Conservative and Progressive Republican Party (Gaullica)

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Parti Républicain Conservateur-Progressiste
LeaderCoralie Barreau and Zacharie Blanchard
FounderCoralie Barreau and Zacharie Blanchard
Founded10 July, 2019
NewspaperUn Conservateur Moderne
Membership (2020)Increase 121,912
IdeologyLiberal conservativism
Political positionCentre to Centre-Right
Euclean affiliationEuclean Liberal Party
Colours  Orange
Première Chambre
103 / 631
Deuxième Chambre
12 / 69
Euclean Parliament
0 / 193

The Conservative and Progressive Republican Party (Gaullican: Parti Républicain Conservateur-Progressiste, PRCP), often called the Republicans or the Progressive Conservatives, is a centre to centre-right political party in Gaullica. Following the special legislative election of 2019 the newly formed PRCP became the second largest party in the First Chamber of the Senate with 103 seats.

The party was formed as a splinter group from the Gaullican Conservatives following an internal exodus in response to the sacking of Coralie Barreau from the position of Foreign Minister.