Demitorian National Army

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Military of Demitor
Demitorian Defense Forces
Military Standard of Demitor.
Motto"For the Committee, for the State!"
FoundedOctober 25th, 2018
Service branchesArmy, Navy, Air Force
HeadquartersDefense Headquarters, Regins Air Force Base
Air arm flying hours38,000
Secretary of the Demitorian National PartyMichael Willis
Chairman of the Demitorian National Military CommissionJared Kengis
Representative for Military Affairs, Demitorian State CommitteeRyan Heights
Representative for Military Affairs, Demitorian Reich PoliceJordan Renolds
Military age16 - 50
ConscriptionYes, 16, five years service required.
Available for
military service
14,490,000, age 16 - 30 (1,450,000)
Fit for
military service
4,500,000, age 16 - 30 (1,450,000)
Reaching military
age annually
420,670 (1,450,000)
Active personnel390,000
Reserve personnel218,000
Deployed personnel8,000
Percent of GDP3%
Domestic suppliersDemitorian Reich War Complex