Awards and decorations of the Zamastanian Armed Forces

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The Zamastanian Armed Forces awards and decorations are primarily the medals, service ribbons, and specific badges which recognize military service and personal accomplishments while a member of the Zamastanian Armed Forces. Such awards are a means to outwardly display the highlights of a service member's career.

Order of Precedence

List of Awards

Personal decorations
Awarded for "gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty"

Medal of Honor ribbon.svg  Medal of Honor

Service cross medals - Awarded for "extraordinary heroism"

Distinguished Service Cross ribbon.svg  Distinguished Service Cross

Navy Cross ribbon.svg  Navy Cross

Air Force Cross ribbon.svg  Air Force Cross

Coast Guard Cross ribbon.png  Coast Guard Cross

Distinguished service medals - Awarded for "distinguished service"

Defense Distinguished Service Medal ribbon.svg  Defense Distinguished Service Medal

Homeland Security Distinguished Service Medal ribbon.svg  Homeland Security Distinguished Service Medal

U.S. Army Distinguished Service Medal ribbon.svg  Distinguished Service Medal (U.S. Army)

Navy Distinguished Service Medal ribbon.svg  Navy Distinguished Service Medal

Air Force Distinguished Service ribbon.svg  Air Force Distinguished Service Medal

Coast Guard Distinguished Service ribbon.svg  Coast Guard Distinguished Service Medal

Awarded for "gallantry in action"

Silver Star Medal ribbon.svg  Silver Star Medal

Awarded for "superior or exceptionally meritorious service"

Defense Superior Service Medal ribbon.svg  Defense Superior Service Medal

Legion of Merit ribbon.svg  Legion of Merit

Awarded for "heroism or extraordinary achievement in aerial flight"

Distinguished Flying Cross ribbon.svg  Distinguished Flying Cross

Medals for non-combat heroism

Soldier's Medal ribbon.svg  Soldier's Medal

Navy and Marine Corps Medal ribbon.svg  Navy and Marine Corps Medal

Airman's Medal ribbon.svg  Airman's Medal

Coast Guard Medal ribbon.svg  Coast Guard Medal

Awarded for heroism in combat zone or meritorious service in a war zone

Bronze Star Medal ribbon.svg  Bronze Star Medal

Awarded for wounds suffered in combatPH

Purple Heart ribbon.svg  Purple Heart

Meritorious service and aviation medals

Defense Meritorious Service Medal ribbon.svg  Defense Meritorious Service Medal

Meritorious Service Medal ribbon.svg  Meritorious Service Medal

Air Medal ribbon.svg  Air Medal
Aerial Achievement Medal ribbon.svg  Aerial Achievement Medal
Commendation medals

Joint Service Commendation Medal ribbon.svg  Joint Service Commendation Medal

Army Commendation Medal ribbon.svg  Army Commendation Medal

Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal ribbon.svg  Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal

Air Force Commendation Medal ribbon.svg  Air Force Commendation Medal

U.S. Coast Guard Commendation Medal ribbon.svg  Coast Guard Commendation Medal

Achievement medals

Joint Service Achievement Medal ribbon.svg  Joint Service Achievement Medal

Army Achievement Medal ribbon.svg  Army Achievement Medal

Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal ribbon.svg  Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal

Air Force Achievement Medal ribbon.svg  Air Force Achievement Medal

U.S. Coast Guard Achievement Medal ribbon.svg  Coast Guard Achievement Medal

Commandant's Letter of Commendation Ribbon.svg  Commandant's Letter of Commendation
Combat action awards

Combat Action Ribbon.svg  Navy Combat Action Ribbon

Air Force Combat Action ribbon.svg  Air Force Combat Action Medal

United States Coast Guard Combat Action Ribbon.svg  Coast Guard Combat Action Ribbon

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