Alexandra I of the United Kingdom

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Reign13 October 2017 - present
Coronation11 May 2019
Prime MinisterDavid Cameron
Patrick McLoughlin
RegentChristy Turlington (2017-2019)
Born (1996-05-11) 11 May 1996 (age 26)
Wales House, Albany, New York, United States
Full name
Alexandra Katharine Nicole Lauren Elizabeth Francis Albert Thomas
MotherChristy Turlington
Alma materUniversity of Oxford (BPsych, M.Psych., BEc)

Alexandra (Alexandra Katharine Nicole Lauren Elizabeth Francis Albert Thomas; born 11 May 1996) is Queen of the British. On October 13th 2017, she ascended to the British throne following the voluntary abdication of her father, King Thomas, becoming the third British queen regnant in history after Anne and Victoria. As Queen of the British, she is the official head of state of approximately sixteen independent nations. Moreover, she is also the first female British royal to ever receive the title Princess of the Welsh in her own right, following a change in the succession laws which confirmed her as the heir apparent to her father, rather than as an heir presumptive. To date, she is the youngest living current monarch and serving state leader in the world, the twelfth overall monarch of the House of Hanover, and also the second female monarch to come from the dynasty after Queen Victoria.

The eldest child of King Thomas and the American supermodel, Christy Turlington, and granddaughter of actress, Lauren Bacall, Alexandra initially lived out the first three years of her life with her mother in the US state of New York, her birthplace, before permanently moving to the United Kingdom. In her youth, she was an avid and talented footballer, having first played for the Manchester United football club, before going on to subsequently play for her universities' football teams in the years afterwards. A three-time Oxford graduate, Alexandra previously had a brief stint at the Central Connecticut State University in the United States, before ultimately cutting it short and transferring her studies to Oxford University, from where she graduated with a total of three academic degrees, with two of them being a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Economics respectively, while the third is a master's degree in Psychology.

While the first couple of years of her reign were marked by a period of a regency led by her mother, Alexandra's reign as the British monarch since then has otherwise come to be seen with overall positivity (despite the infamous 2019 UK-Malaysia crisis during the first few months), although, in recent years, her reign has been marked by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, along with a number of personal controversies, ranging from her ties to the Dubai royal family to her multiple documented clashes with the media, with the most infamous being a July 2019 trial involving the Daily Mail, which notably ended with the Queen herself receiving approximately £500 million on the grounds of defamation. Even so, her public stances on anti-Semitism, media-related privacy, and on the particular issue of mental health have since brought her a large amount of personal popularity among the British public, along with a generally high amount of support for the monarchy itself.

After her father, the former King Thomas, Alexandra is considered to be the second Jewish monarch of the United Kingdom, by way of her paternal grandmother's Jewish roots. At the same time, she is also the third British monarch in history after her father and Queen Anne to have been born to a father of royal ancestry and a mother of commoner descent. Moreover, after Queen Anne of the House of Stuart, Alexandra is the second British monarch in history to have been born to a mother of the Roman Catholic faith, that being the American supermodel, Christy Turlington while Anne herself was born to Anne Hyde, an Anglican woman of commoner descent whom later converted to Catholicism following her marriage to King James II of England.

With an estimated personal net worth of roughly $580 million (£472 million), and as the apparent heiress to the royal family's multi-billion dollar shipping company, Southampton Line, the English football club, Buckingham F.C., which is said to be worth around $2.32 billion (£1.8 billion), and her father's shares in the Castiglione Hotels, an international hotel chain, all of which are currently owned by her father, the Duke of Hanover, Alexandra is therefore expected to become the richest monarch in the world, with a projected personal net worth of up to $34.5 billion (£28 billion), an amount even higher than that of her assets held by the Crown Estate, which otherwise amounts to $18.4 billion (£14.1 billion), thereby bringing her total net worth to around $46.4 billion (£37.7 billion), also the highest among the world's remaining monarchs.

Early Life

Wales House, a British royal residence in Albany, New York

Alexandra was born on May 11th 1996 at the Wales House, a private residence belonging to the British royal family in Albany, New York as the eldest child of Thomas, Prince of the Welsh and the American supermodel, Christy Turlington. Born in the midst of her mother's university studies in the United States, she was the third British monarch to have been born outside of the United Kingdom after her grandfather (Haga Palace, Sweden) and great-grandfather (Rideau Hall, Canada). When news of her birth promptly reached the United Kingdom, it briefly became a subject of considerable controversy, as no future British monarchs before her have been born in the United States. However, the controversy was immediately quashed when then-Prime Minister John Major issued a statement confirming the princess's British citizenship, by virtue of her own father being a British-born citizen himself. At the same time, then-President Bill Clinton claimed that "America's very own future queen is free to become a proud and freedom-loving American if she so desires", a statement that was otherwise met with ridicule from some of Clinton's critics, whom derided his perceived attempts at gaining another "American princess" after the likes of the princess's mother and grandmother, both of whom were American-born women whom married into British royalty.

Upon baptism, she was named Alexandra Katharine Nicole Lauren Elizabeth Francis Albert Thomas, with her given name, meaning "defender of men", first signifying her future role as queen of her country, while her subsequent middle names, in no particular order, paid tributes to the 16th-century English ruler, Queen Elizabeth of the Tudor dynasty, the American actress, Katharine Hepburn, a close and lifelong friend of her paternal grandparents, her paternal grandmother, Queen Lauren, the late American actor and singer, Frank Sinatra, also a close friend of her grandparents, and followed by her own parents, the future King and Queen. On the other hand, her godparents included singers, Frank Sinatra, his daughter, Nancy Sinatra, George Michael, legendary rock singer, Mick Jagger, and the surviving co-founder of the famed English rock band, Queen, Brian May, whom was reportedly chosen as a substitute since fellow bandmate, Freddie Mercury, whom Alexandra's father was said to have been a personal fan of, had passed away roughly five years prior on November 1991 from complications of AIDS. Meanwhile, the star-studded list also included actors, Sean Connery and Hugh Grant, actresses, Katharine Hepburn, Katharine Houghton, Kim Cattrall, Jaclyn Smith, Julia Roberts, and Hedy Lamarr, the rest of the "big five" supermodels, namely Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, and Cindy Crawford, along with fellow supermodel, Kate Moss, and lastly, the American politician and Alexandra's 2nd cousin once removed, Princess Hedy, Mrs Bennington, whom at the time of the princess's birth was serving as the United States Secretary of State under then-President Bill Clinton. Known for her largely diverse ethnic background, through her paternal ancestors, she is said to be of English, German, Belgian, and Romanian descent, while through her maternal ancestors, she is said to be of Salvadoran descent through her maternal grandmother, Maria Elizabeth, a flight attendant from El Salvador.

The Clinton family, consisting of former President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton, and their only daughter, Chelsea Clinton

For the first three years of her life, which spans from her very own birth in May 1996 to her mother's graduation from university in 1999, an infant Alexandra lived largely alongside her mother in New York, where the mother and daughter pair would, on some occasions, switch between living at the royal estate of Wales House in Albany, the state capital up north and living at the Waldorf Astoria New York, a luxury hotel located in New York City itself, with their stay at the hotel being reportedly paid for in full by Alexandra's own grandfather, the former King Charles III. Meanwhile, in the case where Turlington herself had to be away for an extended period of time, she would therefore have her daughter be temporarily taken care of in the White House in Washington D.C. by the family of then-President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton, whom, in such a case, would therefore raise the young Alexandra in her mother's occasional absence alongside a much older, teenage Chelsea Clinton, the couple's only child. As a result, it was later revealed by Chelsea Clinton herself in an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden that in the occasional instances where the young princess would be temporarily staying in the White House with the Clinton family, a young Alexandra would therefore habitually call the then-US President "Uncle Bill" and his wife "Aunt Diane" respectively, with Diane being Hillary's own middle name after the princess reportedly struggled on correctly pronouncing "Hillary" (which was often incorrectly pronounced as "Billary") in the beginning.

Prior to this, there had been a contentious debate between Alexandra's family members as to whether the young princess would be traditionally raised in her home country, at the cost of being temporarily separated from her mother for the time being (although it was also proposed that Turlington herself would instead simply relocate her studies away to the United Kingdom), or whether she would be raised abroad in the United States by none other than her own mother, whom at the time of Alexandra's birth, was pre-occupied with her studies at Central Connecticut State University. In the end, it was agreed upon by both sides that the young princess would largely remain with her mother in New York, so as to not separate the two both physically and mentally, especially at such an early age for the newborn princess. Meanwhile, on Thomas's part, after being forced to return to the United Kingdom as a result of his father's abdication on January 1997, he nonetheless continued to maintain contact with both his wife and daughter, by way of periodically visiting them in New York throughout the following months.

While Turlington herself did indeed take most of the responsibility of raising her daughter on her own, she was nevertheless aided in this endeavour by the likes of Alexandra's 2nd cousin once removed, and then-United States Secretary of State, Princess Hedy, Mrs Bennington, her mother's own supermodel friends, whom were said to have mostly adored the young princess, and a number of Alexandra's distant relatives living in the United States, particularly in the state of New York itself. It was also said that on some occasions, she would also sparingly live with the likes of her mother's many supermodel friends. In that same time period, an infant Alexandra was hit by her first personal loss, when on June 1997, her maternal grandfather, Dwain Turlington passed away at the age of sixty-four from lung cancer, after which, he was then exclusively buried in Westminster Abbey by the behest of Alexandra's own father, whom along with the rest of Alexandra's immediate family members attended the former's burial service, while Alexandra herself was otherwise reportedly kept at home throughout the duration of the entire service by actress, Katharine Hepburn, whom had abstained from attending the burial service, and thus, was entrusted with the care of the infant princess for the time being. Then, allegedly, so as to not "ruin" her precious childhood years, a young Alexandra was largely left unknown of her maternal grandfather's demise, until she was roughly eighteen years old. Therefore, as of current, with the demise of both her paternal grandfather and grandmother in 2011 and 2014 respectively, her maternal grandmother, Maria Elizabeth is currently the only remaining and living grandparent of Alexandra's.

The Queen's two illegitimate older siblings, William Smith, a former professional footballer and Princess Victoria, Duchess of Cambridge, a broadcaster and journalist. Their mothers are actresses, Jaclyn Smith and Kim Cattrall respectively

In an interview with the BBC, she later recalled her years of living in New York as "the most unique and intriguing years of my life", stating that "being a tiny little princess with almost no worldwide recognition at the time, I was able to largely avoid and be free of media attention as a young little girl, and was thus able to live my life in a fairly normal way as an individual." However, she also conceded by acknowledging that in some instances, the mother and daughter pair were occasionally faced with some tribulations, with perhaps the most memorable instance being an alleged incident sometime in 1998, in which the American real estate mogul, Donald Trump reportedly sent five bouquets of flowers to the royal family's Wales House estate, supposedly after hearing an infamous rumour popularised by the New York Post, claiming that Alexandra's parents had allegedly divorced in secret following a "turbulent marriage", therefore leading Trump to seek out the American supermodel for a potential marriage in the future, despite still being married to his then already estranged wife, the actress, Marla Maples, whom Trump eventually divorced in 1999. In the end, according to Alexandra herself, her mother was said to have "firmly declined" the real estate mogul's offer, since contrary to the aforementioned rumour popularised by New York Post, the American supermodel is otherwise on good terms with her husband, despite the two purposefully living apart in two separate countries, while Trump himself later claimed that the American supermodel was instead allegedly on board with his marriage proposal, and that the two had jointly agreed on divorcing their respective spouses, a claim that was firmly denied by both Turlington and Alexandra herself, whom was roughly two years old at the time of the supposed incident.

Despite the overall positivity associated with her first three years in New York, in 1999, both Alexandra and her mother soon returned back to the United Kingdom, a decision taken just a few months prior to the subsequent birth of Alexandra's only younger brother, Richard. Then, sometime after the birth of her twin sons, Alexandra's mother would go on to indulge herself once more in her university studies, although this time, she now opted for a local university in England as opposed to returning back to the United States for her master's degree, which she did eventually earned at the well-known Cambridge University.

Beginning from around 2003, with the inclusion of Alexandra's half-mother, namely the actress, Kim Cattrall, along with the princess's older half-sister, Victoria into the royal household, a decision primarily orchestrated by Alexandra's own father, the young princess was thus forced to undergo her subsequent childhood years alongside the likes of her half-sister, whom she would gradually come to strongly bond with, and her half-mother, Kim Cattrall, whom Alexandra herself would also gradually come to embrace as a "second mother.” As a result of this arrangement, it was believed that in an effort to promote a "general sense of harmony" between both her biological mother and her half-mother respectively, both Alexandra and her siblings, as well as their half-sister, Victoria were all reportedly encouraged by their father, the King to generally refer to the other's mother as if their own, so as to lessen any feelings of potential animosity or exclusion on either side. In the meantime, with the addition of the Cattrall's into the ranks of the royal family, coupled with the birth of Alexandra's younger twin sisters, Elle and Vivian, the entirety of Alexandra's immediate family unit, along with the Cattrall's, together moved up north to the Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, Scotland, so as to avoid the metropolitan scene in London for the time being, while others suggest that the move was instead done in response to the deadly London bombings that year perpetrated by Islamist terrorists. Nevertheless, the royal family's relocation to Scotland up north proved to be an overall benefit, as Edinburgh's proximity to the nearby coast, coupled with the city's fairly tiny population compared to London's, Alexandra and her siblings were mostly able to enjoy playing on the beaches on a weekly basis with minimal publicity and interruption, while on some occasions, their parents would also bring them along to the island of Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, United States, where the royal siblings would then interact with the other prominent children residing there, including Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton and then-New York Senator Hillary Clinton, and whom Alexandra has since maintained a close friendship with despite them being sixteen years apart in age. Moreover, Alexandra was also said to have occasionally met the respected American anchorman, Walter Cronkite, prior to the latter's passing in 2009. Accordingly, while Cronkite's past career as a broadcast journalist was believed to have subsequently inspired Alexandra's older half-sister, Victoria, whom later went on to become a journalist herself for the BBC, the Queen herself once remarked, "If I wasn't destined to be the queen of my country, I would have definitely been a journalist or an anchorwoman just like Walter Cronkite".

At the same time, until she was around seven years old, Alexandra also lived closely together with the retired American actress, Katharine Hepburn, whom by the royal family's own invitation, had prior chosen to take up residence in Buckingham Palace, as opposed to further alternating between her own family home in the United States and the royal residences in the United Kingdom. However, despite the two now mostly living together in Buckingham Palace itself, the much younger Alexandra was said to have otherwise interacted little with the elderly Hepburn, whose chronic illness, coupled with the signs of dementia shown by the actress, prevented the latter from effectively communicating with most of her loved ones. Regardless of this, Alexandra's father, the former King Thomas later said in an interview that his family was "very much attentive" to the actress's needs until the end of her life. Then, following her death, it was said that Alexandra's grandfather, the former King Charles III, a close and lifelong friend of Hepburn's, initially proposed that the late actress be buried in Westminster Abbey, on the grounds of Hepburn being "one of us" in the King's eyes, although this suggestion was soon discarded in favour of having the late actress be buried at the Cedar Hill Cemetery in Hartford, Connecticut, alongside her own mother, the American women's suffrage movement leader, Katharine Martha Houghton Hepburn. On the other hand, as per a will written by Hepburn herself, it was dictated that the ownership of the Hepburn family home in Fenwick, Connecticut would be inherited by Charles himself upon her eventual passing, thereby making the Hepburn family home one of the British royal family's private residences abroad. Currently, the ownership of the house falls to Alexandra's own father, the former King Thomas, whom inherited the ownership of the house following the passing of the former King Charles III on March 2nd 2011.

A picture of Alexandra's mother, Christy Turlington visiting the African country of Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland until 2018

In her adolescent years, Alexandra would also routinely follow her mother abroad on various international trips in support of the latter's many humanitarian activities, which began at the age of nine, when she embarked on her very first humanitarian trip abroad to her mother's ancestral home country of El Salvador, where Alexandra's maternal grandmother originated from. Then, in the years 2007 and 2008, Alexandra went on to embark on another couple of visits alongside her mother, namely to the countries of Swaziland and Peru respectively, which were then followed by another trip with her mother to Ethiopia in 2010, during which the fourteen-year-old princess met and discussed issues of importance to the Ethiopian population with then-First Lady of Ethiopia, Azeb Mefsin. Later on, she would recount her aforementioned trips abroad with her mother in a largely positive light, while also describing them as "undeniably eye-opening and thought challenging", before further stating that the visits "definitely made me more aware of the world outside of my fancy home in London." Meanwhile, in a 2016 interview with The Guardian, the princess said that her humanitarian trips abroad with her mother "made me feel a little like Audrey Hepburn", the late British actress and humanitarian whom after retiring from acting, devoted the rest of her life to humanitarian causes under UNICEF, for which both Alexandra and her mother were later made UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors.

In an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Alexandra revealed that despite her royal status, she was nevertheless allowed to participate in most activities as a teenager, including proms and parties at her friends' houses. She further explained that "for as long as I behave as usual and don't act too out of control, I get to basically do all the things normal girls get to do in their lives." As a result, she subsequently asserted that she was "often the star" of parties at her friends' houses and that since she was allowed by her parents to go to prom events hosted by her schools, she would therefore consequently have "ten to twenty" of her male classmates asking her out for such an event, a circumstance she described as making her feel like a "real-life Helen of Troy", a Greek mythological figure most commonly described as the most beautiful woman in the world, a trait that supposedly contributed to the mythological Trojan War. Conversely, according to the princess herself, such circumstances would sometimes lead her to be "harassed" by whom she described as "very un-gentlemanly kind of boys", although such an issue proved to be mostly minor and insignificant.

Change In Succession Laws

The Hanoverian parliament building in King Frederick City, Hanover

As a result of the Succession to the Crown Act 1995, which, among others, established a new absolute primogeniture succession system in the place of the old male-preference primogeniture succession system, Alexandra, at the time of her birth, was consequently made the first Duchess of Cornwall in her own right, therefore signifying her status as her father's heir apparent. Prior to this, no female British royal has ever held the ducal title in their own right, as the previous male-preference primogeniture system made it that any male siblings, regardless of birth order, would always be ahead of their female siblings in the line of succession.

Then, a year later, on Alexandra's own first birthday, she was officially made Princess of the Welsh, although her investiture ceremony would not take place until several years later. Nonetheless, it was positively received by the majority of the British public. Meanwhile, then-Prime Minister Tony Blair, whom had taken office just a few days earlier, heralded the proclamation as "a great milestone for gender equality in Britain", while also comparing it to the election of then-Conservative leader, Margaret Thatcher as the first and only female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, a post she held for eleven years in total from 1979 until 1990.

However, despite the overall positivity surrounding the proclamation, one notable incident would later prove to be a source of tragedy, when in just mere minutes after legislators in the Hanoverian Parliament had voted to unanimously recognise the princess's succession rights to the Hanoverian throne, the building itself was momentarily occupied by Theodor Gerster, a radical German separatist whom had personally opposed the lawmakers' decision to abolish the kingdom's centuries long Semi-Salic Law which, had it not been for its fateful termination, would have ultimately resulted in a second break of the personal union between the United Kingdom and Hanover following a previous reunification in November 1851 under King Thomas V, whose successful efforts at restoring the union helped overcome the effects from the initial dissolution of the union caused by the accession of Queen Victoria a couple of decades prior. However, Gerster was soon killed in a firefight against a joint British SAS and Hanoverian SRU taskforce, resulting in him being one of the few casualties from the incident, consisting of himself and the building's security guards previously killed by Gerster himself. In its aftermath, both of Alexandra's parents and grandparents soon held a "semi-spontaneous" visit to the Hanoverian Parliament, where they met with legislators, thanked the operatives involved, and also paid tributes to the fallen security guards, with Alexandra's father proclaiming, "Today, we will forever honour the memories of our brave soldiers and policemen, dead or alive, for they, in the face of adversity, have selflessly risked their lives to ensure that such a dangerous man would never succeed in tearing this nation apart by force and that democracy will always prevail".

Some time afterwards, in an interview with the BBC, it was revealed by Alexandra that at one point, she was reportedly asked if she would prefer that the current absolute primogeniture succession system be theoretically reverted back to the previous male-preference primogeniture, therefore allowing her to enjoy a relatively normal adult life, while her brother, Richard would instead be the one to succeed their father in the near future. Ultimately, it was decided that such a reversal in the succession system would not be necessary, with Alexandra herself having become somewhat content with her future role as the British monarch.

Football Career

Personal information
Full name Alexandra Katharine Nicole Lauren Elizabeth Francis Albert Thomas
Date of birth (1996-05-11) 11 May 1996 (age 26)
Place of birth Wales House, Albany, New York
Height 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Playing position Midfielder
Youth career
Years Team
2010 - 2013 Manchester United
College career
Years Team Apps (Gls)
2013 - 2014 Central Connecticut State University 15 (4)
2015 - 2019 University of Oxford 80 (55)

Academically, Alexandra's general academic performance was largely described as "somewhat remarkable" and "overall exemplary" by her school teachers, some of whom were quick to note the young princess's apparent interest in the subject of Science, in which Alexandra is often reported to have somewhat excelled in comparison to her peers, along with her keen and passionate interest in sports, particularly in the game of football, prompting her father to successfully secure the fourteen-year-old princess a spot at the Manchester United Academy, which was supposedly preferred due to her father's own support for the said football club. Nevertheless, for the next four years, whilst carefully balancing both her academic and football commitments, she performed expectedly well for herself in the attacking midfielder position. In the following year, she was then officially inducted into the club's U16 squad, which proved to be an overall benefit for the princess, whom continued to exhibit a generally positive performance as a midfielder while being a part of the new squad.

Then, with the unanimous backing and support she received, Alexandra went on to further her youth football career through a contract extension, propelling her next to the U18 squad, in which this time, she distinctively played instead in the central midfielder position, whilst being appointed captain for a total amount of seven times and even vice-captain on a couple of instances. However, with her departure for the United States, her association with the football club effectively ended, although she would nonetheless continue to be actively involved in football by joining her universities' respective football teams.

In an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Alexandra revealed that from when she was roughly five to seven years old, her parents would sometimes invite the famed English footballer, David Beckham over to Buckingham Palace so as to help nurture the young Alexandra's interest in football, while also allowing Beckham himself to serve as a part-time football mentor for the young princess, for whenever he was not occupied with his own professional career at Manchester United. However, following Beckham's move to Real Madrid in 2003, Alexandra's parents promptly stopped inviting the footballer over as usual, so as to not unnecessarily burden Beckham, whom had then relocated southward to Spain as part of his transfer to the Spanish football club. In the meantime, Alexandra was also assisted in this endeavour by the likes of her older half-brother, William Smith, whom up until 2016, was a highly-regarded professional footballer for both Manchester United and the England national football team.


While she would mostly spend her kindergarten years at home with her family and close relatives, the princess, whom upon reaching the age of seven, was enroled at the Broughton Primary School in Edinburgh, Scotland. Initially faced with some setbacks of her own in her early days there as a result of intense media scrutiny, the subsequent days however would prove to be more overall accomodating when then-Prime Minister Tony Blair, with the support of Parliament passed a law, affectionately titled and formally known as the Princess Alexandra Act 2004, which notably prohibited paparazzi from further photographing underage subjects under any possible circumstances, thereby giving the princess much needed privacy while undergoing her daily life. Moreover, despite being described by one of her teachers as "a bright and engaging learner throughout", she was otherwise described by another as "lacking considerably in communication skills", a trait most likely derived from Alexandra herself having never attended kindergarten beforehand, although, Alexandra's "bubbly" and "sparkling" personality, which was said to be most prominent when she was doing either presentations or public speeches herself, was nevertheless a subject of overwhelming praise by her teachers.

At the age of thirteen, she was subsequently enroled next at the Broughton High School, also based in Edinburgh, whereby this time, her communication skills were said to have otherwise been more excellent by comparison, while her teachers there began to note her own particular interests in the subjects of Physical Education, as well as History, with one teacher of hers later remarking that "she (Alexandra) was never the more excited to learn about the lives of her past ancestors and beyond, such as the infamous King Henry VIII and the popular King Richard the Lionheart.” Nonetheless, following an initially and overwhelmingly positive academic performance in her first year at the school, it otherwise began to slightly falter in the following years or so as a result of her having to balance both her school and football commitments, leading her to achieve a number of both B and C grades on a number of occasions, though this would ultimately prove temporary, with the princess herself being eventually able to gradually better her overall academic performance over the following months, culminating in her receiving approximately 7 A*s and 3 A's in total for her GCSE exams.

In the meantime, it was also revealed that during much of her school years, she was a particularly active member of her schools' respective debate clubs, even going so far as to become the club president at both her primary school and secondary school, a feat she later attributed to her upper-class upbringing, which consequently exposed her to more "posh" and "fanciful" words, and to the popular television series, Gilmore Girls, in which the characters of the show are known for their fast-paced conversation style, which a young Alexandra gradually came to adopt and effectively employ during her debate sessions at school, which she was often said to have dominated on almost every single occasion, which, as a result, convinced the princess's own parents, the King and Queen to afterwards enrol Alexandra in a number of local debate competitions, thereby further burnishing her skills as a proficient debater, so much so that in 2012, a sixteen-year-old Alexandra famously participated in a mock debate involving herself and former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, whom on that same year, had then lost the 2012 presidential election to then-President Barack Obama. The debate, which largely revolved around the topic of healthcare became one of the year's most televised events and was widely covered around the world. In the end, neither Alexandra nor Romney was seen as the "definite winner" of the debate, although, both of them were nevertheless praised for their respective performances during the debate, with Romney himself later remarking, "Even if I had lost, at least I know that it was to a very intelligent and remarkable young sixteen-year-old teenage girl". Then, four years later, it was even rumoured by some media outlets that Alexandra was supposedly planning on also personally debating Republican presidential nominee and later President of the United States, Donald Trump, although no such debate ever took place.

Princess of the Welsh

By the early 2010s, as an adolescent Alexandra came to progressively mature throughout the following years, her apparent duties as the heir apparent to her father would also become more important than ever. Eventually, on March 3rd 2011, Alexandra would make her maiden appearance as the Princess of the Welsh at the funeral of her late grandfather, the former King Charles III, where at one point, she went on to give her own speech in honour of the late former British monarch, whom she eulogised as "a great grandfather, a loving father, and an honourable statesman." Her speech, despite lasting for roughly five minutes only, was nevertheless received widely and praised by the public. In that same year, Alexandra also attended the funeral of British-American actress, Elizabeth Taylor in Glendale, California. Taylor, whom passed away at the age of seventy-nine, was, much like her fellow classical Hollywood actresses, considered to be one of the many close friends of Alexandra's grandparents, and therefore, was deemed to be somewhat close to the British royal family as a whole.

Upon completing her secondary level education at the Broughton High School, she refocused her interests in assuming her official duties as heir apparent to her father. For instance, prior to her very first official visit abroad, Alexandra had mostly been accompanying her parents in their usual state visits but was soon given a chance to do so herself in the form of a solo diplomatic visit to the United Arab Emirates in March 2013, where the seventeen-year-old Alexandra was hosted by then-President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, with whom she was then treated to an aerial performance by a group of ten F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jets belonging to the United Arab Emirates Air Force. Following this, the Queen subsequently went on a tour around Dubai's notable landmarks, including the famous Burj Khalifa tower, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, as well as the Aquaventure WaterPark located on the nearby man-made Palm Islands, a group of three man-made islands based off the coast of Dubai. Moreover, Alexandra also toured the equally iconic city of Abu Dhabi, where she briefly visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in the entirety of the United Arab Emirates.

Throughout the following months, despite her academic constraints, the princess nevertheless went on to embark on several further trips abroad, with the most notable ones being a visit in April to the Netherlands, where she attended the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander, and a visit in July to neighbouring Belgium, where she met the newly enthroned King Philippe. Meanwhile, in that same year, in a response to the political turmoil in Egypt, which resulted in the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi, Alexandra publicly issued a statement in which she urged for "absolute calm" and "immediate stability", before later issuing a subsequent tacit condemnation of the Rabaa massacre that August, in which pro-Morsi protesters were brutally dispersed by Egyptian police and army forces, whose methods led to the deaths of around one thousand protesters and roughly four thousand civilians injured.

Meanwhile, the following year also saw the Princess of the Welsh undertake more official trips abroad in her own personal capacity, beginning with a visit in February to the United States, where she met then-President Barack Obama, followed by a visit to neighbouring Canada, where she met then-Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In June, the princess went on a personal visit to Spain, where she attended the enthronement of King Felipe VI. The following July, Alexandra issued an emotional statement condemning the perpetrators, whom were later identified as pro-Russian separatists, of the shoot-down of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, an airliner en route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam that was shot down while flying over the tumultuous area of eastern Ukraine. Among the 298 total passengers on board, all of whom were killed upon impact, nine of them were identified as British nationals. Meanwhile, on August 1st, celebrations marking the 300th year of the Hanoverian monarchs on the British throne were held nationwide, with the main members of the British royal family in attendance, including the elderly Queen Lauren, whose attendance at the event would be her very last public appearance prior to her passing just eleven days later on August 12th 2014, roughly a month short of her would-be 90th birthday.

In the midst of this, aside from her highly publicised visits abroad, the princess was also prominently featured at the 2012 wedding of her older half-brother, William Smith to the Australian model, Miranda Kerr, followed by another high-profile wedding just five years later, that being the wedding of Alexandra's aunt, the Princess Royal to actress, Evan Rachel Wood, the first instance of a same-sex wedding involving a member of the British royal family. In both instances, Alexandra largely assumed the role of a bridesmaid, firstly to her future sister-in-law, Miranda Kerr at her brother's wedding, and secondly, to her own aunt, Catherine, Princess Royal at the latter's marriage to actress, Evan Rachel Wood.

Queen Mother's Death

Soon after graduating from her secondary school, the princess, in following her father's footsteps, opted to further her studies abroad in the United States. To that end, she chose the Central Connecticut State University, located in New Britain, Connecticut, the same university that her own father had previously attended and graduated from. Then, after an initial period of relative silence during the princess's first few promising months at the university, the death of her paternal grandmother, the Queen Mother on August 12th that year soon threw her academic future there into question, with Alexandra, fearing that her late grandmother's death could severely impact her academic performance, choosing to take a temporary leave from her studies by returning back to the United Kingdom along with the rest of her family. Then, in the weeks following the burial of the late Queen Lauren, the princess, after being somewhat initially hesitant on further resuming her studies back in the United States, ultimately decided to abandon her prospects there altogether, while on the other hand, choosing to remain in her home country. At the same time, Alexandra also took to exclude herself from any further academic studies for the time being, so as to better allow her to mentally recuperate from the passing of her late grandmother.

Consequently, her late grandmother's passing led her to subsequently suffer an almost month-long depressive episode, with the climax of the episode being a near-fatal overdose of her prescribed antidepressant pills, thereby leading her to be afterwards sent to a rehab facility in Scotland, where under the advice of medical experts there, she was initially meant to be kept at the facility for roughly three months in total, although a subsequent compromise managed to avoid such a fate, with the princess instead being allowed to remain at her own family home, albeit under the condition that her own mother, with whom she is extremely close, was to strictly monitor and be within the princess's presence at all times, so as to deter a potential repeat of the incident. Meanwhile, Prime Minister David Cameron, whom was also told of the princess's condition himself, reportedly suggested bypassing the princess in favour of her younger brother, Prince Richard, so as to prevent the supposedly mentally unstable Princess of the Welsh from ever coming to the throne in the case of her father's passing in the near future, although this suggestion was soon discarded, with the King ultimately choosing not to have his heir apparent immediately disinherited from the line of succession, a decision which the latter argued would "unnecessarily burden young little Richie", while also stating that he would otherwise simply "wait out" the situation.

Eventually, after a few weeks or so, it was judged by medical experts that the princess has fully recovered from her aforementioned depression. However, not long afterwards, Alexandra was then sent abroad on a private vacation trip alongside her half-sister, Victoria to the island country of Maldives, where for the whole subsequent month, she would spend most of her time there vacationing under an alias along with her half-sister. The vacation itself proved to be an overall success in further aiding Alexandra's recuperation from her depression, as evidenced by Alexandra's subsequent willingness to resume her academic studies that were previously put on hold due to her situation at the time. However, instead of going back to her previous university in the United States, Alexandra ultimately opted to otherwise further her studies at the world-renowned Oxford University, which ultimately admitted the heir to the British throne amidst having initially deliberated on doing so over concerns of her previous drug abuses. In response, roughly two years later, Alexandra, in reading out her graduation speech, publicly thanked the university's administrators for "putting much trust in me despite my own personal shortcomings", a reference to the university's decision to admit the British royal when she had first applied for the university.

Investiture of the Princess of the Welsh

The Caernarfon Castle, where Alexandra's investiture was held

Following her creation as Princess of the Welsh through letters patent issued by her father, the King, prospects of an investiture ceremony as the new Princess of the Welsh were quick to gain traction, while also receiving the much support from the former King Charles III, Alexandra's own grandfather. Moreover, such prospects were also looked upon favourably by a number of Welsh-born politicians, including then-Secretary of State for Wales, Ron Davies, whom argued that having such a ceremony for the title's first female holder would be a "great step forward for the cause of gender equality in Wales and the whole of the United Kingdom." In May 2016, shortly after the conclusion of her twentieth birthday, plans for an investiture ceremony were formally announced by Buckingham Palace. Meanwhile, in order to allow the princess to better familiarise herself with the local Welsh population, she was therefore allowed to temporarily resign herself from her studies for approximately two weeks during which she would instead go to live in Wales under the care of a prominent local Welsh family, from whom she was expected to learn the Welsh language. Meanwhile, while residing in Wales, she also visited a number of local Welsh factories and a number of prominent historical sites around the country, such as the Pembroke and Caernarfon castles. Eventually, on June 5th 2016, her investiture ceremony was held at the historic Welsh medieval fortress of Caernarfon Castle, from where her speech was read aloud in both English and Welsh. In addition to that, the event itself was noted for reportedly being one of the most viewed events that year with an estimated viewership amount of up to 29.5 million people, including both UK citizens and non-UK citizens, although this was later surpassed by her May 2019 coronation, which otherwise reported an estimated total amount of viewership at 32 million, almost surpassing that of the 1966 World Cup Final involving England and West Germany.

Just a couple of weeks later, a nationwide referendum was held regarding the future of the United Kingdom's continued membership in the European Union, which eventually ended in a victory for the Remain vote at 57%. In response, a number of rallies, a majority of which were described by various media outlets as "ultranationalistic", "xenophobic", and "racist" in nature, were held across England in the days immediately following the referendum, with rallygoers reportedly chanting anti-German sentiments, while others publicly blamed the German majority in Hanover, whom had overwhelmingly voted in favour of remaining within the European Union, for the Leave campaign's decisive defeat in the referendum. Soon afterwards, Alexandra herself promptly took to condemn the rallies, which she described as being "more of a venue for racists and xenophobes to express their bigoted views than a legitimate form of protest against a democratically-held referendum." Around that same time, she also took to personally meeting with Hanover's minister-president, Markus Thierse, during which she expressed a "strong and firm sense of solidarity with the people of Hanover whom have been recently subjected to discriminatory attacks by hooligans in the country." Ultimately, both her speech and her subsequent visit to the country were well received among the German community living in the constituent country, with one local media outlet describing her actions as "a callback to the times when her own late grandfather would go to great lengths himself to defend the people of Hanover from attacks and criticisms by the English people living across the Channel."

Abdication of King Thomas

During the last few years of her father's reign, the former had shown little signs of ailing health, coupled with the fact that the King himself being a keen sportsman, particularly in sports such as tennis and polo. Despite this, on October 6th 2017, the King suddenly collapsed in his bedroom, but this was soon noticed by Alexandra's mother, the Queen, whom promptly had her husband transferred to an operating room within Buckingham Palace itself. At the same time, by the Queen's own insistence, the incident was never relayed to Alexandra herself in particular, so as to prevent her from experiencing another depressive episode should her father unexpectedly pass away during the subsequent surgery. Ultimately, after a two-day long surgical operation, knowledge of which was strictly restricted to within the members of the Royal Family, the Prime Minister, and the palace staff, the King was able to recover from what was believed to have been a temporarily incapacitating stroke. However, as a result of this incident, questions over his future ability to rule were soon raised, with the King himself at the time being somewhat initially hesitant on abdicating, as it would consequently disrupt Alexandra's academic studies at the time.

Roger Wilson, an American actor whom was said to have previously dated Alexandra's mother, the American supermodel, Christy Turlington

Therefore, after a few days long worth of deliberation between the British royal family and government, it was agreed upon by both parties that Thomas would effectively abdicate the throne on the grounds of "ill health and personal issues", while Alexandra's own mother, Christy Turlington, was to become a temporary regent for the time being, thereby allowing the new queen to fully complete and subsequently pursue her studies a little further as she desired. This agreement was soon relayed to Alexandra herself by Prime Minister David Cameron, whom had paid a personal visit to Alexandra's university in order to personally relay the news to the new queen. Then, a couple of months later, Alexandra herself went on to graduate with a bachelor's degree in Psychology, before proceeding to do so a second time just two years later, albeit with a more prestigious master's degree, thereby following in the footsteps of her mother and her half-sister, both of whom had graduated with a master's degree from Cambridge University and Oxford University themselves respectively.

On October 13th 2017, the King's abdication finally came into effect, and on that same day, Alexandra herself consequently ascended to the British throne as "Queen Alexandra", having chosen her own given name for her regnal name as the new British monarch. On that same day, Alexandra also gave her maiden speech as the new British monarch, in which she declared her "lifelong commitment to serving as a neutral arbiter and as the symbol of my beloved nation abroad", to which observers later speculated that the inclusion of the phrase "lifelong commitment" in her maiden speech meant that the Queen, unlike her two most recent predecessors, had no intention of abdicating the throne in the near future once she reached a certain age, for in the past, her grandfather, the late King Charles III had abdicated the throne at the age of eighty, while her father, the former King Thomas otherwise abdicated at the age of sixty-four.

In the days following the beginning of her reign as Queen of the British, controversy arose when the New York Post claimed in one infamous article of theirs that Alexandra was in actuality a supposedly illegitimate monarch of the United Kingdom, a claim based upon an old interview sometime in the early 1990s involving Alexandra's mother, the American supermodel, Christy Turlington and Cosmopolitan magazine, in which Turlington claimed to have been "married" to her then-boyfriend, the actor, Roger Wilson. However, in response, Wilson himself proceeded to assert in a subsequent interview with CNN that the two were "only married spiritually, not legally", therefore making the supermodel's marriage to her husband legitimate, while also dispelling claims that she had supposedly engaged in so-called polyandry, as alleged by several unnamed media outlets.

Consequently, the American tabloid magazine was soon met with a lawsuit by Buckingham Palace, which sued the New York Post on the grounds of libel and defamation. Ultimately, although the exact details of the settlement were never publicly released, both sides were nevertheless reported to have reached an agreement outside of court, therefore quickly putting the controversy to rest.

In addition, around six years prior, the legitimacy of the Queen's father's reign also came into question when an Australian man by the name of Harry Phillips falsely claimed that he was the actually the eldest-born descendant of the late King Charles III, Alexandra's paternal grandfather. Ultimately, the claim was quickly rescinded amidst no supporting proof or evidence to back the man's claim, coupled with the fact that it was later revealed to had been a stunt concocted by the man, who reportedly desired a republican form of government in Australia in the place of the current monarchical form of government, to hopefully bring down the British monarchy by popularising a scandalous rumour, regardless of its veracity.

Queen of the British


Oxford University, Alexandra's second and final alma mater, known for being the world's second-oldest university in continuous operation

In the following year, despite effectively being Queen herself already as a result of her father's abdication, Alexandra was nevertheless allowed to further pursue her education with her mother otherwise further serving as a temporary regent for the time being. Eventually, in the later months of 2018, Alexandra went on to graduate once more from Oxford University, this time with a master's degree in Psychology, thus making her the only British royal so far with such an academic degree, since both her father and her closest relatives have so far only graduated with a bachelor's degree in their own respective rights. Later on, when questioned on why she opted to continue furthering her studies well after her ascension to the throne, she said, "When I look back and realise that my own mother never gave up on her university studies even after just having gone through the undeniably painful experience of giving birth to her very first child, I felt somewhat ashamed as both her daughter and a woman at the thought of just not trying to keep going on when there's some extra load being unloaded on my shoulders. Simply put, if my mother can do it, then so can I too". At the same time, she also revealed how in the days immediately prior to her enrolment at Oxford University, she had also initially thought of either enlisting in the British military, playing for the England women's national football team, or even pursuing a career in modelling instead, with the last option receiving much support from her family members, particularly from her mother, a successful and established supermodel herself. Despite this, nothing ever came about of Alexandra's supposed modelling career, with Alexandra later revealing in an interview with British Vogue that her decision to abstain from ever pursuing an active career in modelling was due to her belief that she would always be referred to by the media in general as "that daughter of Christy Turlington", while also being subjected to frequent comparisons between herself and her supermodel mother, much like her close friend, Kaia Gerber, daughter of fellow supermodel, Cindy Crawford.

The logo for the 2018 Commonwealth Games

In February 2018, in response to the death of Christopher Cattrall, brother of actress and the Queen's half-mother, Kim Cattrall, Alexandra publicly issued a personal statement mourning the loss of the actress's brother, whom she referred to in an Instagram posting as "my dear uncle whom will undoubtedly be missed very dearly."

Even so, despite the preoccupation with her academic studies, Alexandra, throughout the following year, was nevertheless able to achieve a number of significant feats for herself, beginning with a speech she gave on January 8th 2018 commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Fourteen Points speech made by President Woodrow Wilson in the aftermath of the First World War, in which she proclaimed, "For exactly a hundred years since the late President Wilson made it known to the whole world the necessity and importance of self-determination, the struggle in achieving such an idea has never ceased to end, and thus it is our collective duty to ensure that the effort itself succeeds in the end". Later that May, she was also said to have subtly criticised the American government's decision to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action agreement, having emphasised the "importance of constructive dialogues over aggressive armed confrontations" in a speech she gave just a day after the decision was made. However, despite this perceived criticism of hers of the United States, on November 30th that year, Alexandra, along with her father, the Duke of Hanover later travelled to the United States, where they attended the state funeral of former President George H. W. Bush alongside other global leaders, then-President Donald Trump and former US presidents Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, from April 19th to 20th of that year, Alexandra also attended her first CHOGM meeting as the British monarch. The meeting, which was the twenty-fifth iteration was held in the United Kingdom itself, and therefore, saw the attendance of most of the members of the British royal family, all of whom hosted and participated in various receptions and events being held as part of the meeting.

Actress, Evan Rachel Wood, and wife, Catherine, Princess Royal. The couple has been married to each other since September 2017

On September 7th, Alexandra, by way of her mother and regent, Christy Turlington, personally awarded the Royal Thomasite Order to the American actress, Evan Rachel Wood, whom since 2017, has been Alexandra's aunt by marriage to Catherine, Princess Royal. The decision, despite its largely ceremonial nature, was immediately met with some controversy, with fans and supporters of singer, Marilyn Manson, Wood's former fiance and alleged abuser, criticising the Queen for having awarded the actress with such an award, which carries the title of Dame, while others criticised the decision based on an entirely different perspective, in that they considered the award and subsequent title of Dame "insufficient" or "undeserving" for Evan Rachel Wood, since the honour itself has traditionally been awarded only to longtime female British actresses, including Judi Dench and Maggie Smith. Nonetheless, Buckingham Palace subsequently defended the Queen's decision, which they claimed was "merely a matter of convenience for a spouse of a member of the British royal family."

That same December, she, along with other members of the Royal Family together observed the 100th annual Remembrance Day event, which commemorates the end of the First World War on November 11th 1918. In that same year, she also presided over the opening ceremony of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, which was held in Queensland, Australia between 4 and 15 April 2018.

In the midst of this, a rumour briefly circulated by a number of media outlets popularly claimed that in the days following the North Korea-United States Singapore Summit involving North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un and then-President Donald Trump, a supposedly similar summit meeting between the North Korean leader and Queen Alexandra herself was already in the works, although this rumour was soon denied by both the British and North Korean governments. Even so, had it actually been realised, it would have been the very first official diplomatic summit involving a North Korean leader and a British head of state. Irrespective of this, in September 2018, a state visit by Alexandra herself to South Korea did take place, during which she met then-President Moon Jae-in, government ministers, and a select number of KPOP idols, namely those from the popular boyband, BTS and girl group, Blackpink. In addition, she also toured the 250 kilometres long Korean Demilitarized Zone, a border created in 1953 that divides the two Koreas, which she described as "an unfortunate relic of division separating people of the same culture and religion apart", while also likening it to the infamous Berlin Wall that divided West and East Germany during much of the Cold War.


On May 11th 2019, Alexandra was coronated as Queen of the British at Westminster Abbey, becoming the youngest monarch in both Europe and the world as a whole at twenty-three years of age. Her coronation, which is the second coronation in British history to ever involve a female sovereign after that of Queen Anne's in April 1702, also saw a major shift in both its overall tone and setting, with the discontinuing of the traditional act of homage from the ceremony, and perhaps most notably enough, the inclusion of other major religious faiths in the United Kingdom, namely Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and others. Meanwhile, a bill was also passed just a few days later which officially altered her traditional Defender of the Faith moniker to a more contemporary and inclusive one, that being the Defender of the Faiths moniker currently in use. In doing so, Prime Minister David Cameron argued that "while Her Majesty The Queen would continue to remain as the supreme governor of the Church of England, it is inevitable that in an always modernising and evolving Britain, Her Majesty should assume the nominal role of protector of all the religions British citizens are allowed to freely preach and practice." Moreover, in the days following her coronation, Alexandra herself publicly announced the continuation of a tradition first created by her grandfather, the late King Charles III, whereby the British monarch would be voluntarily taxed at roughly the same rate as that of the country's upper-class income group.

​Much like her predecessors', Alexandra's coronation also saw a large number of guests in attendance from multiple countries around the world, with royal guests including most of the European monarchs, along with those from the Middle East and Asia. Meanwhile, non-royal guests generally include the presidents of the United States, Brazil, France, India, and others. However, in the case of the United States, for reasons unknown, then-President Donald Trump, his deputy, then-Vice President Mike Pence, and even then-United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were never officially invited to represent the United States at the Queen's coronation, with Woody Johnson, the appointed United States ambassador at the time to the United Kingdom instead being chosen to represent his country at such a major event, a decision that was later assumed by many to have been a personal snub of the controversial US President by the Queen herself, although this was neither confirmed nor denied by Buckingham Palace. This was also the case with both Thailand and Saudi Arabia, where, in the former's case, the controversial King Vajiralongkorn was reportedly prohibited from attending the coronation as the representative for his country, with his eldest daughter, Princess Bajrakitiyabha being chosen to instead represent the Thai nation at the royal coronation in her father's place, while in the case of Saudi Arabia, widespread public backlash from the British public over the thought of having the controversial Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman representing the kingdom at the royal coronation ultimately forced the committee in charge of the guestlist for the event to instead offer the invitation to the current Saudi ambassador to the country, Prince Khalid bin Bandar Al Saud, also a member of the Saudi royal family, after the elderly King Salman himself had first declined the offer on the basis of his advanced age, which he feared would jeapordise his journey abroad. In addition, the controversial Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei was also not invited to the coronation event, a decision most likely motivated by international outcry just a month prior over the Sultan's decision to introduce the death penalty for homosexuality and adultery in the tiny Southeast Asian nation. Consequently, much like in the case of Saudi Arabia's, the Bruneian sovereign was instead represented at the event by his country's ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Public Image

Personal Character

The Queen in an interview with an Access Hollywood reporter at the NYC amfAR Gala

In addition to that, another tradition started by her grandfather that the young Queen chose to inherit is that for four days a week, namely Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, she would routinely reply to ten randomly selected letters written by members of the general public. Furthermore, since and even before her ascension to the throne, Alexandra has also held a large number of personal interviews herself, with the interviews being held with various journalists and interviewers, be it those from the UK or even from abroad, leading to one BBC article describing her as "Britain's media-savvy queen", while critics, particularly The Daily Telegraph published an article critical of the Queen's perceived "openness", stating that "the British monarch is not your typically popular celebrity always ready for a hundred interviews, but is instead a loyal servant and the crowned head of the country", while also being particularly critical against the Queen's perceived break from the traditionally apolitical status of the British monarch, a move deemed by some to be "in violation against the constitutional monarchy system established in Britain a few centuries ago.”

Around the same time, a brief controversy arose when it was claimed by the Daily Mail that in a move to supposedly emulate the Spanish King Felipe VI, the newly-coronated Queen would be allegedly open into publicly revealing the full extent of her personal wealth, a matter that has been traditionally kept secret and ambiguous to the public. Ultimately, no such move has ever come about, while on the other hand, the Queen's father, the Duke of Hanover, when asked in an interview whether his daughter would be open to doing such a thing, he otherwise responded by saying that such a decision is "up to the Queen's own personal choice." Nevertheless, most estimates have placed the Queen's personal net worth at around $580 million, although this is expected to increase dramatically after the eventual passing of her father, whom is believed to be currently worth around $32.9 billion.

Much like both her late grandmother and mother, Alexandra has also been included on the International Best Dressed List, with the first instance being in 2019, followed by a second one in the subsequent year of 2020. In addition to that, she was notably photographed on the cover of the 2019 issue of Time magazine, having also been named Person of the Year for the magazine on that same year.

Approval Ratings

On the other hand, some have otherwise attributed her consistently high levels of popularity among the general public to both her apparent openness towards conducting interviews and her supposed media-friendly personality, with Emily Graham of The Guardian writing that "a simple, yet major factor that has been propelling her consistently high levels of popularity has most likely been her consistent attempts in humanising the British monarch as an entirely normal individual, thus continuing the long struggle from her much-beloved late grandfather in modernising the British monarchy as a whole.” In addition to that, her renowned physical beauty has also been posited as one of the major factors behind her overwhelming popularity, particularly among the male demographic. However, Alexandra has since also been involved in a number of personal disputes herself, particularly with the paparazzi, whom she once described as being akin to "a pack of gruesome-looking wolves whom are always out for blood.” Moreover, especially during the period of the widely sensationalised trial involving actors, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the Queen openly took to personally criticising the media for their "sensationalised" coverage of the trial, stating, "In a situation where both the people involved are just as hurt as the other, it is absolutely appalling to see such a disingenuous and frankly amateurish way both the media and the general public are treating it, as if it is some big circus show or some cheap reality television show".

Moreover, the overwhelming popularity of Alexandra's grandparents, namely the late King Charles III and the late Queen Lauren, coupled with the general popularity of Alexandra's mother, the American supermodel, Christy Turlington, is also said to be one of the major factors behind her overwhelming popularity as the British monarch.

Catalina Hernandez, an American model and actress, and whom is the Queen's cousin through her mother, Catherine, Princess Royal

On the day of her coronation, a YouGov poll recorded her approval rating at approximately 92% as the country's head of state, before gradually rising to its highest ever at 98% as a result of the 2019 UK-Malaysia crisis, which at the time, stirred overall public sympathy for the Queen. Meanwhile, in the days immediately following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom, her approval rating was at a slightly lower, but nevertheless high amount of 95%, although, in the midst of the George Floyd protests held across the United Kingdom, her approval rating otherwise dropped to its lowest ever at 85%, with the most likely reason, as theorised by Richard Hagan, a British historian, being the longstanding disaffection and opposition against the monarchy, an institution which has come to be regarded by some as "archaic" and "outdated", while others, particularly among the Black Lives Matter protesters criticised the British monarchy for its perceived historical ties to slavery and its apparent "whiteness", particularly in regards to the ethnic makeup of members of the British royal family, with the overwhelming majority of them being considered "white", with the notable exception of one of Alexandra's own cousins, namely Catalina Hernandez, an American model and actress of half-Hispanic ancestry. Furthermore, the immense wealth of Alexandra's father, the Duke of Hanover, which, though unconfirmed, but is nonetheless estimated to be around $32.9 billion (£26.7 billion) has also come under both scrutiny and criticism, particularly following the release of the Pandora Papers on October 2021, which, among others, listed the Crown Estate and particularly, the Duke of Hanover himself as one of the former heads of states believed to be either shareholders, directors, or beneficiaries of offshore companies.

Nevertheless, despite these setbacks, the Queen's overall popularity has since risen back to its pre-pandemic level, as the scandalous nature of the British government has, according to Hagan, made the British monarch herself a "source of comfort, stability, and less controversy", thereby further raising her personal image among the British public to some extent.

Pop Culture

Rory Gilmore (left), played by actress, Alexis Bledel, and Lorelai Gilmore (right), played by fellow actress, Lauren Graham

Due to her largely feminine personality, coupled with her noticeably close relationship with her mother, Alexandra has come to be described by some media outlets as a "mummy's girl", and alternatively, a "beauty with brains", with the latter designation leading to frequent comparisons between Alexandra herself and the fictional character, Rory Gilmore (played by actress, Alexis Bledel) from the television series, Gilmore Girls, a show that Alexandra herself is coincidentally a fan of as a child. In making the comparison, observers noted the distinct similarities in the two's extremely close relationship with their respective mothers, with Alexandra's mother being the American supermodel, Christy Turlington, while in Rory's case, it is the also fictional character, Lorelai Gilmore (played by actress, Lauren Graham). This, coupled with the perceived similar levels of academic intelligence present in both women, with Alexandra having a total of three degrees to her name, and in the case of Rory, a 4.2 GPA, just 0.1 points short of the maximum 4.3 mark, has led to some referring to the former as "the English Rory Gilmore", a nickname that Alexandra herself has somewhat embraced while stating in an interview on Entertainment Tonight that "to a certain extent, I do associate with or somewhat identified myself with Rory, she's just so smart and witty!" Coincidentally, it was also said that Alexandra's own mother has sometimes referred to her eldest daughter as "my Rory Gilmore" or simply "Rory" on a number of occasions, most of which were obviously done in a joking manner.

Meanwhile, it was said that from the early episodes of the show, a young Alexandra's interest in it quickly became apparent to her parents, so much so that in 2006, the year when Alexandra would turn ten years old, she was flown along with her parents abroad to California, USA, where they attended the 2006 Teen Choice Awards, during which an "extremely enthusiastic" and "overly enthusiastic" Alexandra met the much older twenty-five year old Alexis Bledel, whom, upon winning the Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Actress Comedy for her role in Gilmore Girls itself, with the permission of Alexandra's own parents, later memorably brought the young Alexandra on stage with her, and subsequently allowed her to give her own short speech at the event, which she did so by famously uttering the phrase, "I love Rory Gilmore!", to a positive round of applause and laughter from the audience, which The New York Times described as "perhaps the most significant and unforgettable moment in the awards show's history." Meanwhile, Bledel herself has since spoke positively of her encounter with the British royal, and has also said, in a remark similar to that of fellow actress, Reese Witherspoon, that she was "absolutely touched" at the thought of a member of the British royal family, especially one whom would later become the reigning British monarch, being a huge fan of their respective iconic characters portrayed onscreen, with Witherspoon's role that was said to have been a favourite of Alexandra's being Elle Woods from the 2001 comedy film, Legally Blonde, starring Witherspoon herself and fellow actress, Selma Blair.

Later on, in 2019, both Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham, along with a number of other celebrities and famous figures considered close to the British royal family, including Reese Witherspoon herself, were all collectively invited by Alexandra to her coronation as Queen on May 11th of that year.

Early Years

State Visits

Emperor Naruhito of Japan and Sultan Abdullah of Pahang, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King) of Malaysia, both of whom ascended to their respective thrones on May 1st and January 31st 2019 respectively

Beginning in June that same year, Alexandra would begin to undertake her first few series of state visits abroad as the reigning Queen of the British, with the first instance being her state visit to Japan, where she met the newly ascended Emperor Naruhito, whom had then succeeded his father, the elderly Emperor Akihito following his abdication just a couple of months prior. This was followed by a contentious and infamous state visit to Malaysia, where she met its also newly enthroned monarch, Sultan Abdullah of Pahang, amidst a backdrop of protests held against her visit to the country, a majority of which were held by those of the Malay ethnic group, which constitutes the majority of the Malaysian population. Despite this, a follow-up state visit to Singapore was held later that September, followed by a series of successive state visits to a number of European countries in the following October. In the midst of this, following an official meeting with President Sergio Mattarella of Italy, she subsequently went on to meet Pope Francis of the Vatican City State, with the meeting having took place at the latter's preferred residence, the Domus Sanctae Marthae (English: Saint Martha's House). As a result, she became the first British monarch to receive the Order of Pope Pius IX, a papal order of knighthood founded by Pope Pius IV in 1560.

On October that year, controversy arose when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan openly claimed that the British government, which in response to a state visit made by Venezuelan leader, Nicolás Maduro to Turkey that month, had supposedly cancelled their own planned state visit to the country, which had been reportedly agreed upon by both sides a few months prior. However, Prime Minister David Cameron otherwise denied the Turkish president's claim, alleging that "unforeseen circumstances" have led the British government to postpone the Queen's planned state visit to the country. Nonetheless, a state visit by the Queen herself to Greece on that same month was then cited by Erdoğan as "a clear case of British arrogance and disrespect of the Turkish nation." The following November, Alexandra went on to hold a state visit to New Zealand, where she met with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, whose leadership during the infamous Christchurch mosque shootings incident on March that year being a subject of particular praise by the Queen, whom in the ensuing state dinner said, "In such a vibrant and peaceful nation like New Zealand, hate in any possible forms should never be tolerated nor accepted, and for that, I personally thanks Mrs. Ardern for being such an exemplary leader in times of crisis and for ensuring that such a thing would never happen again in this country".

A picture of Mount Kilimanjaro

Since her ascension to the throne in October 2017, Alexandra has also held a number of state visits to the African continent, with the first being a state visit to South Africa in March 2018, just a month after current President Cyril Ramaphosa took office following the resignation of his predecessor, Jacob Zuma. Then, in June, she held a state visit to Tanzania, during which she received considerable attention and subsequent acclaim from both the Tanzanian and international media for successfully climbing the famous Mount Kilimanjaro, which she did so while in the midst of conducting her state visit to the African country itself. In an interview with the BBC, she later described the experience as a "rather challenging and difficult one, but nonetheless a rewarding one in the end." On the following July, she held a state visit to Madagascar, an island nation situated off the coast of East Africa. Considered by many to have largely been a success, Alexandra later said that a state visit to Madagascar, known for its extensive biodiversity, had been on her "bucket list for some time", while also stating that the 2005 animated adventure film, Madagascar, which depicts a group of animals from New York City whom find themselves stranded on real-life Madagascar, had been the main drive behind her desire to visit the island country. Then, in an interview held just a few days after her return from Madagascar, Alexandra jokingly remarked that she was "quite surprised" to learn that the majority of the animals featured in the film did not actually live en-masse on the island nation, with the notable exception of the lemurs, a type of wet-nosed mammals commonly found on the island, and with whom she was photographed on several occasions.

Around a year later, she held a state visit to the North African nation of Morocco, where she met its ruling monarch, King Mohammed VI and then-Prime Minister Saadeddine Othmani. In the midst of this, she personally visited the Museum of Moroccan Judaism in the coastal city of Casablanca, an act that was perceived by most observers to be the Queen personally emphasising her own Jewish roots.

On the other hand, she also notably held a controversial state visit to the Caribbean island nation of Cuba, where she met President Miguel Díaz-Canel, during which she also met and held a series of private dialogues with Raul Castro, former leader of Cuba and the surviving younger brother of the late Cuban revolutionary, Fidel Castro. In its aftermath, Alexandra, in her farewell address to the country, expressed her wish that the "unnecessary burden imposed upon the Cuban people would be lifted in good conscience by the United States government”, a remark which drew some criticism from then-US President Donald Trump, whom then controversially accused the Queen of being a "queen of the radical left", to which she memorably responded, "I am also a queen of the communists", a statement echoing a similar one made by the late King Haakon VII of Norway almost a century prior. Meanwhile, in a separate state visit to the Americas, she also visited her maternal grandmother's home country of El Salvador, meeting its then-newly elected president, Nayib Bukele, whose success in drastically reducing the country's homicide rate being a subject of praise by the Queen, whom in the ensuing state dinner, also expressed her wish that "all the positive initial signs of the President's administration would point to general prosperity and peace in the years that follow”, a statement that would later land her in some controversy afterwards for in the following years, despite maintaining consistently high approval ratings among the Salvadoran public, Bukele has since come to be accused by critics of his apparent authoritarian rule, made evident by a decision of his to send soldiers into the country's Legislative Assembly building to coerce lawmakers into approving further funding for both the police and armed forces, and for causing an apparent democratic backsliding in the country, a claim based upon Bukele's decision to fire the country's attorney general and five of the country's supreme court judges.

In that same year, Alexandra also became the first British monarch to hold a state visit to Mexico, where she met President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, whom has been in office since December 2018. While the state visit proceeded smoothly and largely without any serious incidents from start to end, both the Queen and the Mexican president were constantly supported by a huge number of armed security personnel, consisting of both Mexican and British officers, as a result of the increasing crime rate in the country. Though unverified, it was even claimed by some media outlets that infamous Mexican drug lord, Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, currently incarcerated in ADX Florence in Colorado, United States, had allegedly sent out an order to his associates back in Mexico, ordering them to assassinate the British monarch. Ultimately, such a claim was denied by authorities working at the American federal prison, with the warden, Andre Matevousian stating that "we have found no such evidence of such a plot being hatched involving Mr. Guzmán or any of his associates."

Sanna Marin, whom is currently the incumbent Prime Minister of Finland since December 10th 2019

On top of that, following the confirmation of Finnish politician, Sanna Marin as the new Prime Minister of Finland that December, Alexandra herself even took to Twitter to personally congratulate Marin on her new premiership role, while also expressing her wish that "an undeniably historic and memorable meeting between the youngest monarch and the youngest prime minister in the world could take place in the near future.” Soon afterwards, this meeting was promptly realised when on December 17th, exactly a week into Marin's tenure as prime minister, Alexandra herself then paid an official state visit to the country, which began with a Q&A session with the Finnish press at the Kesäranta alongside Marin, followed by a boat ride along the Finnish coast of the Gulf of Finland, before later attending an official state dinner that night at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, during which she met the Finnish president, Sauli Niinistö, whom in his commemorative speech praised the Queen as a "bright, young woman", before later jokingly expressing his dismay at the fact that Alexandra herself is to serve in a mostly ceremonial role as the queen of her country, and not in a more executive role such as a prime minister, a role which Niinistö claimed would "truly fit such a fine lady." Overall, throughout much of its four-day long duration, the state visit itself received overwhelmingly positive media coverage from both the British and the Finnish press, with the leading Finnish news outlet, Helsingin Sanomat particularly praising the "undeniably wholesome and genuine friendship" between the two women, while the BBC referred to it as "the summit of the decade involving two promising and inspiring female leaders of the world.”

Following the conclusion of the Queen's state visit to Finland, it was soon reciprocated in kind by the Finnish government, with Prime Minister Sanna Marin herself paying a state visit to the United Kingdom on the 25th on behalf of the President of Finland, whom, as the country's head of state, would otherwise be normally doing so himself. In the meantime, in a tradition later repeated at Marin's very own state visit to the United Kingdom, the two countries notably held a symbolic exchange of the other's national animal, with a lion from England's Chester Zoo being gifted in exchange for receiving a brown bear from Finland's Ähtäri Zoo. In October 2020, in light of the controversy surrounding Marin's contentious photo shoot, which sparked debates over the prime's minister choice of apparel, which generally consisted of a blazer and nothing else underneath, the British queen promptly took to supporting her close Finnish friend by doing so in a photo shoot for the Cosmopolitan magazine around that same time herself, a decision which subsequently earned her both praise from supporters, including Marin herself, as well as some criticism, particularly from right-wing media outlets and social conservatives in both countries, with The Daily Telegraph labelling the Queen's action as "a shameless act of unnecessary solidarity."

Death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

On September that year, Alexandra personally addressed the United Nations for the very first time as her country's head of state, in which she called for a "global and coordinated initiative to tackle both the pressing issues of global warming and extremism in all known forms.” Then, on October 27th, shortly after it was announced that Islamic State leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been killed in a military operation conducted by US special forces, the Queen personally took to social media to praise the "joint American, Iraqi, and Kurdish effort into successfully eliminating a known tyrant and murderer responsible for the deaths of countless of innocent civillians", while also comparing al-Baghdadi's death to that of the infamous Al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden's roughly six years before at the hands of Us Navy SEALs in a raid on his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Sometime later, she was reported to have paid an undisclosed visit to Camp Taji in Baghdad, Iraq, where she met servicemen from both the Iraqi and Coalition forces, namely those of the British Army currently involved in the British-led Operation Shader against Islamic State militants in the region.

Upon his death, al-Baghdadi was succeeded in his position by Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi, whom on February 3rd 2022 died by suicide as well in order to avoid capture by US forces, thereby causing him to be succeeded in his position as "caliph" by Abu al-Hasan al-Hashimi al-Qurashi, the third overall leader of the Islamic State militant group, whom, on May 26th 2022, was allegedly arrested in Istanbul by Turkish authorities.

Donald Trump

The childhood residence of Donald Trump in Queens, New York City, where the altercation was said to have taken place

In that same year, she also twice hosted then-US President Donald Trump in both his penultimate and final state visit to the country, with his first being done the year before. Both state visits, as a result of both the then-President's general unpopularity among the British public and the pre-existing feud between the two leaders, received a similar amount of heavy media coverage, compounded by mass protests and rallies held against the American leader's visit to the country. Meanwhile, the then-President's second state visit to the country itself would later become known for the various instances in which Trump reportedly broke royal protocols, including one where he appeared to have briefly and lightly touched the Queen's back during the customary state dinner. On the other hand, several media outlets at the time took to highlight a longstanding popular rumour which claimed that sometime in the 1990s, the Queen's father, whom was then still the Prince of the Welsh, had reportedly punched the real estate mogul in the face at his New York residence, upon learning of the latter having supposedly made several "unwelcome advances" against his younger sister, namely the Princess Royal, whom at the time of the supposed incident was a frequent resident of New York. However, Trump himself subsequently denied the rumour, calling it a "load of rubbish and fake news" before proceeding to openly refer to the former British monarch as a "stuck-up English thug" in an appearance on Fox News.

In the meantime, on a slightly more personal level, neither Alexandra nor Trump are said to have a positive opinion of the other, although, it has been argued by some that despite the latter's occasional dislike for her, Trump has, to some degree, continues to hold a seemingly positive opinion of Alexandra, whom in most cases was often described by the real estate mogul as an "extremely beautiful woman who would make it big in modelling just like her very beautiful mother." Irrespective of this, the first instance in which the two appeared to publicly exhibit their personal dislike for the other was when Alexandra first criticised the American president in an op-ed article published shortly after the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Meanwhile, the apparent decision to not have the American real estate mogul represent his own country as its president at Alexandra's May 2019 coronation was also perceived by many to have been a personal snub of the then-US President by Alexandra herself. On the other hand, Trump himself is otherwise said to have been largely muted in his criticism of the British queen, with the most memorable instance being in January 2021, when in response to the entry ban imposed upon him by the British government for his perceived role in the 2021 United States Capitol attack, he proceeded to refer to both the Queen and then-British Prime Minister David Cameron as "total losers." Prior to this, he also once infamously accused the Queen of being a "queen of the radical left", in a response to a statement made by the latter calling for the lifting of American sanctions on the island nation of Cuba.

Melania Trump, former model and previously first lady of the United States during the presidency of Donald Trump from 2017 to 2020, and German supermodel, Tatjana Patitz. Both women were at one point represented by Trump Model Management, the modelling agency owned by Donald Trump prior to its dissolution in 2017 shortly after Trump's presidency began

Due to the perceived similarity between herself and the American businesswoman and daughter of former President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, whom like the Queen, whom like the Queen, was also born to a father whom was previously a head of state and a mother with a modelling background, it has often been rumoured by media outlets that by chance, the two women have, at some point, established a cordial friendship. However, in an interview with CNN, Alexandra later explained that she "does not know her (Ivanka) that well", although she nonetheless conceded that during her brief period of studying abroad in the United States in 2014, she and Ivanka had indeed met one another on a number of occasions in the past, during which, at one point, Ivanka supposedly persuaded the British royal to sign herself up with her father, Donald Trump's modelling agency, Trump Model Management, an offer which was reportedly refused due to Donald's particularly controversial history with women, coupled with the real estate mogul's own personal dislike of Alexandra's parents, particularly the latter's father. Nonetheless in April 2017, Trump Model Management was eventually closed by Donald Trump himself, shortly after he became president.

COVID-19 Pandemic

On January 31st 2020, following the emergence of the COVID-19 virus in the United Kingdom, Alexandra privately moved to Highgrove House, located westward in Gloucestershire for safety measures. Consequently, all planned public engagements were promptly cancelled. On March 5th, following the first COVID-related death in the country, she promptly addressed the public through a televised broadcast from Highgrove House, in which she declared, "Eighty years ago, the British people have both calmly and vigilantly endured the gruelling troubles and deathly hardships of the Blitz. Today, it is time that we repeat the very same calmness and vigilance that have propelled us forward and past our misery before. Success is what we cherish and what we shall fight for together". On May 8th of that year, in commemorating the 75th VE Day anniversary, she once more addressed the nation, in which she spoke of the importance of "perseverance, vigilance, and rationality" in facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just three days later, which coincided with the date of her 24th birthday (for which traditional celebrations were personally cancelled by her own decree), she carried out her first public engagement since the beginning of the pandemic by visiting a number of NHS facilities across Great Britain, before proceeding with a three-day-long tour around Hanover, during which she met with a number of Hanoverian government officials and medical experts. In the midst of this, she also met and held a brief dialogue with Prince Ernest August, the current pretender to the Hanoverian throne through his descent from Ernest Augustus, the fifth son of King George III and the only independent King of Hanover during the kingdom's brief period of independence which lasted from the accession of Queen Victoria in 1837 to Hanover's reunification with the United Kingdom in 1851.

In the early days of the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination program in the United Kingdom, Alexandra, along with the immediate members of the Royal Family, were reported to have been one of the first few people in the country to have taken the vaccine, namely, the AstraZeneca vaccine, developed by a British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company. Meanwhile, the BBC reported that her own father, the former King Thomas and currently the Duke of Hanover, was said to have made a private donation of roughly $1.3 billion (£1.05 billion) in favour of further vaccine developments, which the duke later described as "crucial to both the nation and the people's future", while also stating that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic would "absolutely not be the last in human history."

In March 2020, it was announced by Buckingham Palace that the Queen would have her annual salary of roughly £90.6 million be voluntarily cut by 50% in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic plaguing the country, thereby bringing it down to around £45.3 million, thereby only costing roughly £0.60 cents per person in the United Kingdom, down from the previous amount of £1.20.

Black Lives Matter

Amidst the 2020 George Floyd protests held across the country, Alexandra herself publicly commented on the surrounding protests, urging protesters to "prioritise health and safety for the struggle to continue", while also encouraging authorities to "exercise restraint whenever possible.” In the following month, Alexandra markedly introduced a notable reform of the British chivalric order system, whereby the chivalry order known as the Order of the British Empire was renamed to the Order of the British Excellence, thereby supposedly removing its "militaristic ring.” On November 30th 2021, Barbados formally became a republic, with Alexandra being replaced as the country's head of state by the country's sitting governor-general, Sandra Mason, whom was subsequently elected as the country's first president, thereby abolishing the gubernatorial role in its entirety. Nonetheless, despite the transition to a republican form of government, Barbados has since continued to remain a member of the Commonwealth of Nations alongside other republics such as India, Cyprus, and Singapore.

In the midst of this, a nationwide campaign of statue toppling followed, with the most prominent being that of the 17th-century English slave trader, Edward Colston, while statues of other historical figures, including former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill were otherwise subjected were subjected to some degree of vandalism, which was also the case for the statue of Alexandra's ancestor, the late King Thomas V, located in front of Marlborough House, the late King's own birthplace. In response, authorities ultimately had the statue in question transferred to the nearby British Museum, where the statue is currently housed, amidst calls to entirely topple the statue itself. Meanwhile, in Canada, security for the George and Sophia Memorial in the capital city of Ottawa was promptly reinforced, so as to prevent any malicious attempts directed against the building, which since its foundation in the early 20th-century, has served as the burial place for the late King George V and his consort, Queen Sophie, both of whom were influential figures in the early history of contemporary Canada.


With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in January 2020, the Queen has largely refrained from conducting any further state visits abroad for the time being. However, in September 2020, she went on to conduct her first state visit abroad since the onset of the pandemic by holding a state visit to Israel and neighbouring Palestine, where she met then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and longtime Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas respectively, before proceeding further east into nearby Jordan, where she was hosted by King Abdullah II of the ruling Hashemite dynasty. In the midst of this, she also met and held a private dialogue with the kingdom's crown prince, Prince Hussein, with whom she later expressed hopes of "further cooperation on the most important issues" once Hussein himself succeeded his father to the Jordanian throne in the near future. It was also during this visit that Alexandra herself, along with Crown Prince Hussein together toured the historic and ancient Jordanian city of Petra, located roughly 146 miles from the capital, Amman.

Haitham bin Tariq, Sultan of Oman since January 11th 2020

At some point, it was rumoured that a state visit to Saudi Arabia was initially in the works, although, for unknown reasons, but perhaps most likely due to the general unpopularity of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman among the international community, combined with the need to preserve the Queen's own image, such a state visit to the Middle Eastern kingdom never ultimately materialised. Instead, she met with Qaboos bin Said, the longtime Sultan of Oman since 1970, whose particular policy of granting freedom of religion in the country stood in stark contrast to neighbouring Saudi Arabia being a subject of praise by the Queen, whom later referred to Oman as "the peaceful Garden of Eden in an otherwise tumultuous region." The following year, Qaboos himself passed away at the age of seventy-nine, with the presumed cause being a longstanding colon cancer illness, which the Omani ruler had been suffering from since 2014. In response, the Queen was among the first international leaders to extend her condolences upon learning of the late Sultan's passing.

Upon his death, Qaboos, whom was childless throughout the entirety of his life, was succeeded to the throne by his cousin, Haitham bin Tariq, whom had been named Qaboos's successor in the former's will. Afterwards, the two monarchs would go on to meet one another in a formal setting for the first time since Haitham's ascension to the throne, when on December 2021, the new Omani ruler was hosted by Alexandra herself at Buckingham Palace, during which he was awarded an order of chivalry, the Order of St Michael and St George.

In the middle of March 2022, Alexandra held a state visit to the South American country of Chile, a state visit that quickly attracted attention due to the openly left-wing character of the newly elected Chilean President Gabriel Boric. In response, Boric himself stressed to local media outlets that his own left-wing views would not "impede the formation of a meaningful diplomatic relationship between Chile and the United Kingdom." Furthermore, the Chilean president also went on to personally praise the British monarch, whom he described in the ensuing state dinner as an "overwhelmingly wonderful, thoughtful, and intelligent woman." The meeting itself would also conclude without any incident, thereby becoming the second state visit by the Queen to a country ruled by an openly left-wing politician after her infamous state visit to Cuba, where she met the former Cuban leader, Raul Castro, which also concluded without any incident despite the controversy and prevailing assumptions at the time.

2021 United States Capitol Attack

On January 7th 2021, just a day after the attack on the United States Capitol by pro-Trump supporters, an announcement was made by the Queen whereby outgoing President Donald Trump would be "indefinitely barred from entering the United Kingdom, on the grounds of his associations to the January 6th incident which took place at the United States Capitol in Washington D.C on January 6th 2021. As per its opening statement, the Queen declared that "in light of recent events, both the Crown and the Government have found it inexcusable to further permit the entry of Mr. Donald J. Trump into the United Kingdom, for Mr. Trump's recent behaviour has been perceived as a danger to both the national harmony and stability of the United Kingdom as a whole.” Although this decision was soon afterwards met with sharp criticism by Trump and several Republican politicians, with the former President accusing the British government of having "succumbed to the devious and baseless leftist lies", it otherwise received a mostly positive reception from the British public. Meanwhile, Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London and a fervent critic of the former president, also applauded the decision, while also describing it as "a decision long overdue that should have been taken much earlier against such a clearly dangerous and a rogue individual." Conversely, the move was met with criticism by Trump himself, along with a few local British politicians, particularly Nigel Farage, a close ally of the former American president, whom called the decision "dangerously unprecedented" in an interview with the BBC.

Soon after the announcement concluded, Alexandra herself otherwise took to personally criticise the outgoing president in a televised speech broadcasted not long afterwards, in which she referred to Trump as "a dangerous and unruly individual", while also comparing the incident itself to that of the infamous Gunpowder Plot, in which a group of English Catholics, including the infamous Guy Fawkes, attempted to assassinate the then-King James I in order to facilitate a potential restoration of a Catholic monarchy in England. She also likened the incident to that of the temporary occupation of the Hanoverian Parliament building by a radical German separatist sometime in May 1999, in which Theodor Gerster, a radical German separatist briefly occupied the national legislative building in Hanover in a form of a radical opposition against the local government's decision to abolish the constituent kingdom's longstanding Semi-Salic Law. In the aforementioned comparison, she declared that "in a democratic society, violence should never be accepted as a valid form of public discourse, for it benefits no one, and only harms everyone."

Meanwhile, in an interview with the BBC, Home Secretary, Theresa May, when asked whether she would potentially rescind the entry ban on the former American president which she had authorised in the first place herself should the latter win the upcoming 2024 United States presidential election, she replied, "For as long as he (Trump) continues to stick by his dangerous rhetoric which led to the entry ban in the first place, and in the case where he does become president once more, then perhaps, and frankly speaking, it would be a really difficult matter, to say the least". Then, a rumour emerged some days later claiming that in a follow-up to the entry ban on the former American president, the British government, through the devolved government in Scotland, was seeking to seize Turnberry, a golf course in Ayrshire, Scotland, which has been owned by the Trump Organization since 2014. Ultimately, no such move ever came about, although, in light of the ongoing investigations surrounding the Trump Organization itself relating to financial fraud and tax-related offences, the likelihood of such a move has been raised by some media outlets amidst repeated denials by the Home Office.

State Visit to the United States

Leaders of the G7 organisation at the 47th G7 summit in Cornwall, England

On June that same year, Alexandra herself went on to host sitting US President Joe Biden in a scaled-down ceremony at Buckingham Palace, after which she, along with her siblings attended that year's G7 summit held in Cornwall, England alongside Prime Minister David Cameron. Just a month later, she went on to address a joint session of the United States Congress, as part of her very first state visit to the United States. In the meantime, she also held private dialogue sessions with sitting President Joe Biden and members of the Biden administration, before subsequently embarking on a tour to a select number of historical sites across the country. In the meantime, as her state visit to the United States overlapped with the country's Fourth of July celebration held on that same month, Alexandra was also given a rare opportunity by President Biden to address the American public. As scheduled, the Queen then gave an unscripted speech from the White House Rose Garden, in which she encouraged resilience among the American public amidst record-low numbers of COVID-19 cases recorded in the country at the time, while also expressing her own personal gratitude to healthcare workers across the country, whom she lauded as "brave and unquestionable heroes."

Overall, while the aforementioned state visit began and later ended without any serious incidents, it was nonetheless marred by a series of protests and rallies held mostly by supporters of former President Donald Trump (of whom she is a personal and fervent critic), coupled with a notable incident where she was heckled in the midst of her address to Congress by the controversial pair of congresswomen, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) and Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado), two fervent allies of Donald Trump, both of whom particularly criticised the Queen for her past comments regarding the former American president, of whom the Queen has largely been critical.

The official flag of the Three Percenters, an American and Canadian far-right militia

At the same time, numerous reports of alleged assassination plots orchestrated by far-right groups in the country also became momentarily prevalent, although neither of these actually materialised throughout the course of the Queen's state visit to the country. However, on July 6th, CNN reported that the FBI had arrested a "group of unnamed and unidentified men complete with guns and papers meant for an assassination plot against the British monarch." Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Christopher A. Wray soon confirmed the story, stating in a press release that the agency had indeed "arrested the group of men mentioned in the CNN report", while further stating that the aforementioned group of men would be "thoroughly questioned on their perceived motive and agenda." Eventually, on July 29th, the group of five, including their leader, whom was later identified as Nikolas Bray, a member and also a purported lieutenant of the American-Canadian far-right militia group, Three Percenters, were all collectively sentenced to ten years long imprisonment by a federal court on the charge of conspiracy to commit murder, with Bray himself receiving a total of fifteen years due to his standing as the apparent leader of the plot.

Both President Joe Biden and Prime Minister David Cameron subsequently expressed their respective gratitudes towards the ruling. On the other hand, former President Donald Trump proved quick to decry the trial, which he referred to as a "typical leftist witch hunt" and a "complete set up by the radical left and the deep state." Then, in an appearance on Fox News, Trump later said, "Frankly speaking, if she (Queen Alexandra) did not feel safe here, then she shouldn't even bother coming here in the first place!" This remark was soon met with widespread criticism by many, with critics largely slamming the former president for his "insensitive words" and for his "lack of regard for another person's safety." Meanwhile, the Republican congresswoman from Wyoming, Liz Cheney, a longtime critic of Trump's, snarkily reminded the former president of his entry ban from the United Kingdom through a posting on Twitter in which she said, "Perhaps the British on the other side of the pond took this statement rather word for word, well before you said it yourself". Meanwhile, in recognition of his part in the aforementioned arrests, Wray himself was subsequently awarded an honorary knighthood in the form of an Order of the British Excellence award, becoming the first FBI director in the agency's history to ever be awarded such an award.

Later, on August 2nd 2021, the FBI announced that they had arrested four more members believed to be tied to another far-right militant group in the country, with Business Insider subsequently claiming that the arrests were made possible by a leak from one of the five men previously arrested, a claim that was never addressed by authorities. Soon enough, much like the previous group of five, all four men were subsequently convicted on charges of conspiracy to commit murder and were therefore sentenced to ten years long imprisonment.

Fall of Kabul

Later that August, following the fall of Kabul to Taliban forces, the Queen went on to address returning British troops and the British ambassador to Afghanistan, Laurie Bristow in a "special meeting session." She subsequently expressed a largely neutral-sounding statement bemoaning the fall of the Afghan capital to Taliban militants, but otherwise refrained from criticising the US government, whose handling of the retreat from the Afghan capital became a point of contention between itself and the British government under Prime Minister David Cameron, with Secretary of State for Defence, Peter Aldous sharply criticising the American handling of the withdrawal from the country, which he described in a press conference as a "botched operation."

In the days since, Alexandra has been actively calling for the returning Taliban administration to "abide by your stated promise", with the said promise referring to the militant group's pledge for a more "moderate" administration, a move seen as a supposed departure from its previous hardline rule that was ended by the United States invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. However, following reports claiming that the militant group has since reneged on their promise on guaranteeing education to female Afghan children, coupled with a recent decree ordering female newscasters in the country to cover up according to religious guidelines, the Queen has since become a more active vocal opponent of the returning Taliban administration, which she likened in an interview with the BBC to former Soviet leader, Nikita Khruschev, whom, much like the new Taliban administration in Afghanistan, is perceived as being "no different" from their respective predecessors. Then, she subsequently stated, "No matter what they do or claim to do in their speeches, a dictator is still a dictator and a group of terrorists is still a group of terrorists", a statement that was promptly repudiated by the Taliban leadership, whose leaders claimed that the aforementioned statement "reeks of Islamophobia" and that it is a "counterproductive statement that could jeopardise the effort to ensure the well-being of the Afghan people."

Murder of David Amess

On October 15th 2021, David Amess, a British Conservative Party politician and MP for Southend West, was fatally stabbed at a constituency surgery in Leigh-on-Sea. The perpetrator, Ali Harbi Ali, a twenty-five-year-old man was arrested on the scene, before being subsequently charged with murder and preparing terrorist acts and afterwards, sentenced to life imprisonment with a whole life order. In the midst of this, the BBC reported that during the interrogation process, authorities were informed that just a year ago, Ali had reportedly intended to also assassinate the Queen himself, with the supposed motivation being the Queen's state visit to Israel that year, which according to Ali, "signified her personal approval of the atrocities of the Zionist regime, hence the need for her immediate removal." However, the plan, which reportedly included fatally shooting the Queen soon after her arrival from the Middle East at Heathrow Airport never materialised, as on the day of the plan's execution, Ali himself was said to have unexpectedly fallen sick just a day prior to the Queen's return to the United Kingdom, thereby effectively cancelling the planned assassination plot, as an unwell Ali opted to remain at his home for the rest of the day. 0n April 11th 2022, a court sentenced Ali to life imprisonment with a whole life order on the charges of murder and preparation of terrorist acts.

Meanwhile, neither the Queen nor Buckingham Palace opted to comment on the aforementioned revelation, although, reports suggest that in light of the aforementioned revelation by the authorities, additional security measures have been taken to ensure the Queen and the royal family's security.

3rd Oxford Graduation

On May 7th 2022, the date of one of Oxford University's many graduation ceremonies held in 2022, Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen had graduated from the university for the third time in total, with Alexandra herself later revealing that she had graduated from Oxford University with a bachelor's degree in Economics, as opposed to hypothetically pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Psychology. In a subsequent interview with the BBC, she cited the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has since disrupted the global supply chain through the forms of recessions and inflations, as the major reasoning behind her decision to instead pursue a bachelor's degree in Economics, stating that "the economic effects caused by the pandemic has just been utterly unprecedented, which, in turn, became the motivation for me to just understand it on an overall deeper scale."

On that same day, in marking her third overall graduation from the university, she was also awarded an honorary doctorate degree from the university itself.

2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24th 2022, Alexandra, whom in a televised address to the public, promptly expressed her "strong and stern condemnation of the Russian aggression towards another sovereign country", while otherwise stressing that "the last time a major European power decided to egregiously violate the independence of a fellow European state, the whole world paid the price for it, with deaths in the millions worldwide", with the statement itself being interpreted by many as a subtle reference to the infamous joint Nazi-Soviet invasion of Poland, which subsequently sparked the Second World War. Then, on April 6th, a number of media outlets reported that the Queen herself was present in the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev, where she held a "lengthy and important" dialogue with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Buckingham Palace later corroborated the reports, declaring that "Her Majesty's visit to Ukraine signifies Britain's longstanding and unwavering commitment to the national integrity of the country, which currently hangs in the balance due to recent events." Nonetheless, just four days later, Prime Minister David Cameron himself followed suit with his own personal visit to the Ukrainian capital city, where he also met with the Ukrainian president.

A couple of weeks later, amidst ever-growing tensions between China and Taiwan and mostly unconfirmed rumours of a planned military invasion of the "breakaway" island country by Chinese forces, Alexandra held a state visit to the Taiwanese nation, where she met President Tsai Ing-wen.

Resignation of David Cameron

On May 25th 2022, shortly after the release of the Sue Gray report, which further implicated longtime Prime Minister David Cameron (whom has been in power since 2010) and the ruling Conservative Party over the issue of lockdown parties held during the ongoing pandemic, Cameron, by way of a press conference held shortly afterwards, announced his decision to "effectively resign" as prime minister, thereby triggering a subsequent leadership election for the Conservative Party.

Eventually, on June 5th, after a grueling election consisting of seven rounds in total, Patrick McLoughlin, the Secretary of State for Transport and MP for Derbyshire Dales was elected as the new leader of the Conservative Party after defeating Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, whom is also the MP for Runnymede and Weybridge. On June 6th 2022, at 8:15 A.M., shortly after Cameron himself tendered his resignation to the Queen, McLoughlin, being the victor of the recent Conservative Party leadership contest, was promptly sworn in as the new prime minister. However, just three days later, it was announced that the Queen, on the advice of her prime minister, had dissolved parliament, thereby triggering a snap election that will take place on July 14th 2022, with political analysts speculating that the move was requested by McLoughlin himself, whom, according to The Guardian, had called for the snap election with the supposed intention of preserving his party's huge majority in parliament as soon as possible, amidst two by-elections which took place simultaneously on June 23rd, where in both instances, the ruling Conservative Party expectedly lost to both the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats respectively.

Personal Life

A Triumph 2000 Roadster (top) and an Aston Martin Vanquish (below), as seen in the 2002 film, Die Another Day

In the years prior to and after taking the throne, Alexandra has largely come to be known, among other things, for her considerable affinity for travelling abroad. As a result, she has been reported on several occasions to have personally flown to a number of locations, a majority of which lies within the United Kingdom itself, with her common choice of aircraft being her late grandfather's de Havilland Tiger Moth biplane, which had been previously been flown by other members of the British royal family since it was first gifted to Alexandra's late grandfather back in the 1930s. On the other hand, when travelling by land, she instead drives an armoured second-generation Aston Martin Vanquish, one that was specially made in honour of her 18th birthday. At times, she could also be seen driving a Range Rover Velar or even her late grandfather's vintage Triumph 2000 Roadster, both of which, for safety purposes, are fully armoured. Meanwhile, it is believed that she had once owned a second-generation Bentley Flying Spur, which was reportedly gifted to her by the Crown Prince of Dubai, her then-romantic partner as a parting gift for her official visit to the United Arab Emirates. However, the vehicle itself was later reportedly donated by Alexandra herself to a local charity organisation in Britain not long after her May 2019 coronation. On the other hand, the BBC reported that in August 2019, the Queen had personally acquired a demilitarised British Sea Harrier fighter jet, which she has been seen piloting herself on several occasions.

For several years to date, Alexandra has also been known for her health-centric lifestyle. For instance, beginning in 2015, Alexandra has since actively participated in the annual London Marathon event herself alongside her mother, Christy Turlington, with whom the Queen would also frequently collaborate on various side projects involving both physical and mental health. Meanwhile, as a rather frequent visitor of gyms and sports facilities across England, her particular choice of apparel, which typically consists of a sports bra and a pair of spandex pants has otherwise courted some controversy, with Jacob Rees-Mogg, the MP for North East Somerset at one point criticising the Queen on her particular choice of apparel, even going so far as to state in an interview with the Daily Mail that "no self-respecting Queen would ever stoop to dressing herself up in such an unorthodox manner", while supporters of her otherwise argued that her particular choice of apparel for going to gyms and sports facilities in the country was "merely a choice made out of practicality, rather than a choice made out of the supposed need to seduce or entice members of the public." A similar controversy also arose when sometime in February 2019, the Queen, while attending the NYC amfAR Gala event, was met with some criticism by the public once more over her choice of apparel, that being a white dress which laid bare her midriff area.

During a 2018 interview with British Vogue, Alexandra publicly disclosed herself as being a practitioner of yoga for the last few years, a habit that she was said to have taken up while recovering from her near-fatal drug addiction incident. She further explained, "My mother came to me one day and suggested that as part of making myself better over time, I should do yoga. And just a few days afterwards, I could fairly say that I was hooked to it for a lifetime". On the other hand, she is also said to be proficient in martial arts, particularly in the form of taekwondo, which she had begun practising under the guidance of her aunt, namely the actress, Evan Rachel Wood, whom at the age of twelve, was awarded a black belt in taekwondo.

A self-described "superfan" of Hollywood movies from the 1990s to early 2000s, Alexandra has cited the 2001 comedy film, Legally Blonde, starring Reese Witherspoon as her personal favourite, with its main character, Elle Woods, played by Witherspoon herself being referred to by the Queen as "one of my role models growing up." In an interview with British Vogue, she listed Reese Witherspoon, Alexis Bledel, Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, Tom Cruise, Lindsay Lohan, Cate Blanchett, and Chris Tucker as her favourite living actors and actresses, while in the case of ones whom are already deceased, she listed the likes of her own grandparents, the late King Charles III and actress, Lauren Bacall, along with Lucille Ball, Katharine Hepburn, and Sean Connery. On the other hand, she has named the two classical Hollywood actresses, Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn as her "primary fashion icons", with both women reportedly being the primary influences behind her trademark pantsuit apparel, which she would reportedly wear on a daily basis while inside her home, and on a number of occasions while outside.

Despite rather lacking in any military experience, Alexandra is nevertheless said to be well versed in martial arts, particularly in taekwondo. In addition, during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, she also revealed that she is "somewhat trained" in kickboxing, a sport that the Queen herself said to have "enjoyed the most", and which she reportedly indulged in on an almost daily basis alongside her family members, particularly her siblings whom, much like the Queen herself, are said to be "sports fanatics" themselves. Moreover, she also personally enjoys a number of other activities aswell, including tennis, swimming, and golfing. Meanwhile, in an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, she personally attributed her family's notably physically active lifestyle to the influence of her late grandfather, himself being a successful tennis player in the past, and that of the late actress, Katharine Hepburn, whom was known to have maintained a physically active lifestyle throughout almost her entire life.

Sometime after her coronation in May 2019, Alexandra, while participating in an interview with the French-British magazine, Marie Claire, was asked by the interviewer on the idea of having a reality television show centered around the daily lives of the members of the British royal family. In response to the question, she said, "No, I strongly feel that no such thing would ever happen anytime soon or even in the near future, for I believe that as normal people ourselves, we also hold the right to not have our own private lives commercialised for the sake of entertainment, or perhaps even worse yet, for the sake of ridicule by the public". Despite this, the Queen has asserted that she and the other members of the British royal family would otherwise continue to hold interviews as usual with members of the press, so as to present a more "open" and "approachable" image for the British monarchy as a whole, an idea which was first popularised by Alexandra's late grandfather, the former King Charles III.

As a polyglot, Alexandra is said to be fluent in a number of other different languages, in addition to her native English, which includes the French, German, Welsh, Spanish, and the Hebrew languages. In an interview with The New York Times, she revealed that she had learned Hebrew from the deceased former Israeli president, Shimon Peres, while in the case of the German and French languages, she was said to have otherwise learned them from the German supermodel, Claudia Schiffer, whose proficiency in both the aforementioned languages, coupled with her own close friendship with Alexandra's mother, led her to be hired as an "unofficial tutor" for a young Alexandra for the two aforementioned languages. Meanwhile, she is said to have learned Spanish from her own mother, Christy Turlington, whom through her Salvadoran-born mother's descent, is half-Hispanic.

In addition to the Wales House estate in Albany, New York, the family home which previously belonged to the late American actress, Katharine Hepburn in Fenwick, Connecticut, and a few other properties belonging to the royal family in the United States, Alexandra's family is said to have also owned a number of other properties around the world, with their other royal properties said to be located in Lucea, Jamaica, Auckland, New Zealand, the island city-state of Singapore, and also in Kranidi, Greece, where their property there is located nearby those of the reigning King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, and of the late Scottish actor, Sean Connery.

In an interview with The New York Times, it was revealed that as Alexandra was approaching teenagehood, her mother, Christy Turlington, then reportedly envisioned having her eldest daughter study abroad at an American high school in the state of California, Turlington's own birthplace, and later, at a prestigious American university, so as to better expose the young Alexandra to a more American way of life. Ultimately, the advanced age of both of Alexandra's paternal grandparents, the former King Charles III and Queen Lauren, both of whom were already nearing ninety years of age, prevented Turlington from going through with her initial aspirations, having instead decided to have the young Alexandra remain close to her aging grandparents back in the United Kingdom. However, Turlington's aspirations were partially realised when Alexandra herself opted to further her studies at Central Connecticut State University in the United States. In spite of this, after just a few months there, the death of Queen Lauren would ultimately cut short her time there, with Alexandra subsequently deciding to instead pursue her education back home in the United Kingdom, as opposed to continuing in doing so abroad.

Originally a lifelong fan of the prominent English football club, Manchester United, for whom she had played in the past as part of the club's female youth squad, Alexandra has since reportedly been progressively involved in supporting her father's own football club, Buckingham F.C., founded and currently owned by none other than the Duke of Hanover himself.

Relations & Friendships

Ellie Goulding

Similar to her immediate predecessors, Alexandra is also personally associated with a number of celebrities herself, with the most notable instance being that of her close and public friendship with English singer, Ellie Goulding, whom she had first met at one of the latter's concerts sometime in June 2017. Almost immediately, the two were said to have quickly struck up a close friendship afterwards, with Goulding herself even said to have sung at Alexandra's annual private birthday celebrations ever since. Meanwhile, in an interview with the BBC, Alexandra was quoted as saying, "When I and Ellie started to know each other better, among the things that we are quick to find common ground on is definitely what we have both respectively went through regarding mental health. While Ellie has her stage fright when it comes to being a singer herself, I have got my own share of mental issues myself, especially when my grandmother passed away in 2014 which almost led me to take my own life back then". The song, Against Everything, released in June 2019 to largely positive reviews, notably featured Alexandra herself singing alongside Goulding. In a later interview discussing the song, she described the song as "the grand culmination of our friendship so far", while referring to the song's lyrics as "a way of retelling a beautiful story of how our friendship came to be and survived to this very day.”

Following the birth of Goulding's son with husband, Caspar Jopling in April 2021, Alexandra herself was included as one of the few select godmothers of the singer's firstborn child. In addition to that, both Alexandra and Goulding have together been passionate and strong advocates on the issue of mental health.

Lindsay Lohan

Beginning from around 2014, Alexandra is also said to have befriended the infamous American actress and singer, Lindsay Lohan, whom at the time of her acquaintance with the British royal, was then reportedly living in England in order to escape the overwhelming media attention back in the United States. Then, according to Alexandra, after having accidentally come across the actress during a routine morning run in London, the two women, having shared a largely similar history of substance abuse and personal problems themselves, went on to quickly form a lasting friendship since then, although, reportedly at the insistence of both Lohan and Alexandra's own parents, the two's friendship was kept largely secret and discreet for fear of attracting media attention within the United Kingdom, thereby potentially jeopardising Lohan's own intention to remain rather unknown in the country as well as that of the British monarchy's reputation due to Lohan's own controversial public image.

Nevertheless, sometime in May 2019, while appearing as a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Alexandra publicly expressed that "despite the stark difference in what we both respectively went through ourselves in growing up, I feel that to a certain degree, both I and Lindsay could connect to each other based on how we both had to deal with our own set of issues that led us to do things that we normally wouldn't, and on how the media has since largely treated us both as individuals overall.” She further said, "Thankfully, my family did all they could to make sure that no photographers would ever get pictures of me when I was at my lowest, but when I decided to be in love with a Middle Eastern prince for instance, then you could clearly see how the media do just stresses me out sometimes with the sheer insanity of how they cover these particular moments in my life, for it is all just quite mind-boggling and incomprehensible when you really think about it". Later, in November 2021, Alexandra herself took to congratulate Lohan on her engagement to financier, Bader Shammas, whom the actress had dated for three years.


In addition, Alexandra is also said to be particularly close with the likes of the American singer and actress, Nancy Sinatra, whose father had been a close friend of Alexandra's own grandfather, actress, Julia Roberts, Alexandra's aunt by marriage, and fellow American actress, Katharine Houghton, a close family friend and the niece of the legendary American actress, Katharine Hepburn, with whom Alexandra was personally acquainted for some time prior to the former's passing in June 2003. Furthermore, by virtue of marital ties, the American actresses, Hedy Lamarr, Rita Hayworth, Julia Roberts, Evan Rachel Wood, and lastly, the Australian model, Miranda Kerr are all collectively related to the Queen in their own respective ways. Besides this, she is also said to be rather close with British supermodel, Kate Moss, whom at the time of Alexandra's birth, had been made one of the Queen's godmothers herself. Since then, the two have largely remained in close contact with one another, so much so that she was once described by a local media outlet as "the Kate Moss of the 2010s", in alluding to her controversial romantic history and her noticetably lavish lifestyle.

In addition, she is also said to be close friends with the American model and actress, Kaia Gerber, whom Alexandra was first introduced to in her adolescent years by virtue of her mother's close friendship with Gerber's own mother, namely the American supermodel, Cindy Crawford. Since then, the two have largely been spotted hanging out together on various different occasions, leading to some media outlets comparing the two's own friendship to that involving their respective mothers, both of whom were themselves established supermodels during the 1990s. Moreover, since 2020, Gerber herself has been in a relationship with Alexandra's younger brother, the Duke of Cleveland, with the two said to be living together at Buckingham Palace since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that year.

Meanwhile, by virtue of her association with the British supermodel, Kate Moss, Alexandra is also said to be close with the much younger Lottie Moss, a fellow model of British nationality and Kate's own half-sister. However, in stark contrast to her more publicised friendship with the American model, Kaia Gerber, the Queen herself has otherwise been largely muted and less open regarding her friendship with the younger Moss, with Edwin Thomson of The Independent claiming that Lottie Moss's overtly sexual nature, as evidenced by am announcement revealing the model's intention on selling nude photos of herself on the infamous content subscription service, OnlyFans, was ultimately deemed to be too great of a risk for the Queen's own personal image, hence the rarity of the two ever being spotted together in public. Even so, despite the perceived animosity between the two, Alexandra herself later came out in support of the younger Moss, whom in February 2022, was reported to have checked into an undisclosed rehab facility over the use of cocaine.

Members of the Spice Girls. From left to right: Melanie Chisholm, Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Melanie Brown and Emma Bunton

Since her mother is known as one of the "big five" supermodels throughout the 1990s, Alexandra herself is thus said to be mostly close with the rest of the "big five" supermodels, namely Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, and in particular, Naomi Campbell, whom along with fellow British supermodel, Kate Moss, are among the Queen's chosen godmothers. In addition to that, she is also said to be close with all five members of the celebrated British girl group, Spice Girls, which, in the year of Alexandra's birth, released their famous debut single, "Wannabe", which went on to win the group the Best British-Written Single and British Single of the Year awards the year afterwards. In an interview with The Independent, she cited Melanie Chisholm, better known as Sporty Spice during her time with the group, as one of her major inspirations for her health-centric lifestyle.

​In addition to all that, Alexandra is also personally related to a number of European royals, which includes all three of the Scandinavian monarchs and the kings of Belgium and the Netherlands respectively.

Although not related in any way or form, Alexandra, much like her father and predecessor, is generally said to be close with former Prime Minister David Cameron, whom during his premiership, has sometimes been referred to by several media outlets as "the Queen's uncle in Downing Street." Interestingly, sometime back in the 1930s, the grandmother of Cameron's wife, Samantha Cameron, namely the English socialite, Sarah Baring was at the time known for being the romantic interest of, and later, a likely candidate for marriage to Alexandra's own grandfather, King Charles III, whom otherwise stopped short of marrying Baring, and whom went on to instead marry the American actress, Lauren Bacall.


As a humanitarian herself, Alexandra has since been actively partnered alongside her own mother, Queen Christy, whom was said to have initially exposed her eldest daughter to humanitarianism at the mere age of nine through a visit to El Salvador. Soon afterwards, Alexandra herself, either independently or alongside her mother, has since sponsored or spearheaded various programs or initiatives aimed at improving general livelihoods in war-torn countries, with Alexandra's, in particular being specifically emphasised towards "ensuring that regardless of the political nature of their countries of residence, a majority of people would be able to suffer less or even alleviate themselves completely from the conditions forced upon them by a multitude of factors present.” On November 12th 2017, following an earthquake with a 7.3 magnitude that occurred on the Iran-Iraq border, Alexandra then openly called for "both of Iran's allies and adversaries to throw away their petty global politics to ensure that basic human needs are met after such a catastrophic tragedy.” She later personally ventured to the affected area herself, earning much praise from both the Iraqi and Iranian governments, as well as from the public in both respective countries.

An active and outspoken member of the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood organisation, she has also worked extensively with the United Nations's World Health Organisation agency since prior to her ascension to the throne. In addition, she has also actively served on Every Mother Counts, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organisation founded by her mother dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.


Jack Schlossberg, grandson of former President John F. Kennedy through his mother, Jacqueline Kennedy, and whom is rumoured to be the Queen's secret love interest

While Alexandra has since been largely praised for her remarkable academic qualifications, as well as for her various public stances on multiple issues, the Queen herself is also somewhat known for her brief but nonetheless sensational romantic history involving the Crown Prince of Dubai, Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum. It was said that during the period of her rather brief relationship with the aforementioned crown prince, Alexandra was then the subject of a number of nicknames by various media outlets, with The Guardian having once dubbed her "the Jane Digby of the 21st century", while the popular American tabloid, TMZ, otherwise likened her to the famed American socialite, Paris Hilton, even going so far as to refer to her as "the English Paris Hilton" in an article covering the princess's brief relationship with the Crown Prince of Dubai.

On the other hand, prior to her infamous romantic relationship with the Crown Prince of Dubai, it was otherwise rumoured that the British queen had been in a much earlier romantic relationship beforehand, which had supposedly taken place sometime during her high school years. In one interview, Alexandra herself openly confirmed the said rumour, claiming that at around the age of sixteen, while she was a student at Broughton High School, her very first romantic interest proved to be that of a fellow schoolmate of hers, whom after about a week or so, was eventually deserted by Alexandra, whom was said to have done so herself upon finding out that the aforementioned schoolmate of hers had only dated her for the sake of a challenge. As a result, prior to her subsequent romance with the Crown Prince of Dubai just a year afterwards, it was said that the British royal herself opted to avoid any new romances with either of her fellow schoolmates in general, a decision that was likely due to her own personal desire to avoid what she personally described as "a tasteless and soulless romance.” On the other hand, in a separate interview, she otherwise described her past primary and secondary school years as "a complete rollercoaster", claiming that "as a royal teenager growing up among non-royal teenagers, some of them would simply befriend you for who you are yourself, while some might otherwise refuse to be friends with you for who you are as well, perhaps out of personal awkwardness in themselves.” Despite this, she later conceded that throughout much of her high school years, she was "the catch" for most of her male high school friends, especially during proms or other similar events, although this did not ultimately contribute to Alexandra having any meaningful long-term romantic relationships during those years, with Alexandra later claiming that she was "rather scared of even committing to one as a young teen."

In a 2019 interview with Rolling Stone, Alexandra revealed that during her brief study abroad in the United States, she was in a "semi-serious" relationship with a male classmate of hers at Central Connecticut State University, which was said to have lasted throughout much of her time at the university, before eventually coming to an abrupt end due to her sudden departure back for the United Kingdom in the aftermath of her grandmother's passing. Since then, according to the Queen herself, neither her nor her aforementioned romantic partner have taken any steps to rekindle their relationship, which she personally described as a "bittersweet experience for myself." Meanwhile, just a few days after the interview was aired to the public, a number of media outlets, mostly those in the United States, began publishing claims from several unnamed men, with each claiming to be the Queen's so-called Central Connecticut State University classmate. In response, Alexandra herself has otherwise abstained from ever acknowledging either man whom have made the claim of being her past lover as her aforementioned past romantic partner, although, she nevertheless toom to criticise the aforementioned group of men, whom she derided for their "absolutely shameless pursuit in search of cheap glory and short-term recognition."

Moreover, even after her move to Oxford University, Alexandra did not chose not to pursue a new romantic partner for herself.

Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum

Around March 2013, Alexandra would enter into her first official romantic relationship when upon arriving at the Dubai International Airport to begin her visit to the United Arab Emirates that year, she was first introduced to the Crown Prince of Dubai, Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, whom along with several armed security personnel had been tasked in overseeing the princess and her entourage's arrival. Almost immediately, rumours of an apparent romantic relationship between the two began surfacing when throughout the duration of her visit to the country, she was pictured on several occasions being physically close to the crown prince. As a result, the apparent nature of the two's friendship quickly attracted interest from various media outlets back home in England, with the Daily Mail being the first to speculate a romantic relationship between the two royals.

Then, not long after the conclusion of her visit to the United Arab Emirates, rumours of her being in a relationship with the Crown Prince of Dubai were further strengthened when it was revealed that as a parting gift, the British princess was gifted a luxurious second generation Bentley Flying Spur by the Crown Prince of Dubai himself. However, this revelation was immediately met with a mixed response from both the British public and media, with some praising the supposedly romantic and also unique nature of the relationship, since Alexandra herself was the first British royal to have ever been in a relationship with a Muslim royal of Middle Eastern ancestry, while others, particularly The Daily Telegraph otherwise reacted rather negatively to the aforementioned revelation, which it described as "a rather troubling revelation." Meanwhile, other media outlets that were critical of the couple's apparent romantic relationship also noted the considerable fourteen years age gap between the two, with Hamdan being thirty-one years of age at the time, while Alexandra herself was otherwise seventeen years of age. On the other hand, the couple themselves initially maintained a largely muted response to the controversy surrounding their relationship. However, just a month later, The Sun reported that the two have officially broken up, although the reasons behind the couple's decision to terminate the relationship remained largely unknown, with most observers largely speculating that the considerable amount of controversy generated from the unusual nature of the couple's relationship had been the driving influence behind their aforementioned decision to prematurely end the relationship. Nonetheless, it was later believed that sometime in 2015, following a secret trip to Dubai during her university break that year, the British royal briefly rekindled her relationship with the crown prince, although this proved temporary, with the couple breaking up once more for the final time after just a few weeks or so.

Eventually, on May 15th 2019, Hamdan became married to his cousin, Sheikha Shaikha bint Saeed bin Thani Al Maktoum in a lavish wedding ceremony at the Dubai World Trade Center, which was held in conjunction with the concurrent weddings of his brothers, Ahmad and Maktoum, to which Alexandra responded with a simple congratulatory post on the crown prince's posting on Instagram marking the wedding celebrations.

In an interview with the BBC, the first and only instance to date in which she openly discussed her brief affair with the Crown Prince of Dubai, she said, "At first, the sheer pomposity of Dubai and his (Hamdan) personal generosity really got me attracted to the whole thing, but then I started to learn about a certain amount of stuff (slavery, human rights, freedom of speech), and therefore it really made me reconsider the whole thing to begin with". Moreover, Alexandra has also described the affair as "somewhat rushed" and "not really properly developed", which was said to have been a major motivation behind her eventual decision to terminate her affair with the crown prince after just two months or so.

Separately, in her own interview with the BBC, German supermodel, Claudia Schiffer revealed that she, shortly after learning of the British royal's sensational affair with the Arab crown prince, promptly took to "warn" the British princess of the "unspoken challenges of dating an Arab prince", a decision influenced by her own experience with another unnamed Arab prince, whom the supermodel claimed to have offered her an "indecent proposal", asking to hire her for a exquisite dinner, which Schiffer herself promptly declined.


Around November 2018, Alexandra's romantic life was briefly met with renewed interest and speculation when the Daily Mail, a popular British newspaper claimed in an article of theirs that from around late 2014 to early 2015, the British royal was in a supposed romantic relationship with the young Australian millionaire, Bobby Misner, son of author and billionaire, Tom Misner. The claim had initially originated from a video published by the younger Misner titled Life of a billionaire's son, in which at one point, Misner claimed that he "once dated the Queen of England", and that the two were "the hottest couple in town", claims that were subsequently denied by Alexandra herself, whom otherwise asserted that she was "more busy trying to find my place in the world after my grandmother's passing than partying with some random rich kids on some yachts and islands.” In response, Misner himself later corrected his initial claim from the video, stating in a Daily Mail article that "I have never actually met the Queen myself at any given moment in my life", while also offering a brief apology for his initial claim in that same article.

In addition to Misner and the Crown Prince of Dubai, Alexandra has also been linked, albeit without much basis by media outlets to a couple of other famous personalities, with the most notable ones being Brooklyn Beckham, an English model, photographer, and son of former English footballer, David Beckham, and Jack Schlossberg, an American lawyer and grandson of the late John F. Kennedy through his mother, Caroline Kennedy. However, following Beckham's marriage to actress, Nicola Peltz in April 2022, he has since been discounted as a possible love interest of Alexandra's, while in the case of Schlossberg, a longstanding friendship between the latter's mother, Caroline Kennedy, and Alexandra's father, the former King Thomas, coupled with a number of instances in which Alexandra and Schlossberg have been seen talking to one another, have mostly been used as hints of a supposed hidden romantic relationship involving the two. Therefore, should a marriage involving the two ever become a reality, it would notably be the second instance in which a British monarch is wedded to a Catholic spouse, and arguably the second instance as well in which a British monarch is wedded to a Jewish spouse, since Schlossberg is said to have observed Jewish traditions, holidays, and holy days despite his Catholic faith. Moreover, it would also be the third consecutive wedding involving a British monarch and an American-born spouse.

Sometime in 2017, the American tabloid newspaper, TMZ reported that Alexandra had begun a "discreet relationship" with the newly-appointed Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman (better known as MBS), whom she was said to have met at an undisclosed location through a mutual acquaintance, namely the American actress, Lindsay Lohan, whom, according to the latter's father, Michael Lohan, had been a close friend of the crown prince's. Nonetheless, the relationship itself was never confirmed by either side, although Lohan herself later spoke of the two royals being "very close in general." Eventually, in October 2018, shortly after the assassination of Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, supposedly by a death squad under the Saudi Crown Prince himself, Alexandra soon took to clarify the rumours regarding her alleged relationship with the Saudi royal, stating that she has only met the latter "once or twice", and that no serious relationship ever came about from either of her encounters with the crown prince, while an anonymous source claiming to be close to the two royals otherwise claimed that the two did began a relationshi, although it ultimately proved short-lived, as Alexandra supposedly had the relationship terminated abruptly, so as to not risk any potential backlash should their relationship was discovered by the public. In particular, the Saudi crown prince is believed to have had a major role behind the ongoing Saudi Arabian–led intervention in Yemen, which has displaced millions of Yemeni civilians.


Catherine, Princess Royal, Alexandra's aunt and whom is an established British supermodel and entrepreneur

Ironically, Alexandra, despite herself being closely associated with the modelling industry through her supermodel mother and aunt, coupled with her close resemblance to the American model, Grace Elizabeth, has otherwise largely refrained from dabbling actively in the aforementioned industry. In an interview with 60 Minutes, she attributed her decision to not pursue a career in modelling to her mother, the American supermodel, Christy Turlington, whom in a separate interview with Women's Wear Daily, had spoken of the modelling industry being "surrounded by predators", a claim Alexandra later reiterated in her aforementioned interview. In addition to that, she also claimed that in the weeks immediately following her May 2019 coronation, she was then reportedly offered by the editor of the popular American magazine, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue to possibly appear on the magazine's annual cover that year, alongside her aunt, the Princess Royal, whom is herself an established supermodel. However, this offer was ultimately rejected by Alexandra, whom subsequently asserted while she was "absolutely thrilled" at the thought of posing for a magazine alongside her much famous aunt, the act of "posing in a swimsuit for a magazine mostly subscribed to by men" was otherwise described by her as being "not my cup of tea." Meanwhile, on another occasion, she further claimed that "a physically attractive woman should ideally be defined more than just her looks, and more by who she is as a person, or perhaps by what she has achieved so far as a human being other than simply winning the genetic lottery." However, despite this rhetoric, Alexandra later went on to appear nude in an Instagram photo shoot with close friend and fashion model, Kaia Gerber, and was even rumoured to also appear nude for an anti-fur campaign by animal rights organisation, PETA, although this did not ultimately materialise due to the program's abrupt cancellation.

Afterwards, in celebrating their mother's 50th birthday, Alexandra, along with her siblings were all photographed together with their mother on the cover of a British Vogue magazine. Then, around a week later, she went on to pose alongside British supermodel, Kate Moss on the cover of the lifestyle magazine, Women's Health. The photo shoot itself was later described by Alexandra as "one of the best photo shoots I had ever done", while also referring to Moss herself as "possibly one of the greatest living blonde-haired women in existence.” However, her most recent modelling photo shoot came about in September 2021, when in celebrating her close friend, Kaia Gerber's 20th birthday, she, along with Gerber and their mothers together posed in a group photo shoot for Vogue, which was met with an overall positive reception by critics, with The Guardian describing it as "one of the most undeniably iconic group photo shoots in history", while CNN praised the overall setting of the group photo shoot, stating that "the appearance of two of the 1990s' most iconic supermodels, complete with their respective daughters, both of whom are unique and iconic in their own way is all the more refreshing in such troubled times.”

Due to their shared history of being born to a famous supermodel mother, Alexandra, along with Kaia Gerber and Lila Grace Moss-Hack, daughters of supermodels, Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss respectively, are collectively nicknamed "The New Trinity" by the media, with British Vogue being the first to use the nickname in referring to the trio. Meanwhile, out of the three, Alexandra is the oldest of them, while Moss-Hack is otherwise the youngest. However, unlike both Gerber and Moss-Hack, Alexandra herself has never actively dabbled in the modelling industry, save for a few and occasional photo shoots. Nonetheless, all three of them later made their collective debut as a trio on the cover of British Vogue, which had previously featured all three of their respective mothers in the past.



Furthermore, Alexandra is also notably outspoken on the issue of anti-Semitism as well. Having been born partly Jewish herself, she has since occasionally appeared at a number of Jewish synagogues across the United Kingdom, along with having personally made several speeches in which she wholly condemned anti-Semitism, while also declaring that "the Jewish people must otherwise not be led or encouraged to sink down to their opponents' level by fostering other equally abhorrent forms of hate, particularly Islamophobia itself.” She has also at times openly or either subtly criticised former US President Donald Trump, whom Alexandra reportedly attributed to "the rise of anti-Semitic and Islamophobic bigotry in a country known for both its diversity, as well as for its liberty.” Meanwhile, through the use of a controversial op-ed article in a The New York Times, published on August 16th 2017, just a few days following the white supremacist Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Alexandra herself took to personally denouncing the event as "a blatant and unmistakable evidence of the increasingly problematic rise of both white supremacism and anti-Semitism in the United States", while also particularly criticising then-President Trump, whose controversial "very fine people on both sides" remark made in light of the incident being decried by the British queen as "an incomprehensible act of legitimising anti-Semites, as well as sympathisers of the long gone Confederacy.”

Meanwhile, in regards to the ongoing Israel-Palestine issue, Alexandra herself has been a consistent advocate for the two-state solution, which calls for the establishment of an independent Palestine alongside neighbouring Israel, although the exact borders for the two nations have been subjected to dispute.

Media Privacy

Since coming of age, Alexandra has also been an advocate for greater media privacy, something which she described in an interview with the BBC as "extremely important in such a digitalised and media-filled era." Moreover, Alexandra is also known for her rather stormy relationship with the media, particularly with certain media outlets that she perceived as "sensationalist" and "dangerously intrusive."


Dubai Royal Family

Around March 2018, it was then reported that Sheikha Latifa, the daughter of Dubai's ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, had been caught by UAE commandos in the Indian Ocean while attempting to flee from her home country. In response to this, a meeting between the princess and former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson was subsequently arranged, although the outcome of the meeting itself, in which Robinson claimed that the princess was well within safety of her family's care, was heavily criticised by human rights groups, while others continued to seek for a full clarification regarding the princess's actual whereabouts and the latter's current physical and mental state as well. Then, around January 2019, Sky News, a prominent British news network published an article that spoke of an alleged private phone call session dated May 2018 involving both the Queen herself and Sheikha Latifa's father, Sheikh Mohammed, whom is also the incumbent Prime Minister of Dubai. The alleged phone call, through which Alexandra reportedly urged the Dubai Prime Minister to immediately clarify the situation, in light of the princess's forced return to the United Arab Emirates, immediately provoked both positive and negative responses from various commentators, while Buckingham Palace opted to remain generally silent on the overall issue itself, although Mary Thomass of The Guardian newspaper otherwise wrote, "Irrespective of the veracity of this supposed phone call itself, it is imperative that the Queen, whom has had her own fair share of association and history with the Dubai royal family, should otherwise be involved to some degree in the whole situation itself, as she is arguably the most high-ranking intermediary with ties to both sides in the overall situation", while an article from The Daily Telegraph otherwise urged the Queen to "keep her hands out and clean of such a dirty and scandalous drama.”

Princess Haya bint Hussein, formerly the second official wife of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum until her divorce from him in 2019

At the same time, a state visit by Alexandra to the UAE later that June, during which she met both the Emirati President, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and the country's Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed himself, a closed-door meeting between Alexandra and the Prime Minister was said to have then taken place, albeit with no apparent success, while a Buckingham Palace insider soon afterwards said, "It was a rather tense but civil meeting and the best we could assume is that there's going to be more of it to come afterwards". On December 3rd 2019, Alexandra issued an official statement concerning the situation, in which she expressed her wish that "Sheikha Latifa be treated as humanely as a family member would deserve from the other.” Eventually, following a statement by the princess's cousin, Marcus Essabri that the Dubai princess is "happy and well", Alexandra herself took to publicly congratulating the efforts of the Free Latifa campaign, as well as other groups involved, for the "triumphant success in ensuring that a simple and basic human could never be denied his or her rights to freedom.” At the same time, Alexandra has also expressed her own personal desire to meet Sheikha Latifa herself in private, although this desire itself has otherwise been reportedly put on hold due to supposed safety concerns.

That same year, Alexandra herself would once more become the centre of another Dubai-related controversy, when following a divorce from the Dubai ruler himself, the Jordanian princess, Haya bint Hussein was reported to have left for the United Kingdom along with her two children under the supposed intent of seeking asylum, claiming domestic abuses inflicted by the Sheikh himself. In the following months, amidst proceedings initiated by the Sheikh seeking to have the princess's two children legally returned to Dubai, the sighting of both Alexandra and Princess Haya at the 2019 Royal Ascot quickly proved to be a source of controversy, with an article by The Sun claiming that the princess, whom currently lives nearby Kensington Palace has sought an official form of protection from the British royal family, a decision which was supposedly influenced by a previous long-lasting friendship between the princess's father, the late King Hussein of Jordan with both the Queen's late grandfather and father respectively. On May 23rd the following year, the two were photographed together at Buckingham Palace apparently celebrating the end of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, with an accompanying caption which was seen by some as a subtle offer of reconciliation between both the princess and the Sheikh, although in retrospect, no apparent reply was ever put out by the latter himself, whom was later accused in October 2021 of an attempted hacking of Princess Haya's phone through the use of the Israeli Pegasus spyware by the United Kingdom's High Court.

Regardless of this, on March 13th 2022, Alexandra became one of the earliest world leaders to openly send her condolences to the Emirati government just several minutes after it was announced that Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the elected President of the United Arab Emirates and the hereditary ruler (Emir) of Abu Dhabi had passed away at the age of seventy-three. As a result, until a new officeholder could be officially elected by the country's Federal Supreme Council, a legislative and executive body made up of the rulers of all the seven respective emirates which makes up the United Arab Emirates as a whole, sitting prime minister and concurrently vice president of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has since been serving as the acting president. Soon enough, on the following day, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, better known as MbZ, whom was previously the de facto ruler of the country due to the ill health of his brother, the late Sheikh Khalifa, was elected the new President of the United Arab Emirates.

2019 UK-Malaysia Crisis

Mahathir Mohammad, whom was respectively the 4th and 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia from 1981 to 2003, and later from 2018 to 2019

Around a month after her May 2019 coronation, the Queen had been scheduled to perform a state visit to the Southeast Asian country of Malaysia. However, when knowledge of the state visit became public just a few days prior to the commencement of the state visit itself, it promptly became a subject of considerable controversy within the Muslim-majority Southeast Asian country, with polIticians belonging to the Islamist Malaysian Islamic Party demanding the government to cancel the planned state visit under the basis of "preserving Islam's dignity", as declared by the party's president, Abdul Hadi Awang. At the same time, rumours also began circulating that mass protests are expected to be held ahead of and throughout the entirety of the state visit, with the scale of the protests being supposedly nationwide. Meanwhile, a number of local British politicians, including the North East Somerset MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg, also called for a termination of the planned state visit, claiming that "no responsible government would sacrifice or throw the Queen into a pack of hungry wolves."

Nevertheless, on June 12th, and at approximately 5:30 P.M local time, the state visit went ahead as planned, with the British entourage arriving first at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, before promptly proceeding to the National Palace, where she was received by Sultan Abdullah of Pahang, the reigning Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King) of Malaysia. Meanwhile, as the customary state dinner was held at the royal palace that night, scores of protesters begin to form just outside of the gates of the royal residence, demanding an immediate end to the state visit, although they were soon dispersed by local authorities. Throughout the following days, Alexandra herself went ahead with a pre-scheduled visit to several prominent locations in Malaysia, which included the Malaysian National Museum in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, the Taman Negara, a national park in the state of Pahang, and the prominent 16th-century Portuguese fort of A Famosa, situated in the state of Malacca. In the meantime, following reports claiming that a local Malay man (later identified as a former policeman, Rafiq Sadiq) was arrested by the authorities after publicly live streaming on Instagram his intention to assassinate the Queen, immediate security recommendations proposed by both the British MI6 agency and the Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs were soon put in place, with the Queen herself being given a maximum duration of approximately ten minutes to spend her time in each designated location before moving on to the next, all while remaining under heavy and constant security protection. In the midst of this, she also briefly met with the Johor Crown Prince, Tunku Ismail Idris, with whom she then held a closed-door meeting on the topic of football, which was later believed to have led to a friendly match between England's Buckingham F.C., the football club owned by Alexandra's own father and Malaysia's Johor Darul Ta'zim Football Club, which is otherwise led by Tunku Tun Aminah binti Sultan Ibrahim, a sister of Tunku Ismail's, whom currently serves as the football club's president.

The planned match eventually took place on July 2nd at the Larkin Stadium in Johor, in which the English club comfortably defeated their Malaysian opponent with a score of 3-1 thanks to individual goals by strikers, Joshua Kimmich and Ivan Perišić, along with a goal from defender, Giorgio Chiellini respectively, while on the opposing side, the lone goal was scored by midfielder, Leandro Velázquez. Both Alexandra and Tunku Ismail personally attended the football match, with Alexandra herself, in particular, travelling to the state by way of the Johor-Singapore Causeway, in order to avoid any future complications, before later departing back home in the same manner. In the aftermath of the match, the two royals exchanged balls with one another, with both balls bearing either the Queen's or the Johor Crown Prince's respective signatures.

Moreover, many local media outlets noted the absence of a meeting between the Queen herself and then-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad, whose infamous track record of anti-Semitic statements reportedly being a point of contention for the British monarch, although, the situation was soon mended with the Malaysian government promptly choosing then-Deputy Prime Minister Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to meet the Queen herself in the absence of the Prime Minister, whom was otherwise declared to be "incapable of smoothly executing his appropriate set of duties for the time being." The meeting took place at the Perdana Putra building, which is itself the office complex of the Malaysian prime minister located in the administrative capital city of Putrajaya, after which both the Queen and the then-Deputy Prime Minister embarked on a cruise along Putrajaya Lake, an experienced that was reportedly filled with "mostly joy and laughter", so much so that Alexandra herself, whom in her farewell address before departing the country, described Putrajaya as a "wonderful and brilliant city."

Eventually, after approximately five days long, the state visit itself ultimately concluded without any incident, with the British entourage safely departing the Penang International Airport back for the United Kingdom. On the other hand, the High Commissioner of Malaysia to the United Kingdom, Mohamad Sadik Kethergany, whom in response to the controversies surrounding the state visit, was consequently summoned by the British government for explanation, promptly issued an official statement of apology to the British government, in which he apologised on behalf of the Malaysian government for the "unwanted disturbances and tribulations surrounding the Queen's state visit to Malaysia from the 12th to 17th of June 2019", while Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, in responding to criticism surrounding his decision to allow the state visit to proceed, declared that "the Foreign Office has absolutely taken all necessary steps and measures in conjunction with Malaysian authorities as to ensure the complete safety of the Queen during Her Majesty's state visit to the country." Meanwhile, in an interview with the BBC held just a few days after the state visit concluded, the then-Malaysian Prime Minister otherwise stressed that "regardless of the current state of diplomatic relations between the two countries, Malaysian Muslims will never be muted or silenced in their advocacy for the rights of Palestinians oppressed by the Zionist regime", while also claiming that "it is illogical to think that the presence of a Jewish Queen of England would not stir up the Malaysian society, whom have long been the opponents of Jewish world domination and international Zionism." The interview was largely criticised and negatively received in multiple countries, particularly in the United Kingdom, where a large number of rallies in London and several other major cities across the country were held in response to the aforementioned interview, calling for sanctions to be imposed on the controversial Malaysian prime minister, a statement promptly echoed by a large number of MPs, while then-Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu also criticised Mahathir's remarks, calling it "vapidly anti-Semitic and overly dangerous in nature."

Eventually, in response to calls from both government and opposition MPs, and the public as a whole, on June 23rd, Prime Minister David Cameron first announced that the Malaysian government would have "five whole days" to send out an official apology for the remarks made by the controversial Malaysian statesman, whom Cameron also urged, albeit voluntarily so to personally apologise to the Queen himself. Soon afterwards, on June 28th, with no formal apology from the Malaysian government ever being issued, coupled with Mahathir's own insistence of "not bowing down to the Zionist regime and its supporters", Cameron, with the deadline being all but close to expiration, subsequently called for an "emergency meeting" of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group consisting of Guyana, Solomon Islands, India, Pakistan, Cyprus, Kenya, Namibia, and New Zealand to "possibly vote on a suspension of membership for Malaysia from the Commonwealth of Nations", as first reported by the BBC. It was subsequently revealed that a unilateral suspension of Malaysia had come close to execution, if not for the "strident opposition" from the Pakistani leader, Imran Khan, whom, in turn, was reported to have received a phone call from Mahathir himself, expressing his gratitude for Khan's opposition towards the move. Meanwhile, several Malaysian media outlets began reporting on supposedly claiming that Malaysian lawmakers from both the government and the opposition, fearing that the British government would come down with a much harsher move in light of the failed attempt of suspending the Southeast Asian country from the Commonwealth of Nations, had begun reportedly considering on "ousting" the elderly Malaysian statesman, with the hopes of gradually repairing the bilateral diplomatic relationship between the two countries later. Meanwhile, Indonesian President Joko Widodo, in response to the diplomatic crisis extended an offer to both sides to act as a potential mediator between the two, due to Indonesia's otherwise warm ties with the United Kingdom, coupled with its own proximity to Malaysia. A similar offer was also made by Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar.

The Bogor Palace, one of the six official residences of the President of Indonesia, and where the unsuccessful 2019 Jakarta Summit took place

On July 5th, a closed-door summit between the two countries' respective foreign ministers, Jeremy Hunt of the United Kingdom and Saifuddin Abdullah of Malaysia respectively was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, lasting for approximately three days. By the end, most media outlets reported that no sort of a conclusive agreement was ever reached between the two, although one Indonesian media outlet later reported that at one point, Hunt had supposedly issued a warning to his Malaysian counterpart, telling the latter to urge his "boss", that being the Malaysian prime minister to "immediately settle this debacle once and for all unless one wants to risk losing his seat of power in the upcoming days or so." Around this same time, large rallies across Malaysia, primarily in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur were held while the summit was in progress, with most rallygoers expressing their support for Mahathir against the so-called "Zionist world order."

Ultimately, on July 12th, following a supposed last-ditch attempt at potentially avoiding the "final solution", Prime Minister David Cameron markedly announced in a press conference that rubber, Malaysia's primary export material to the United Kingdom would be "temporarily subjected to an increase in tariffs until further notice", a move that was considered by most observers as mostly "unprecedented" and "historical", since both countries have largely enjoyed cordial relations with one another, even during Mahathir's previous two decades-long tenure as prime minister. Soon enough, while the move was met by expected criticism from Muslim-majority countries, including Pakistan, which had previously opposed an earlier move to suspend Malaysia from the Commonwealth of Nations, it was otherwise met with what the BBC described as "near-unanimous approval" by the British public, whom was said to have looked upon it as an appropriate measure to reclaim the country's "dignity", which was supposedly tarnished by the Malaysian statesman's aforementioned controversial remarks. Despite this, Cameron subsequently announced that "for the sake of everyone, we hope that this measure would not have to be permanent, and therefore, we urge that the Malaysian government would quickly seek an agreeable and effective solution so that this issue could be solved once and for all."

Ultimately, after a period of six days since the hike in tariffs was announced, Mahathir, in a rather unexpected move, announced his resignation as Prime Minister of Malaysia after a year into his second non-consecutive tenure as prime minister, with his protégé, Anwar Ibrahim, deemed by many to be a reformist and a moderate by contrast to his political mentor, succeeding him as the eight and current Prime Minister of Malaysia. Soon enough, just three days later, a at a summit in Geneva, Switzerland, the two leaders agreed on a formal end to the diplomatic crisis, with Prime Minister David Cameron agreeing to lower the tariffs back to their previous rate, while his Malaysian counterpart, Anwar Ibrahim otherwise agreed to provide a formal letter of apology on behalf of the Malaysian government, which was later announced to have reached Queen Alexandra herself, although the contents of the letter were never released to the public. In the aftermath of the crisis, Cameron was noted by many to have enjoyed an "unprecedented rise in approval ratings", with an Ipsos survey showing that roughly 86% of those surveyed having "approved" or were "generally satisfied" with the government's handling of the crisis, while only 4% of those disagreed, with the remaining 10% taking a largely indifferent stance on the issue.

Meanwhile, back in Malaysia, the reception was rather mixed, especially among the majority Malay community, with some, especially those considered to be conservative hardliners criticising Anwar for supposedly "bowing down to the Zionist regime", a statement echoed by Abdul Hadi Awang, the Malaysian Islamic Party's president, while others, particularly those who hold a more moderate or liberal stance on the issue, otherwise praised the newly-elected Anwar Ibrahim for bringing an end to the crisis, which according to most economists, did "some noticeable damage to the Malaysian economy as a whole." Additionally, in the context of Malaysian politics, the crisis itself was significant due to the supposed ousting of longtime Malaysian statesman, Mahathir Mohammad, whom, in turn, was replaced by Anwar Ibrahim, whom prior to assuming the prime ministerial post, had previously been marred by a series of imprisonments until he was eventually pardoned by the Malaysian Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan on May 16th 2018. This is also the first and only instance to date in which both the positions of prime minister and deputy prime minister of the country were respectively assumed by a married couple, with Anwar's wife, Wan Azizah Wan Ibrahim retaining her position as Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia from her tenure under Mahathir Mohammad.

The Special Actions Unit, better known as UTK and the VAT 69 Commando, a special forces unit of the Royal Malaysia Police

Around this time, an article by The Guardian later spoke of a supposed rumour which claimed that the British government, whom in anticipation of the Queen's contentious state visit to Malaysia, had covertly flew an undisclosed number of special forces operatives, believed to have been from both the British SAS and the Hanoverian SRU units just a few days prior to the day of the state visit, with the operatives themselves being reportedly sent on a "search and destroy" mission, in conjunction with the Royal Malaysia Police's special forces unit, VAT 69 Commando and its elite tactical unit, otherwise known as UTK (English: Special Actions Unit), so as to prevent any potential terror attacks from ever being conducted against the British monarch while she is visiting the Southeast Asian country. In response to the article, the Secretary of State for Defence, Peter Aldous promptly confirmed the rumour's validity, while otherwise asserting that the covert operation was "unanimously approved by all the relevant parties in both the British and Malaysian governments." She also emphasised the fact that the Queen herself had safely returned back to the United Kingdom from her state visit to the country meant that "the whole operation had been a resounding and an overall success."

Daily Mail Controversy

The following July, controversy arose once more when the Daily Mail reported on an alleged leak of a voice recording, purportedly that of the Queen's, in which she had supposedly referred to members of the Malaysian Islamist political party, PAS, and its president, Abdul Hadi Awang as "a cadre of Taliban terrorists", which soon provoked an overwhelmingly negative response and outcry from the top ranks of the Islamist political party and from the Malaysian government as well, with then-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad calling on the Queen to "immediately apologise for her clearly Islamophobic remark", while British Prime Minister David Cameron otherwise expressed a slightly more cautious response, warning the public not to "trust anything that comes out of the Daily Mail wholeheartedly." Eventually, an investigation by an independent group of experts concluded that the voice recording was "most likely fabricated, perhaps for malicious reasons." Consequently, Alexandra herself soon filed a lawsuit against the British tabloid on the grounds of defamation, thereby sparking one of the most infamous trials in modern British history. Then, after a two weeks-long legal battle, the UK Supreme Court ultimately ruled in favour of the British monarch, whom was then awarded £500 million in damages, the largest amount of settlement ever made in the history of successful lawsuits against the infamous British tabloid. Moreover, in an official statement released soon afterwards, the court also declared that "all media outlets in the United Kingdom shall cease or refrain from both publishing and circulating the aforementioned story any further, in light of the recent revelation concerning the story's authenticity."

In the weeks since, rumours begin to flout claiming that the longtime British tabloid was supposedly nearing a state of bankruptcy as a result of the hefty sum paid during the trial, although this was denied by the 4th Viscount Rothermere, owner and shareholding controller of the Daily Mail and General Trust, the media company that, among others, includes the Daily Mail itself. Nonetheless, the trial has since been referred to in the media as "the trial that shook the Daily Mail" while some have also described it as "the trial of the 21st century." Meanwhile, the Queen herself, in a posting on Instagram made not long after the ruling was issued, hailed it as "a landmark victory for all the victims of the tabloid cartel."

A subsequent analysis conducted by the BBC in the days following the end of the trial reportedly found that longtime tabloid newspapers such as The Sun, Daily Express, and including the Daily Mail have since tend to publish stories regarding members of the British royal family on a less frequent basis, with the most probable cause being a fear among the aforementioned tabloid newspapers of facing the same fate as the Daily Mail did.

1MDB Scandal

On July 2019, a witness and supposedly a close confidant of Malaysian fugitive businessman, Jho Low, told a Malaysian court that sometime in May 2019, Low, whom by then was already on the run from authorities seeking to prosecute him for his role in the ongoing 1MDB scandal involving himself and former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, had reportedly attempted to "solicit" the assistance of the British government, by way of allegedly gifting a set of expensive jewelry, which, according to Low's aforementioned "close confidant", would then be used by the fugitive businessman to potentially gain favour from then-British Prime Minister David Cameron.

However, a few days later, both Cameron and Buckingham Palace issued joint statements denying that such an event had ever taken place, with the latter further stating that the Queen has "never personally met either Mr. Low or any of his associates up to this very moment." Meanwhile, in a subsequent interview with the BBC, Alexandra herself confirmed that she had received no such gift from the Malaysian businessman, while also echoing a previous statement by Buckingham Palace asserting that she had never met Low herself.

2020 Wilhelmshaven Incident

A picture of the city of Wilhelmshaven, Hanover

On May 2020, controversy arose when The Sun, a leading British tabloid newspaper published a series of photographs depicting the Queen swimming nude at a beach located near the coastal city of Wilhelmshaven, Hanover. The photographs, which were soon made available to the public proved quick to garner nationwide controversy, with the Queen herself, in response to the publication of the photographs, filing a lawsuit against the tabloid newspaper, while Hanover's minister-president, Markus Thierse promptly issued a controversial decree prohibiting any further publication of the photographs within the borders of Hanover. However, this measure proved temporary, as it was later declared "unlawful" by a local court. Moreover, the Queen's lawsuit filed against The Sun ended in a defeat for the former, whose accusation of "invasion of privacy" was rejected by a local court due to her being in a public area. Nevertheless, despite this defeat, Alexandra was otherwise granted a slight concession in which any media outlets publishing the photographs are required to blur out the Queen's exposed private parts, for failing to do so would result in a £1000 fine, which the Daily Express was afterwards subjected to after publishing the photograph without any blurs.

Nonetheless, after initially adopting a mostly hostile and dismissive attitude in regard to the incident, Alexandra has since appeared to have markedly adopted a more 'positive" and "receptive" attitude towards the incident, even going so far as to describe the incident as a "liberating and positive experience." Moreover, Alexandra also criticised what she perceived as the "blatant double standard" regarding nudity, having stated in an interview, "The fact that any man at the beach who walks around baring his chest is met not with condemnation, but otherwise praise and adoration, while it is vice versa when a woman does the same really tells you about the degree of sexism and inequality still present in your typical 21st-century society". Soon afterwards, this statement was met with considerable criticism, particularly from among the Queen's longstanding critics, whom then accused the British monarch of "promoting an image and character unbecoming of a queen", while others praised the Queen's support for gender equality as a whole, with columnist, Angela Row of the BBC stating, "In an era where #MeToo exists, the Queen's words do certaily strike a chord with the longstanding grievances held by many women across the world".

Despite this, Alexandra has since sternly denied rumours popularised by a number of media outlets claiming that she was supposedly intending to sell nude and risque pictures of herself on the infamous content subscription service, OnlyFans, which Alexandra described as "something that is definitely not my cup of tea." Nevertheless, on September 3rd of that year, Alexandra, in a sultry Instagram post celebrating her close friend, Kaia Gerber's 19th birthday, together posed nude (the first and only instance to date where she appears so) in a side by side manner alongside the American model, with both women wearing nothing but only a pair of thigh-high black patent leather boots each, while both of their breasts were strategically covered with a pair of emojis, as per the site's nudity rules. As anticipated, the post quickly aroused considerable controversy among the British public, with some accusing the Queen of "backpedalling" on her initial refusal to ever pose in a risque manner, while others, particularly those whom were already and largely supportive of the Queen praised the British monarch for being "less subdued" in regards to nudity. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail, in its criticism of the photo shoot, likened it to the infamous photo shoot for the cover of the 1996 issue of Max, a now-defunct French men's magazine featuring former first lady Melania Trump and Scandinavian model, Emma Eriksson, with both women, much like Alexandra and Gerber themselves, also appearing nude, albeit in a much more explicit manner.

A few months prior, it was then rumoured that the Queen, in following her mother's footsteps, would also pose nude for the animal rights organisation, PETA's 'I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur' campaign. Ultimately, this did not came to be, with PETA eventually terminating the campaign on February 2020 as part of a transition strategy.

Titles & Honours

  • 11 May 1996 - 11 May 1997 Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall
  • 11 May 1997 - 13 October 2017 Her Royal Highness The Princess of the Welsh
  • 13 October 2017 - Present Her Majesty The Queen of the British


National & Commonwealth

  •  United Kingdom - Sovereign of the Most Noble Order of the Garter
  •  United Kingdom - Sovereign of the Royal Thomasiate Order
  •  United Kingdom - Recipient of the Royal Family Order of King Charles III
  •  United Kingdom - Recipient of the Royal Family Order of King Thomas
  •  United Kingdom - Recipient of the Medal of the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of King Charles III
  •  United Kingdom - Sovereign of the Royal Guelphic Order
  •  United Kingdom - Sovereign of the Order of St. George
  •  United Kingdom - Sovereign of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle
  •  United Kingdom - Sovereign of the Most Illustrious Order of Saint Patrick
  •  United Kingdom - Sovereign of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath
  •  United Kingdom - Sovereign of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George
  •  United Kingdom - Sovereign of the Most Gallant Order of British Excellence
  •  United Kingdom - Sovereign of the Distinguished Service Order
  •  Canada - Sovereign of the Order of Canada
  •  Australia - Sovereign of the Order of Australia
  •  New Zealand - Sovereign of the Order of New Zealand
  •  Barbados - Sovereign of the Order of Barbados
  •  Saint Lucia - Sovereign of the Order of St Lucia
  •  Solomon Islands - Sovereign of the Order of Solomon Islands
  •  Belize - Sovereign of the Order of Belize
  •  Antigua and Barbuda - Sovereign of the Order of Antigua and Barbuda
  •  St Christopher and Nevis - Sovereign of the Order of St Christopher and Nevis
  •  Grenada - Sovereign of the Order of Grenada
  •  Tuvalu - Sovereign of the Order of Tuvalu
  •  Puerto Rico - Sovereign of the Order of Puerto Rico


  •  Spain - Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece
  •  Norway - Grand Cross with Collar of the Order of St Olav
  •  Sweden - Member of the Royal Order of the Seraphim
  •  Sweden - Commander Grand Cross of the Royal Order of the Sword
  •  Denmark - Knight of the Order of the Elephant
  •  Denmark - Grand Commander of the Order of the Dannebrog
  •  United Arab Emirates - Collar of the Order of Zayed
  •  Portugal - Grand Collar of the Order of the Military Order of the Tower and of the Sword, and of Valour, Loyalty and Merit
  •  France - Grand Cross of the National Order of the Legion of Honour
  •  France - Grand Cross of the National Order of Merit
  •  South Africa - Companion in Gold of the Order of the Companions of O. R. Tambo
  •  Germany - Grand Cross Special Class of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany
  •  Japan - Collar and Grand Order of the Order of Chrysanthemum
  •  Japan - Golden Medal of Merit Japanese Red Cross
  •  Japan - Golden Medal of Honorary Member of Japanese Red Cross
  •  South Korea - Member of the Order of Mugunghwa
  •  Italy - Dame of the Grand Cross with Collar of the Order of Merit of the Republic
  •  Malaysia - Honorary Member of the Order of the Crown of the Realm
  •  Singapore - Honorary First Class of the Order of Temasek
  •  Belgium - Grand Cordon of the Order of Leopold
  •  Netherlands - Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Netherlands Lion
  •  El Salvador - Grand Cross with Gold Star of the Order of José Matías Delgado
  •  Finland - Commander Grand Cross of the Order of the White Rose of Finland with Collar
  •  Jordan - Grand Cordon of the Order of the Star of Jordan
  •  Jordan - Collar of the Order of al-Hussein bin Ali
  •  Greece - Grand Cross of the Order of the Redeemer
  • Madagascar - Grand Cross of the National Order of Madagascar
  • Morocco - Collar of the Special Class of the Order of Muhammad
  • Mexico - Collar of the Order of the Aztec Eagle
  • Oman - Collar of the Order of Al-Said
  • Vatican City - Knight with the Collar of the Order of Pope Pius IX

Military Appointments


RPS Alexandra.png RCS Alexandra.png
Coat of Arms of Alexandra, Princess of the Welsh
(1997 - 2017)
Coat of Arms of Alexandra, Queen of the British
(2017 - Present)