Delland (1919)

Republic of Delland

Republyk Dellân (Dellish)
Flag of Delland
of Delland
Coat of arms
Motto: Einlings frij
Anthem: Liet fan 'e Republyk Dellân
  Territory controlled by Delland   Territory claimed by Delland
  Territory controlled by Delland   Territory claimed by Delland
Common languagesDellish
• 1919-1920
Siemen Hartmann
• Declaration of Dellish Independence
• 1920 Constitution of Alsland
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Succeeded by
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Delland (Dellish: Dellân), officially the Republic of Delland (Republyk Dellân) was a sovereign state located in Eastern Euclea between 1919 and 1920. The country is located within the modern day borders of Alsland and was the direct predecessor of the country. The country covered an area of 46,789 square kilometres although it claimed an area much larger than this due to it's geographic proximity.

The Republic was declared on 31 October 1919 following the Wottested Declaration when prominent Dellish nationalists announced the creation of a Dellish Republic separate from Kirenia. The country was unrecognised for most of it's history and was seen as a warlord state during the Bloody days. Almost immediately after the Wottested declaration, Kirenian soldiers and Dellish militia's began fighting. Most of these skirmishes and battles were Kirenian victories although the city of Wottested and it's surrounding area were well defended due to their mountainous geography.

In 1920 following the overthrow of the Monarchy in Kirenia and the 'Supplementary Declaration', prominent Dellish nationalists including the country's President, Siemen Hartmann, met with prominent Councilists and the Levandi-Hartmann agreement was signed establishing the independence of Delland along it's modern-day borders and Dellish recognition of the Councilist government. Delland, later Alsland, became one of the first countries in Eastern Euclea to recognise the new government.

Following the end of the war, a new constitution was drafted that allowed for equal representation of all communities in the new country. The Republic of Delland was succeeded officially by Alsland following the signing of the new constitution in November 1920 and the Republic was formally disestablished.