Catholic Democratic Alliance (Latium)

Catholic Democratic Alliance

Catholic Democraticis Alianta
LeaderJohn Florianus
FounderAntonius Panaeti
FoundedMarch 11, 2001 (2001-03-11)
Merger ofCatholic Voters Party and Unionist Alliance
Headquarters14 Via Aurelia, Castellum, Latium
Christian Democracy
Social Conservatism
Fiscal Conservatism
Colors     Blue-Green
1 / 794
Castellum Assembly
0 / 50
Imbrosian Assembly
0 / 90
Local governments
242 / 23,565

The Conservative Catholic Alliance (Latin: Catholic Democraticis Alianta) also know as the Alliance, is a minor political party in Latium, based on seats held in the Senate and party membership. The party was founded in 2001, following the merger of the Catholic Voters Party and the Unionist Alliance due to declining membership of both parties and a move by the Conservatives to encompass a wider spectrum of voters. Prior to the merger, both the Catholic Voters and Unionist Alliance were minor members of government on one occasion each, forming a coalition government with the Conservatives in 1960 and 1990 respectively. The party platform focuses heavily on christian democracy, though in practice has sought stricter usage of and implementation of further morality laws. However, at its formation Latin unionism was a key tenant of party platform, it has since been rarely discussed and is an idea held by only a minority of members. Currently the Alliance holds 1 seats in the Senate and its leader is John Florianus.


Ideology and Policies

Economic Policy

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