Alliance Centriste

Centrist Alliance

Alliance Centriste
LeaderRaphaël Mesny
PresidentBlaise Trintignant
FounderLord Hervé de Bacque, Count of Bacque
FoundedJune 2, 2008 (2008-06-02)
Headquarters906 Rue de Vingoroux, La Ciotat, Mairault, Vannois
Student wingL'Alliance d'étudiants
Youth wingL'Alliance jeune
Membership (2016)6.7 million
ColorsLight Blue
SloganDevant si je puis
0 / 300
National Assembly
1 / 594

The Alliance Centriste, also referred to as the Centrist Alliance or AC, is a centrist political party in the Vannoisian Empire. It espouses the philosophies of centrism and the Third Way, which traces its roots to classical liberalism with an emphasis on its economically liberal policies in supporting free markets, limited government, and laissez-faire economics, while supporting social liberal and centrist policies. A significant portion of the Alliance base is made up social liberals and fiscal conservatives.

As of 2015 it is the fifth largest party in the National Assembly with 3 MPs, alongside the Front National. Despite the long domination of PS under Maximilien Astier, the Alliance has not joined a coalition with the socialists in its history.

The Party was founded in 2008 following the merger of the Moderate/Modéré and Citizenship, Action, Participation for the 21st Century /Citoyenneté, action, participation pour le xxie siècle in Saint-Nazaire by Blaise Trintignant of the Moderates and Lord Hervé de Bacque, Count of Bacque of CAP21C.



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Leader of the Alliance Centriste, Raphaël Mesny, 2014.