108th Congress of Zamastan

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The 108th Congress of Zamastan is the current meeting of the legislative branch of Zamastan, composed of the Senate and the Congress Chamber. It convened in Tofino, Zamastan on September 23rd, 2018 and will end on September 23rd, 2020.

List of Senators

Larious Maxwell, the First Secretary of the BCP, and the Senator from Pahl's 17th District
The 2018-20 Senate Layout. The BCP has the most members of any party currently in the Senate, followed by the GLP


Party Name
Alby Cooley
Zian 1
Sol Lester
Zian 2
Oscar Reyes
Zian 3
Amalia Lam
Zian 4
Skye Dougherty
Zian 5
Evie-Grace Edwards
Zian 6
Deniz Irwin
Zian 7
Aneesha Martins
Zian 8
Cain Blackwater
Zian 9
Arsalan Ramsay
Zian 10
Dev Castillo
Zian 11
Harry Wormald
Zian 12
Honey O'Neill
Zian 13
Patrycja Macfarlane
Zian 14
Landon Wright
Zian 15
Ema Kramer
Zian 16
Anastazja Allison
Zian 17
Isaac Schneider
Zian 18
Leilani Enriquez
Zian 19
Lacy Brennan
Zian 20
Rico Dodd
Pahl 1
Elliot Oneal
Pahl 2
Tyla Blanchard
Pahl 3
Burhan Swanson
Pahl 4
Kurtis Macdonald
Pahl 5
Alfie Meyers
Pahl 6
Rosalie Grant
Pahl 7
Gareth Connelly
Pahl 8
Lindsay Rosa
Pahl 9
Eric Charles
Pahl 10
Ava-Rose Rush
Pahl 11
Leo French
Pahl 12
Jason Dassendi
Pahl 13
Benjamin Monosh
Pahl 14
Zackery Kavanagh
Pahl 15
Ellis Jackson
Pahl 16
Larious Maxwell
Pahl 17
Cormac Hammer [1]
Pahl 18
Paddy Brook
Pahl 19
Aj Church
Pahl 20
Benedict Rangel
Jade 1
Buddy Jordan
Jade 2
Karina Mcbride
Jade 3
Ella-Mae Woodard
Jade 4
Parris Lu
Jade 5
George Price
Jade 6
Amalie Norris
Jade 7
Leanne Dale
Jade 8
Lester Greig
Jade 9
Preiane Peece
Jade 10
James Lipta
Jade 11
Barbara Stuart
Jade 12
Martyn Lucero
Jade 13
Shoaib Kay
Jade 14
Caine Alford
Jade 15
Armaan Thatcher
Jade 16
Ahmed Sondovan
Jade 17
Horace Foley
Jade 18
Brad Li
Jade 19
Magdalena Shepard
Jade 20
Mark Lokken
Northern Isle 1
Emilija Griffiths
Northern Isle 2
Ajay Pittman
Northern Isle 3
Benn Sargent
Northern Isle 4
Landon Rhodes
Northern Isle 5
Lincoln Mann
Northern Isle 6
Santiago Dickinson
Northern Isle 7
Lee Mcmanus
Northern Isle 8
Hibah Blackmore
Northern Isle 9
Libby Pratt
Northern Isle 10
Yerran Mann
Northern Isle 11
Gurleen Camacho
Northern Isle 12
Austin Higgobaum
Northern Isle 13
Zayyan Valdez
Northern Isle 14
Ayomide Chadwick
Northern Isle 15
Angelica Tapia
Northern Isle 16
Soraya Carty
Northern Isle 17
Mimi Finley
Northern Isle 18
Euan Gunn
Northern Isle 19
Foley Sakzi [2]
Northern Isle 20
Archibald Kaufman
Redeemer's Land 1
Kamile Walters
Redeemer's Land 2
Pratt Ewaner
Redeemer's Land 3
Keanan Boone
Redeemer's Land 4
Koby Harwood
Redeemer's Land 5
Nikhil Lawrence
Redeemer's Land 6
Rui Mckenzie
Redeemer's Land 7
Damian Ranthenio
Redeemer's Land 8
Alexander Foresy
Redeemer's Land 9
Alvin Castillo
Redeemer's Land 10
Elara Dixon
Redeemer's Land 11
Chantelle Carson
Redeemer's Land 12
Braydon Martins
Redeemer's Land 13
Dominic Dunkley
Redeemer's Land 14
Lyndon Taylor
Redeemer's Land 15
Blair Stacey
Redeemer's Land 16
Cristina Kouma
Redeemer's Land 17
Callie Ellwood
Redeemer's Land 18
Jobe Kent
Redeemer's Land 19
Sebastien Nguyen
Redeemer's Land 20

List of Congressmen

The 2018-20 Congress Layout. The BCP has the majority of members currently in the Congress at 328, followed by the GLP at 127.
  • Zian's 1st-100th Districts
  • Pahl's 1st-100th Districts
  • Jade's 1st-100th Districts
  • Northern Isle's 1st-100th Districts
  • Redeemer's Land's 1st-100th Districts


1. The office noted is currently vaccant; Cormac Hammer was arrested in relation to the Delavian Bribery Scandal in February 2019

2. Foley Sakzi is the incumbent Speaker of the Chamber