Arena de Montecara

Arena de Montecara
Il scuol dei gladiatòri
(Montecaran, The Gladiator School)
Arena de Montecara, 2013
Location Montecara
Public transitVM
OwnerState of Montecara
Broke groundJuly 2011
OpenedJuly 2013
Construction costŁ1.5 billion
Montecara national football team
SDB Montecara

The Arena de Montecara is the national stadium in the city-state of Montecara. Completed in 2013, it was built as a new home for the Montecara national football team and SDB Montecara.

Prior to the Arena's construction, Montecaran football was housed at the Cànpo Marçiàl (Montecaran, Field of Mars). Though a historic and beloved venue, the Cànpo Marçiàl was by the 1990s far too small to serve as a major football stadium and was sorely lacking in modern amenities. Planning for a new stadium was approved in 1998 and construction began in the summer of 2011, funded by the state government.

The arena was built on a brownfield site that had been designated by the government for redevelopment and environmental remediation. The total cost of construction eventually exceeded estimates by nearly Ł250 million, mainly owing to the difficulty of cleaning up toxic waste that was discovered on-site after demolition of the old factories had already begun.

The arena officially opened on 13 July 2013 with a friendly match between the Montecaran and Floren national men's football teams, which Montecara won 2-1.

In addition to football, the Arena also hosts rugby and track and field events and concerts.