svgThis user is bisexual.
Satellite image of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in April 2002.jpgThis user resides in Britain
Red rose 02.svgThis user supports the Labour Party.
Conflict.jpgThis user enjoys punk rock.

Kakletron (Faldarunic: ᚴᛆᚴᛚᛂᛐᚱᚮᚿ), also known as Kakle, Calt, Kelt and Fald, is a British roleplayer, iiWikier and revolutionary, and the mind behind nations such as Faldarun, Florena and Nimear, among others.

Country Region Seal/Arms Capital city Tech
Active Projects of Kakletron
 Florena Kylaris Florena arms.png Demora MT
Caithia Kylaris Caithian Shield.png Lloidas MT
Drudari Ecumene Interstellar Winds FR Coats-of-arms-of-None.svg Dhal'dhyû FT
Caltarania Undria Caltari sun.png Cadwell MT