Chyhyryn War

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Chyhyryn War
Part of Great War
(clockwise from top left) Vinalian cavalry in 1929. Remains of the Velkarichka Library following Ardesian shelling. Vinalian soldiers around Casimirsk in 1930. Ardesian soldiers storming houses during the Battle of Catherinsk.
Date19 July 1925 - 3 August 1930 (5 years, 2 weeks and 1 day)

Ardesian victory
-Treaty of Velkarichka signed
-Vinalian lands south of the Chyhyryn annexed into Ardesia

-Return to pre-war borders after Ardesian defeat in the Great War

ArdesianState flag.png Ardesia
Supported by


FirstRepofVinFlag.png Vinalia
Supported by
Grand Alliance Soravia

Aucuria Aucurian Republic
Commanders and leaders
ArdesianState flag.png Dinis Montecara
ArdesianState flag.png Alberte Goulart
ArdesianState flag.png Martim Gouveia
ArdesianState flag.png Dinis Luz
FirstRepofVinFlag.png Dymtro Antonov
FirstRepofVinFlag.png Mykhaylo Baibuza
FirstRepofVinFlag.png Eric Hodza

ArdesianState flag.png Ardesia
426,000-540,000 (Summer 1925)

735,000 (1930)

FirstRepofVinFlag.png Vinalia
250,000 (1925)

550,000 (1930)
Casualties and losses

ArdesianState flag.png Ardesia
113,000 dead (from battle or disease)
352,000 wounded

36,274 missing

FirstRepofVinFlag.png Vinalia
120,000 dead
250,000-370,000 casualties
140,000 dead. 273,000 casualties 1930 Official Report
130,826 dead. 293,000 casualties Melynk

193,390 dead. 353,000 casualties Ivanov
98,019 killed overall
≥900,000 internally displaced & ~1,740,000 refugees

The Chyhyryn War, known in Vinalia as the War of Humiliation (Soravian: Війна приниження; Viyna Prynyzhennya) took place between Ardesia and Vinalia from 19 July 1925 to 3 August 1930. Beginning as a local conflict between Ardesia and Vinalia it became part of the Great War after 1927. Internal instability and acceptable terms led to Vinalia signing the Treaty of Velkarichka and ending the war in 1930. The unpopular peace would later lead to the First Vinalian Civil War within 4 months of the wars end.



Ardesian Invasion (1925-1926)

Chyhyryn WarMap.png

Stalemate and Vinalian Counter attack (1926-1930)

Treaty of Velkarichka