David Duhamel Company

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David Duhamel Company
The Duhamel–DuFoy & Devaney Company
The Duhamel–DuFoy Company
Traded as
IndustryMass media
FoundedNovember 7, 1926; 96 years ago (1926-11-07)
FounderDavid Duhamel
HeadquartersDavid Duhamel Studios, ,
Area served
Key people
ProductsFilms, music, video games, amusement parks
ServicesTelevision, publishing, streaming, broadcasting, radio

The David Duhamel Company, known more commonly as David Duhamel, the Duhamel Company or as simply Duhamel, is an Estmerish multinational entertainment multi-media conglomerate headquartered in Solange, part of the Evreux conurbation in Evre. It operates regional headquarters in Liberty City and Keisi. It is the world's second largest media conglomerate in terms of revenue.

The Duhamel company was founded by David Duhamel in late 1926, at the insistence of his long-term creative partner Hugh Devaney. Devaney believed that Duhamel's talent was wasted on freelance projects. Duhamel had been an amateur cartoonist, and was funded in his endeavour to create an independent animation studio by his wife Julia DuFoy–Duhamel and her extended family, which was part of the Flurian gentry. The Duhamel Company eventually diversified from animation into live-action films, television, and amusement parks. In spite of this, animation remains a staple of the Duhamel brand.

The company has become a prominent entertainment company worldwide, but particularly in the Estmerish-speaking world. As part of increasing diversification, Duhamel began acquiring a number of corporate divisions from the 1980s onward with the aim of marketing to maturer audiences who saw the company as a solely-family brand. David Duhamel Motion Pictures and David Duhamel Studios are well-known divisions, and Duhamel operates a number of subsidaries including the NSE Network, the Gallant Comics Company, 2070 Animations and Historical Entertainment. The company also operates a number of amusement parks under the Duhamelia Parks Division, with parks located in Solange, Rayenne, Keisi, Rimso, Liberty City and Los Santos, and the direct-to-consumer streaming service Duhamel on Demand. The cartoon character Robbie Rabbit is considered a staple of the company's intellectual property, and features as a prominent mascot for Duhamel. The Duhamel family has remained prominent in the company since it's foundation.

Duhamel is traded on the Morwall Stock Exchange under DUH and on the Keisi Stock Exchange under DDC. The company has been listed on the ERSE 25, ERSE 100 and ERSE 500, share indices of the top companies listed on the MSE with the highest market capitalisation, since the lists were created in 1988. Duhamel is a major employer in Solange, and many Duhamel products are seen as Estmerish cultural exports.


1926–1928: Foundation and early years

1928–1935: Wartime animations

1935–1969: Post-war growth

1969–1981: Lost decade

1981–1992: The Duhamel Rinnovosi

1992–present: Cultural giant and media monopoly



The position of company president has been held by a member of the Duhamel family since the company's foundation, and represents the interests of the family.

Chief executive officers (CEO)



Gallant, a subsidiary of Duhamel.
NSE Network, a subsidiary of Duhamel.
Enigma, a subsidiary of Duhamel.

Duhamel owns a number of subsidiary companies, through which it has an outsized influence on the multimedia entertainment industry, outside of the company's traditional domain of animation and film. Duhamel's subsidiaries expand the company's reach to video games, sports entertainment, comic books and music publishing, while also allowing Duhamel to produce animations and films outside of its traditional family-friendly scope.


Intellectual property

Amusement parks


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