Deuxième Chambre

The Deuxième Chambre(literally Second Chamber) is a legislative body that represents the seven states of Gaullica, in addition to her overseas territories. It takes assembly in the former Noble Court in Verlois.

It participates in legislation, alongside the Première Chambre, with laws affecting state competences and all constitutional changes requiring the consent of the body. Because of this, it is sometimes correlated to serving as an upper house.

Composed of seven state delegations and two observing 'overseas representatives', the Deuxième Chambre is literally a reflection of the state governments and their composition, including coalitions. The largest delegation arrives from Tomont, that with the largest population, whilst the smallest comes from Gordeau, that with the smallest population. The overseas territories are technically casting their votes with that of the Ile de Fleur, but the overseas represenatives are still present and elected from their respective territories, Nouveau Anglet and the Îles Malouines.

Tomont - 23,544,072 - 21% - 11 votes.
Assonaire - 17,893,494 - 19% - 10 votes.
Beillairue - 14,126,443 - 15% - 7 votes.
Plagnolles - 13,184,680 - 14% - 7 votes.
Vercingot - 12,242,917 - 13% - 6 votes.
Ile de Fleur - 10,359,391 - 11% - 6 votes.
Gordeau - 6,592,340 - 7% - 4 votes.

51 Votes in Total. 51 voting delegates from across the states. 2 non-voting delegates representing the non-incorporated territories of Nouveau Anglet and Îles Malouines