Al-Harreh Danistarab

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For the Danistarab that existed from 1501-2021 see Emirate of Danistarab (1501-2021)

The Emirate of Al-Harreh Danistarab

Al-Harreh Danistarab
Motto: لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله (La Ilaha Il Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah)
"There is no God but God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God"
Anthem: Allahu Akbar
Largest cityMadinat Al-Muluk
Official languagesClassical Arabic, Danistarabi Arabic
Recognised national languagesSomali
dialectMadinat Al-Muluk Arabic
Ethnic groups
Black Danistarabians: 80.5%

Mixed Danistarabians: 14.5% Danistarabi Arabs: 2.5% Sharifistanis: 2.45%

Other: 1.05%
Basic Law of Al-Harreh Danistarab
Demonym(s)Danistarabis, Danistarabians
GovernmentIslamic, multi-party republic
• Emir
Suleiman Danistarabi
• Chief Qadi
Muhammad Ibn Luqman Samale
• Emira
Aisha Bint Ali Danistarabi, Khadijah Bint Muhammad Danistarabi and Aisha Mehmet Danistarabi
LegislatureMajilis Ash-Shura
Majilis Uloom
Majilis Al-Jamahir
state of The Ashleigh Caliphate
• 2021 estimate
Driving sideright side


The Emirate of Danistarab from union of Islamic kingdoms (mostly local African but also Arab and Somali) who conquered their neighbours. Run according to shariah law from 1501-1968, the Emirate of Danistarab was a relatively wealthy kingdom with a proud warrior tradition, it was ,along with Ethiopia, one of the only two sub-Saharan African countries to never be colonised.


The law of Al-Harreh Danistarab is mostly based on shariah law of the Maliki school. Kanun is passed by the Majilis Ash-Shura with the consent of the Emir of Danistarab


Danistarabian culture is a combination of African (both pre-Islamic and Islamic), Arab and Western cultural traditions. (especially from London).

Madinat Al-Muluk Arabic includes elements of Jamaican Patois, London slang, African languages and Arabic.Most of the cuisine is in traditional African style.

Music popular in Danistarab includes rap, reggae (especially by Bob Marley) and Balwo. Amongst rap audiences both gangsta rap and political rap are popular.

During the Sharifistani Civil War there was a craze for nasheeds


Danistarab's head of government is the Emir who signs or vetoes bills passed by the Majilis Ash-Shura. A number of political parties exist including the Peoples’ Freedom Party, Islamic Liberty Party and Islamic Socialist Party of Danistarab as well as the African Unity Party. The Majilis Ash-Shura is composed of the Majilis Uloom (representing Islamic scholars) and the Majilis Al-Jamahir (elected representatives of the people).

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