IndustryElectric power and natural gas

Coperatìva Montecarà de eletrìçita e gas, operating under the trade name Comega, is the utility cooperative providing natural gas and electricity in Montecara. It is a consumer cooperative owned and managed by its customers under a charter granted by the Montecaran state.

Structure and governance

As a cooperative, Comega is owned by its customers and governed democratically. It is not, importantly, a state-owned enterprise, nor is it a legal monopoly; private entities as well as the state are allowed under the law to generate their own power and indeed to sell it to Comega under a net metering scheme approved in 2006. It applies the cooperative principles in its operation, which is based on a charter granted to it by law in 1925 and which took effect January 1926. Operating surpluses and profits are not paid out as dividends; instead, members decide how best to use them in an annual vote. In the past, members have chosen to invest in modernizing transmission technology, expand the use of wind and solar, and create a subsidy fund for low-income members.


Comega operates in the generation, transmission, distribution, and sale sectors of the energy industry.

The most important fuel for electricity generation is oil, followed by natural gas. Coal was eliminated as a generator fuel by 2003.

Comega's plants are theoretically capable of generating 42,004,200 megawatt-hours of electricity per year when operating at 100% of capacity with no downtime. Montecara's actual electricity demand is approximately 14,350,000 megawatt-hours per year.

Name Image Capacity (MW) Commissioned Type
Saonèla I
Black Point Power Station 1.jpg
1875 1970 Oil
Saonèla II
Black Point Power Station 1.jpg
1500 1993 Natural gas
Central Termica Badalona.jpg
1050 1982 Oil
Siròco Nòvo
Block Island offshore wind farm P6290638m.jpg
315 2013 Offshore wind
ISK Knapsack EBS 2008.jpg
55 1999 Waste-to-energy