Breuvi Shjoraski

His Excellency

Breuvi Shjoraski
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Official portrait, 2014
President of the Christian Republic of Luziyca
In office
January 20, 2012 – January 20, 2016
Vice PresidentNikolai Serhoskav
Preceded byPrevayu Brouvayeshki
Succeeded byTerezika Pivec
ConstituencyDanzig-West (1996-2012)
Representative for Danzig-West
In office
November 12, 1995 – January 20, 2012
Preceded byRaya Budanova
Succeeded byPeter Listratov
Personal details
BornJuly 13, 1954 (age 66)
Danzig, Danzig, Luziyca
Political partyNational Luziycan Party (1985-1991)
Whig Party (1991-present)
Spouse(s)Caroline Shjoraski (nee Kanevsky), (b. 1968, m. 1988-)
ChildrenElizabeth Shjoraski (b. July 15, 1990)
Sobeck Shjoraski (b. May 12th, 1991)
Alma materSt. Anthony's Academy
OccupationPolitician, lawyer

Breuvi Shjoraski (/bɹuvi ʃɔɹɑski/) is the 29th President of Luziyca, who was elected on November 15th, 2011, with 67.6% of the vote (from the candidates of Arnold Khosedov, who took 21.4%, Terezika Pivec who took 7.2% of the vote, and Vonora Khendalor at 3.8%), and took office on January 1, 2012 as the 29th President. On November 10, 2015, he was voted out, losing to Terezika Pivec. He was born on July 13th, 1954 in Danzig, and studied at the Huswa Varanken University to become a lawyer. He joined the Whig Party in 1992, and was elected Representative for Danzig East on November 12th, 1996.


Breuvi Shjoraski was born in the city of Danzig on July 13th, 1954, as the only son of Karen Shjoraski (nee Tomas, b. May 19, 1927, d. Sept. 1, 2012), and Alexander Shjoraski (b. July 15, 1913, d. March 17, 2003), who had two sisters, Mary Shjoraski (b. March 13, 1951) and Katrina Shjoraski (b. Oct. 19, 1958). He attended the Saint Luther's Primary School, and graduated in June 1967, and then attended the Isaac Ichabod Secondary School, where he graduated in 1971. He got the highest marks and was given a scholarship and immediately wanted to become a lawyer. He passed his bar exam on March 22nd, 1975, and served as a public defender until 1985.

Political Career

In 1985, Breuvi Shjoraski began running for Danzig East, initially as a National Luziycan Party candidate.

However, in 1992, he switched to the Whig, but lost to the Liberal Party candidate, Raya Budanova. In 1996, he ran for the Whigs again, claiming that the term when Raya Budanova in power saw an increase of crime in Danzig and was soft on crime made him win the election, and became a Representative. He won the 2000, 2004 and 2008 elections.

In March 2011, he threw his hat into the ring and ran in the Whig Party primaries, winning the primaries of every state, territory and constituent republic, except Pustinia, Upper York, Alto Luziyca, and Inleda. Thus, on Nov. 15th, 2011, he won the election and was sworn in on Jan. 20, 2012 at 12:00 pm, Bethlehem time (11:00 am Jerusalem Time, 10:00 am Gijirokastra Time).


His presidency oversaw a growth in the Luziycan economy, and the establishment of detente with Namor in 2013. (TBC)

On May 7, 2015, to combat the rise of The Caliphate, Shjoraski announced the "Shjoraski doctrine" to provide support to countries battling insurgencies, with active assistance to the governments of countries battling the Caliphate and with the intention of containing it to Irvadistan.