The State of Bankampar

Flag of Bankampar
Motto: The greatest tragedy is indifference
Largest cityEden
Official languages
Ethnic groups
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
• Prime Minister
Isser Harel
from Shia rule
• Declared
September 5, 2004
• Establishment of the Republic
September 05, 2004
• Total
85,237 km2 (32,910 sq mi)
• 2015 estimate
GDP (PPP)2017 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyCredit (cr)
Time zoneUTC-1 (Middle Standard Time)
Driving sideright
Calling code+7
Internet TLD.uo

Bankampar (נקוב בבוקר בנק), officially the State of Bankampar (מדינה של אמפא הבנק) is a country in consisting of over three-hundred fifty million inhabitants and is the destination for many refugees and immigrants around the world, especially jewish. Bankampar was founded in 1925. Bankampar today remains at the zenith of technological progress developing ground breaking new technologies and sometimes weapons. Thanks to this and the nation's citizen's high standard of living, Bankampar is regarded as a First World country. Bankampar is a member of the WA.



Most of Bankampar is covered by a hot desert climate.


Haaq Insurgents in an Opium Field

Bankampar is a very bio-diverse country. Animal life is particularly diverse, with over 130 species of land mammals and 420 species of birds native to the country. Deciduous trees such as the Oak and Alder trees make up much of the nation's native forests which cover the lower altitudes of the Fiji Mountains and the plains to the north. In these forests is an abundance of lichen and grass. The Scots pine and Siberian pine that were introduced by the English now cover most of north eastern Bankampar. Areas such as these are often designated National Parks. Aquatic life in the waters surrounding Bankampar is also very diverse, with many different species of fish and aquatic mammals. Bankampar condones the use of narcotics and other drugs, so throughout the country you will find Opium, and Marijuana fields, and that makes up a good part of Bankampar's farming.



Bankampar is a Jewish Democratic Republic. The Prime Minister of Bankampar is head of both state and government. All members of the government are appointed by the Prime Minister, to five year terms, and once in office may serve a maximum of two terms although exceptions are made during national crisis and wartime. Most of the executive power in the government is held by the the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister may appoint judges to the High Court, veto legislation by the legislative assembly, and enact executive legislation. The 600 member, unicameral legislative assembly serves as the government's legislative branch. The legislative assembly is responsible for enacting the majority of the nations laws. The 15 member High Court is the supreme judicial authority in Bankampar. The High Court acts as a constitutional court, deciding the constitutionality of legislation enacted by the legislative assembly or Supreme Chancellor. The fifteen judges of the High Court are appointed by the Supreme Chancellor and approved by the legislative assembly. The Bankampari Capitalist Union (BCU) has been in power ever since 1991, a total of four terms. No opposition party has been able to earn enough sport to topple them as of yet. Capitalism has always been a strong belief in BCU politics.

Major Cities

City Population (2013 census)
Black Mesa
Tsort Province
Xanadu Province

* Capitals are independent cities

Independent Cities

Bankampar has three independent cities: Khost, Arcadia and Eden, the nation's must strategically and economically important cities. Independent cities, like provinces, are allowed seats in the legislative assembly based on population, and are guaranteed at least one seat.

City Population (2013 census)
Khost 27,091,827
Avalon 21,812,319
Ha'il 22,401,729

Foreign Relations

Bankampar's foreign policy is very interventionist and strongly unilateral. Bankampar is a member of the World Assembly. Bankampar has been continually involved in the affairs of other countries, participating in civil wars usually on the side of the government. Nations such as the United Communist States have fallen to Bankampar with the aid of the ACSN formed from the conflict in 2011. The creation of this organization/alliance has completely changed Bankampar's view on foreign policy that has only taken hold during the term of the current Prime Minister, Isser Harel.

Bankampari Defense Force (BDF)

F-15 Strike Eagle II jet fighter over the Derman Iles during the war in 2013.

The Bankampari Defense Force/BDF or (כוח הגנה נקוב בבוקר בנק) is the military force of the State of Bankampar. It is comprised of the Bankampari Navy WIP


Waterfront of Arcadia's Finiancial Hub

The Bankampari economy is a modernised, developed economy, focused on its primary and manufacturing industries with a number of key hubs of service industries. Bankampar tries to have its hand in regional trade as much as possible.

The main industrial heartlands of Bankampar are found in the throughout the country with focal points in Eden, Arcadia, and Khost. Other manufacturing centres include Port Sherman, and Cape Side. Traditionally, these centres have focused on heavy industries such as steelworking, fishing and shipbuilding geared towards a highly maritime economy, while inland hubs such as Toro and Briarwood lean more towards woodworking, automotive, aircraft, mining, and arms manufacturing industries.

In recent years the Bankampari economy has strengthened its economy base of manufacturing, continuing to export goods on a massive scale, all over the world, with it's fleet of 1,700 foot freighters.

Most of the country uses the Credit as its official currency, issued by the Compass International Bank. T



The nation of Bankampar is massive, and due to that, high speed freight and passenger railways have been built spanning all throughout the country, to move goods as fast as possible. In the cities, the country has invested heavily in public transit systems. With subways, monorails, and buses transporting citizens all throughout the cities and provinces.


Bankampar is richly endowed with natural resources, including coal, copper, fish, iron, lead, nickel, petroleum, precious metals, rare earth elements, timber, titanium, and zinc. In 2012, the country was one of the largest producers in of tantalum (instrumental in production of consumer electronics and superalloys particularly for aerospace and nuclear applications) with an output of 301 tonnes; tantalum-rich hoebite ore is mined commercially at Eden in Arcadia.

Sources of oil shale have been used as a fuel since prehistoric times and small deposits of crude oil Hill Valley Basin between the T'nakh and Shabaab rivers in the central region of the country were discovered and industrially exploited in the 1890s and 1900s. However, the exploitation of oil and gas resources has only developed as a major industry in Bankampar since the early 1960s, and accelerating from the early 1970s onwards when offshore oils fields began to be tapped. The oil and gas industry now generates roughly one tenth of Bankampar's GDP and nearly one quarter of exports.




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