Constitution of Lemovicia, 1979

The Constitution of Lemovicia, 1979, commonly referred to as the Constitution of Lemovicia (Lemovician: Менділурарен констітузіоа, Mendilurraren konstituzioa, Miersan: Konstytucja Łemowiczy), was the foundational legal document of Lemovicia from its independence from Narozalica in November 1979 until the promulgation of the 1992 constitution following the end of the Lemovician Civil War.



We, the Lemovician nation, having long been oppressed by foreign yoke for centuries, under a Miersan and Narozalic form,
Having witnessed the invasion of our holy land of Lemovicia by these foreigners to exploit our God-given resources for their benefit,
Having experienced policies designed to benefit the Miersan, the Narodyn, and their ilk,
And having experienced destruction of our traditional values and culture by the foreign yoke, while they continue to promote their own culture and values in their lands,
Now facing a brutal war which necessitates us declaring our sovereign independence from Narozalica alongside our brethren in Zalykia, Vedmedia, Minilov, Velzemia, and elsewhere, to protect our own future,
We solemnly declare the establishment of the State of Lemovicia, under the guiding force of the National Syndicalist Union, to create a state for and by the indigenous Lemovicians

Chapter 1: National symbols

Article 1: Flag

  • §1 The national flag of the State of Lemovicia shall be comprised of a pattern based off the coat of arms, situated on a 1:2 ratio, with an argent field, upon which shall contain a:
    • §1a dark vert stripes descending sinister, and
    • §1b sable stripes descending dexter
  • §2 The flag shall be used on all institutions associated with the national government

Article 2: Coat of arms

Article 3: National anthem

Article 4: Capital city

Chapter 2: Rights and duties

Article 1: Citizenship

  • §1 A citizen of the State of Lemovicia shall be defined as any member of the Lemovician nation, who lives in the State of Lemovicia, and their descendants
  • §2 Defines a member of the Lemovician nation as having Lemovician blood on the paternal side

Article 2: Duties

  • §1 All Lemovician men have the duty to serve in the armed forces to defend the Lemovician motherland from any threat, inside and out
  • §2 All Lemovicians have an obligation to start families to promote the growth of the Lemovician nation, so the Lemovician nation shall once again be a majority in their own land
  • §3 All Lemovicians have an obligation to de-Narozalicize their names and identities, so that the Lemovician nation can express itself freely
  • §4 All Lemovician children have an obligation to attend school, and to learn the curriculum as is
  • §5 All Lemovicians are obligated to obey the policies and dictates of the governing National Syndicalist Union, so to build a stronger Lemovicia
  • §6 All foreigners who settled the Lemovician motherland while it was under foreign occupation have an obligation to return to the homeland, or assimilate into the Lemovician nation

Article 3: Language

  • §1 The sole official language of the Lemovician nation shall be the Lemovician language
  • §2 Requires all official institutions, including schools, to use the Lemovician language, as opposed to languages associated with the foreign yoke

Article 4: Rights

  • §1 All Lemovicians have the right to express their opinions, provided that it does not conflict with the societal mores as expressed by the National Syndicalist Union
  • §2 All Lemovicians have the right to receive a free and fair trial, to not be treated cruelly, and to be presumed innocent until proven guilty
  • §3 All Lemovicians have the right to life
  • §4 All Lemovicians have the right to run for office, and be voted in, provided they are 21 years or older, and have never been convicted of any crime
  • §5 All Lemovicians have the right to own property

Chapter 3: Governance

Article 1: Executive

Article 2: Legislature

  • §1 The legislative branch of the State of Lemovicia shall be the National Assembly
  • §2 It shall comprise of 110 seats
  • §3 The National Assembly shall be empowered to propose legislation affecting all of Lemovicia and its associated institutions, including itself, provided it does not conflict with this constitution
  • §4 The President shall be elected every five years by all Lemovician citizens, concurrently with Presidential elections

Article 3: Judiciary

Article 4: Administrative divisions

Article 5: Powers

  • §1 The national government shall have any and all powers unless they decide to delegate them to the provinces
  • §2 The municipalities shall have any powers delegated to them by the provinces

Chapter 4: Amendments and limitations

Article 1: Amendments

Article 2: State of emergency

  • §1 This constitution may be suspended in the event that the State of Lemovicia faces an existential crisis by the National Assembly
  • §2 During a state of emergency, martial law may be imposed, and all elections are to be suspended until the state of emergency is lifted

Chapter 5: Technical details

Article 1: Language

Article 2: Citation

  • §1 This document shall be cited as Constitution of Lemovicia