Boston, Panamor

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Boston, Panamor
City of Boston
Boston skyline
Panamor State Capitol
Art Museum of the West
Boston Riverfront
Panamor Supreme Court
From the top to right: Boston skyline; Panamor State Capitol, Art Museum of the West; Downtown Boston; Tower Bridge and the Boston Riverfront; Panamor Supreme Court.
Latin: Urbs Indomita
(English: "Indomitable City")
State Panamor
IncorporatedFebruary 27, 1750
 • TypeCity Council
 • BodyBoston City Council
 • MayorElroy Merchant (P)
 • City Council
 • City100.11 sq mi (259.3 km2)
 • Land97.92 sq mi (253.6 km2)
 • Water2.18 sq mi (5.6 km2)  2.19%
30 ft (9 m)
 • City466,488
 • Estimate 
 • Rank1st in Boston County
2nd in Panamor
 • Density4,700/sq mi (1,800/km2)
 • Urban
 • Metro
 • CSA
Time zoneUTC−8 (WST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC−7 (WDT)

Boston is the capital city of the Ibican state of Panamor and the seat and largest city of Boston County. Located along the Boston River, Boston's estimated 2018 population of 501,334 makes it the second-largest city in Panamor. Boston is the seat of the Panamor Legislature and the Governor of Panamor, making it the state's political center and a hub for lobbying and think tanks.

Boston is the fastest-growing major city in Panamor, owing to its status as a notable financial center in the west and as a major educational hub, home of Panamor State University at Boston and the University of Panamor. Similarly, Boston is a major center for the Panamor healthcare industry, and notable tourist destination in Panamor, as the site of the Art Museum of the West, the Panamor State Railroad Museum, and the Panamor State Capitol. Boston Harold International Airport, located northwest of the city, is the city's major airport.


According to the Ibican Census Bureau, the city covers 100.1 square miles (259 km2), 97.81% of it land, and 2.19% of it water.

Depth to groundwater is typically about 30 feet (9 m). Much of the land to the south of the city is permanently reserved for a vast flood control basin, due to the city's historical vulnerability to floods. As a result, the contiguous urban area sprawls only four miles (6 km) south of downtown but 30 miles (48 km) north and east, and 10 miles (16 km) to the west.


Boston has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate (Köppen Csa), characterized by very hot, dry summers and mild to cool winters with occasional rainfall. The wet season is generally October through April, though there may be a day or two of light rainfall in June or September. The normal annual mean temperature is 61.0 °F (16.1 °C), with the monthly daily average temperature ranging from 46.4 °F (8.0 °C) in December to 75.5 °F (24.2 °C) in July.

The Boston River is popular for kayaking and recreational boating.

The foggiest months are December and January. Tule fog can be extremely dense, lowering visibility to less than 100 feet (30 m) and making driving conditions extremely hazardous. Chilling tule fog events have been known to last for several consecutive days or weeks. During Tule fog events, temperatures do not exceed 50 °F (10 °C).


The Boston Federal Courthouse is home to the Ibican District Court for the Northern District of Panamor.

The Boston metropolitan area is the second largest in Panamor after Franklin. The Port of Boston has been plagued with operating losses in recent years and faces bankruptcy. This severe loss in business is due to the heavy competition from the Port of Carter and the United Western Railroad, with it becoming cheaper to haul goods in from the shore on trains rather than use inland ports.

Top employers

As of 2019, the top employers in the County of Boston were:

# Employer Employees
1 State of Panamor 69,763
2 Boston County 11,450
3 UP Health 7,725
4 Universal Healthcare 7,069
5 IT&T 6,633


The Boston Pavillion is home of the Boston Raptors of the National Basketball League (NBL).

Boston is home to three major league sports teams – the Boston Raptors of the National Basketball League. Boston Republic FC began play in April 2014 at Hughes Stadium before a sellout crowd of 20,231. Republic FC won the ILS championship in their first season. The Boston Brewers, part of the Ibican Baseball Association, play at Universal Healthcare Park.

Parks and recreation

Boston boasts an extensive park system consisting of over 5,000 acres (2,023 ha) of parkland and recreation centers. The city features a collection of smaller parks in the Downtown districts. Popular parks outside the central core include Boston River Parkway which spans 23 miles along the Boston River.


The Pamamor Governor's Mansion houses Alejandro Padilla, current Governor of Panamor.
Boston City Hall.

The Government of Boston operates as a charter city (as opposed to a general law city) under the Charter of the City of Boston. The elected government is composed of the Boston City Council with 8 city council districts and the Mayor of Boston, which operate under a mayor-council government In addition, there are numerous departments and appointed officers such as the City Manager, Boston Police Department (BPD), the Boston Fire Department (BFD), City Clerk, City Attorney, and City Treasurer. The City of Boston is part of Boston County, for which the government of Boston County is defined and authorized under the Panamor State Constitution and the Charter of the County of Boston.

As the capital city of Panamor, Boston is home to the Government of Panamor, as the seat of the Governor of Panamor, the Panamor Assembly, and the home of the Panamor Supreme Court, as well as the numerous Panamor state agencies.

State and Federal representation

In the Panamor State Senate, Boston is the heart of the 6th district, represented by Progressive Kyla Abrahamson.

In the Ibican House of Representatives, Boston forms the majority of the 6th Congressional District.


Higher education

The Boston area hosts a wide variety of higher educational opportunities. There are two major public universities, many private institutions, community colleges, and vocational schools.

Boston is home to Panamor State University at Boston, founded as Boston State College in 1947. In 2004, enrollment was 22,555 undergraduates and 5,417 graduate students in the university's eight colleges. The university's mascot is the hornet, and the school colors are green and gold. The 300 acres (1.2 km2) campus is along the Boston River Parkway a few miles east of downtown.

The University of Panamor has its flagship campus in Boston, and has a graduate center in downtown.

Primary and secondary education

The Boston Public Library system has 28 branches in the greater area. The Boston area is served by various public school districts, including the Boston Unified School District. As of 2009, the area's schools employed 9,600 elementary school teachers (not including special education teachers), and 7,410 middle school teachers (not including special education or vocational teachers).


Roads and highways

Boston is a control city and the region is served by several highways and freeways. Interstate 5 (I-5) runs through Boston, heads north up to Cuyoga, Calahan, and then heads south to Dawson, Panamor. Ibican Route 27 also runs North/South through Boston, conjoined with Interstate 5 through the city, but splits off to go south towards Franklin. Ibican Route 127 spurs off of 27 to follow Interstate 5 to Dawson. Ibican Route 2 crosses the city east to west, leading towards Rhone and Willmington in the east, and the Madej Desert in the west.

Rail service

RailIbica's Boston Rail Station.

West Ibica Regional Railroad provides passenger rail service to the city of Boston. The Boston Rail Station is on the corner of 5th and I streets near the historic Old Town Boston and underwent extensive renovations in 2007. The station serves as a Boston Regional Transit District Light Rail terminus.

Boston is a stop along WIRR's Parklander and Bostonian lines.


Boston Harold International Airport is a public airport 10 miles (16 kilometers) northwest of downtown Boston. It is run by Boston County. Western Airlines currently accounts for half the airline passengers.

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