Bashan War

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The Bashan Offensive
Gallambrian Light Horse and Royal Horse Artillery going into action in Bani Nasir.jpg
Painting of troops of the Gallambrian Light Horse and the Royal Horse Artillery go into action against the Junud Bani Nasir in the hills outside of Al-Ghaydah, Bani Nasir, near present day Gath Rimmon.(Simpson, 1923)
Date3 May 1908 - 12 September 1908
Result Gallambrian Victory
Trucial States established
Commanders and leaders
  • Gallambria King George I
  • Gallambria Capt. Jantje Beit
  • Gallambria Cdr. Peter Callaghan
  • Gallambria Cdr. John Atkinson
  • Gallambria Maj. Gen. Henry Fisher
  • Bashan Protectorate#Mahoza Miron Barak  Executed
  • Bashan Protectorate#Shomron Jukka Livshin  Surrendered
  • Bashan Protectorate#Yehuda Gabor Spiro  Surrendered
  • Bashan Protectorate#Be'er Arba' Naseem el-Khalid  
  • Bashan Protectorate#Bani Nasir Rajab al-Salloum  
Units involved
  • Yehudim Militia
  • Jaysh Qubilat A-ldalim
  • Junud Bani Nasir
approx. 5,500 approx. 17,000
Casualties and losses
  • Killed: 1638
  • Wounded: 2,240
  • Killed: 4,500 approx.
  • Wounded: Est. 8,000
  • Captured: 4,600

The Bashan Offensive was a military operation from 3 May to 12 September 1908, by His Majesty's Gallambrian Armed Forces in response to the Aroer Massacre, where members of the Mahozite Shomrim killed 190 officers and sailors of the HMGS King George I.[1] A ceasefire was declared on 12 September 1908, after the remaining forces of the Yehudim Militia surrendered following the capitulation of the Siege of En Gannim, with hostilities officially ending after the signing of the Treaty of Mahanaim on 14 September.

Events preceding hostilities

Aroer Massacre

Gallambrian Reprisal

Commencement of hostilities

Attack on Aroer

Capitulation and Surrender


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