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Flag of the Dreibund
Dreibund member states
FormationSeptember 8, 1910; 109 years ago (1910-09-08)
TypeMilitary alliance
Official language
General Secretary
Chairman of the Dreibund Security Commitee
General Karl Haiden, Mascyllary Army
Supreme Commander
Expenses (2019)US$X

The Dreibund (lit. Alliance of Three; Hesurian: Dreibund; Lavish: Aliança dos Três), also known as the East-West Alliance or East-West Axis for its geographical distribution (Hesurian: Ost-West-Bund; Ost-West-Achse, Lavish: Aliança Leste-Oeste; Eixo Leste-Oeste) is an intergovernmental military alliance of the three states of Krumlau, Lavaria and Mascylla. It was founded on 8 September 1910 as one of the main coalitions that fought the Continental War (1910–16), emerging as its main victor and implementing its demands with the Treaty of Lehpold in 1917. Since, it has engaged in multiple military actions, international and global affairs, and maintained dialogue programs to ensure the national security of its members. It is the oldest continuously active political alliance.

Though the number of member states hasn't changed since its founding, numerous countries are recognized by the Dreibund to be aspiring members, including X. Its three members use the alliance not solely for defense purposes, but also as a medium for international diplomacy, joint military actions and training exercises, and as an enforcing body for the resolutions of the Assembly of Nations Security Council, in which all three members maintain a permanent seat.

Member states

The Dreibund consists of the Federation of Krumlau, the Kingdom of Lavaria and the Crowned Republic of Mascylla. The popular name "East-West Alliance" is derived from the location of these countries; two of those, Krumlau and Mascylla, located east in Iraia, while Lavaria is at the western coast. All three states are permanent members of the Assembly of Nations Security Council and have developed nuclear weapons capabilities. However two the three are not the original members, as they have been succeeded by new political entities replacing the membership of the previous one: the Cathartic Empire of Cornicae, succeeded by Lavaria, and the Mascyllary Kingdom, which was shortly replaced by the May Republic, then succeeded by Mascylla.