TLD typeCountry code top-level domain
RegistryMinistry of Communications
SponsorMinistry of Communications
Intended useEntities connected with
Actual useWidely used
Registration restrictionsMust be a resident or business based in Lemovicia
Registry Websitekomunikazi.go.lv

.lv is the top-level domain of Lemovicia. First opened to registration in 1995, it has become widely popular among Lemovician citizens, and is regulated by the Ministry of Communications.

Second level domains

The Ministry of Communications allows registration via the following second-level domains.

Domain Purpose
.ak.lv Lemovician academic institutions
.ko.lv Lemovician commercial entities
.go.lv National Lemovician government agencies
.net.lv Internet service providers and network companies
.org.lv Lemovician-based organisations
.pol.lv Police forces