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Estmerish Broadcasting Service
Statutory corporation
IndustryMass media
Public broadcasting
FoundedMarch 18, 1925; 99 years ago (1925-03-18) in Morwall, Estmere
HeadquartersEBS Tower, ,
Area served
Template:Country data Estmere (broadcasting)
Worldwide (overspill, online content and EBS Worldwide)
Key people
Barbara Sutton (Chair)
Jeff Daniels (Director)
Ed Frodesunu (VP Swathish Broadcasting)
Éve Murray-Donnel (VP Flurian Broadcasting)
ServicesTelevision, radio, online
OwnerGovernment of Estmere
DivisionsEBS Television
EBS Studios
EBS News
EBS Online
EBS Radio
EBS Sports
EBS Weather
EBS Svạþiṡc
EBS Fleuvais
EBS Worldwide

The Estmerish Broadcasting Service (EBS) is the national public broadcaster of Estmere. Its headquarters is EBS Tower, commonly known as the Needle, an iconic landmark in the Redwoods area of central Morwall. Founded in 1925, EBS is one of the oldest continuously operating broadcasters in the world. It also one of the largest broadcasters by number of employees.

EBS was formed in 1927 as a result as a merger of three predecessors; the Estmerish Broadcasting Company, the Estmerish Post Office Radio and the Estmerish Imperial Broadcasting Corporation. It was established through a statute, and was given statutory powers to reinforce its independence. EBS was funded by a television license from its foundation until 1978, when the license was abolished and replaced by a government grant and revenue from limited advertising, in addition to private donations through pledge drives. EBS is led by an Executive Board appointed largely by the Government of Estmere through the Department of Culture, Sport and Media, with oversight from the Office of Broadcasting Standards. The Board is currently Chaired by Barbara Sutton, while Jeff Daniels is the current Director. It is a founding member of the Euclean Broadcasters Group.

EBS is responsible for broadcasting in Estmere, and this extends to radio, television and online service. EBS operates eight national free-to-air television channels, and produces its own content, most notably EBS News, in addition to unique programmes produced by EBS Studios. EBS maintains a sizable online presence, including ebs.es and the on demand streaming service EBS+.


EBS Tower is an iconic landmark in Morwall, and has been the headquarters of EBS since its completion in 1974. It was the tallest structure in the world until 2006.



Television channels

Channel Logo Content Availability
EBS One logo.png
EBS One is the primary channel of EBS, first founded in 1938. It is a generalist channel and broadcasts a variety of programming including news, entertainment, drama, comedy, documentaries, election debates and films. The majority of the content broadcast is produced in-house by EBS Studios, with only a few films and syndicated broadcasts being created elsewhere. It hosts the primary Estmerish language broadcast of major cultural events such as the Euclovision Song Contest and major sporting events such as the Invictus Games. Free to air,
cable and satellite
EBS Two logo.png
EBS Two was launched in 1966 as the second channel of EBS. It acts as an overflow channel for EBS One, producing content that was previously broadcast on EBS One that has been deemed not popular enough for EBS One. As a result, when a show is moved from EBS One to EBS Two, it is believed that said show is likely to be axed. EBS Two also broadcasts more traditional content whenever EBS One is broadcasting live events such as Euclovision or Invictus. Free to air,
cable and satellite
EBS Junior Launched in 1982 as a block of programming on EBS One, EBS Junior was launched as a bespoke channel in 2000. It is the children's television channel of EBS, and is split into two blocks aimed at babies and toddlers and older children, respectively. The first block is known as EBS Tots, and airs during school hours on weekdays, while the second block airs during weekends and after 15:00 on weekdays. Both blocks broadcast a variety of content including educational programming, cartoons and animation, game shows, child-focused news and live-action series. Free to air,
cable and satellite
EBS Extra EBS Extra was founded in 1990 as part of internal reforms within EBS to deal with the loss of the television licence and better compete with competitors NTV and Duhamel. It provides innovative programming and is funded by a wider number of advertisements and commercial activities than other EBS channels. It gained a reputation for broadcasting adult animation that was rarely broadcast on EBS One or Two, both importing foreign animation such as Senrian anime while also producing its own content. Alongside animation, EBS also broadcasts a variety of entertainment considered too mature or controversial for the mainstream channels. Free to air,
cable and satellite
EBS News Launched in 1995, EBS News is the 24-hour news channel of EBS. The channel broadcasts international, national and local news on loop, interspersed with with traditional news bulletins and in-house investigative journalism produced by EBS Studios. EBS News is also responsible for broadcasting Parliament, and simulcasts election debates. Free to air,
cable and satellite
EBS Sports EBS Sports is operated by the EBS Division of the same name, and was launched in 2009 to provide continuous coverage of sports while EBS One broadcasted other programming. EBS Sports covers a wide remit of sport and physical activity, including sports news, commentary, punditry and live coverage of sporting events. Sports covered include the popular football and rugby, in addition to less popular sports like zadany. It also provides Invictus Games broadcasting alongside EBS One. Free to air,
cable and satellite
EBS Svạþiṡc
(EBS Swathish)
EBS Svạþiṡc is the only EBS channel broadcast which exclusively uses the Swathish language, and is managed by the EBS division of the same name based in Tolbury. It is a legal requirement in Estmere for national broadcasters to provide some form of content in the national languages, and EBS Svạþiṡc fulfils this requirement for Swathish. The channel broadcasts a mix of content from other EBS channels dubbed in Swathish, in addition to a selection of unique content produced originally in Swathish. It hosts the Swathish language broadcast of the Euclovision Song Contest. Free to air,
cable and satellite
EBS Fleuvais
(EBS Flurian)
EBS Fleuvais is the sister channel to EBS Svạþiṡc, and the only EBS channel to broadcast exclusively in Flurian, fulfiling the legal requirement for EBS to provide some form of content in the national languages for Flurian. It is managed by the EBS division of the same name based in St Avelines. EBS Fleuvais broadcasts largely content from other EBS channels dubbed in Flurian, with some original Flurian language content, but a smaller selection than available on EBS Svạþiṡc. It hosts the Flurian language broadcast of the Euclovision Song Contest. Free to air,
cable and satellite
EBS Worldwide EBS Worldwide is the international service of EBS, launching in 1996 as the television equivalent to the older radio service. It is managed by the division of the same name, and as part of this partnership it inherits the legacy of EIBC. Worldwide broadcasts across every continent of the world, catered largely toward Estmerish speakers in the former Estmerish Empire. Programming on EBS Worldwide is centred around news updates from local stations and the Estmerish-speaking world, in addition to light entertainment content. Cable and satellite

Radio channels

Online provision

Visual identity and slogans



EBS has used a number of slogans for its television broadcasting:

  • 1961: "Lights, Camera, EBS"
  • 1970: "The nation's home"
  • 1973: "Bringing the nation together"
  • 1975: "Fifty years of EBS, fifty years of trusted broadcasting"
  • 1978–1981: "New and improved, but always EBS"
  • 1981–1986: "This is EBS"
  • 1986–1993: "Trust us, this is EBS"
  • 1993–2003: "It's your service"
  • 2000: "New millenium; same EBS"
  • 2003–2006: "Your service"
  • 2006–2008: "EBS starts with you"
  • 2008–2010: "Here with you"
  • 2010–2018: "EBS: it's your service"
  • 2018–2020: "TV you can trust"
  • 2020–present: "Your service, your EBS"