Elbresian Ground Forces

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Elbresian Ground Forces
Active3 November 1826 (1826-11-03)
(195 years, 8 months ago)
AllegianceGovernment of Quetana, President of Elbresia
Size320,000 Regular Army personnel
President of ElbresiaGilles Martin

The Elbresian Ground Forces is the principal land warfare force of Elbresia, a part of the Elbresian Armed Forces and consists of 320,000 enlisted personnel, 30,000 of whom are reserve. The branch participates in conflicts worldwide and is the major ground-based offensive and defensive force of Elbresia, and also serves as a contingent of the Coalition of Crown Albatross's peacekeeping operations. It also operates as a central organ of the ANS military agreements, and is largely supplied and trained by the Zamastanian military.




Commissioned officers

Enlisted personnel



Small arms

Most of Elbresia's military equipment is supplied or manufactured in conjunction with Zamastan, Quetana, and Constantio, largely through modernization and mutual defense agreements. The army employs various individual weapons to provide light firepower at short ranges. The most common weapon type used by the army is the Z4A7 carbine rifle. The primary sidearm in the Army is the 9 mm Z9 pistol. Soldiers are also equipped with various hand grenades, such as the Z67 fragmentation grenade and Z18 smoke grenade.

Model Image Caliber Type Origin!
Z9 M9-pistolet.jpg 9 x 19mm Pistol  Zamastan
Z11 SIG-P228-p1030033.jpg 9 x 19mm Pistol  Quetana
ZP25 SIGSAUER MK25 AND SUREFIREX300ULTRA.jpg 9 x 19mm Pistol  Quetana
Submachine guns
Q779 APC Police Carbine APC Parabellum 9x19 calibre Switzerland Swiss defence industrry military technology 001.jpg 9 x 19mm Submachine gun  Quetana
Q211 MPX SIG SAUR MPX.jpg 9 x 19mm NATO Submachine gun  Quetana
Small caliber rifles/carbine
Z4A7 PEO M4 Carbine RAS M68 CCO.jpg 5.56×45mm Carbine  Zamastan
Z5 10 Mod 0 / Z5 11 Mod 0 FN SCAR-L - FN SCAR-H.jpg 5.56×45mm
Assault rifle/Battle rifle  Zamastan
Z5-410 HK416.jpg 5.56×45mm Assault rifle  Zamastan
C-1055 Benelli m4 2.jpg 12-gauge Semi-automatic shotgun  Zamastan
C26 MASS PEO M26 MASS Stand-alone.jpg 12-gauge Modular accessory shotgun system  Quetana
Machine guns
Z556 M249 Automatic Rifle.jpg 5.56×45mm Light machine gun  Zamastan
DMRs and sniper rifles
Z5 14 EBR PEO M14 EBR.jpg 7.62×51mm Designated marksman rifle  Zamastan


The Elbresian Ground Forces doctrine puts a premium on mechanized warfare. It fields the highest vehicle-to-soldier ratio in the world as of 2020. The army's most common vehicle is the Rapid Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (RMWV), commonly called the Terrier, which is capable of serving as a cargo/troop carrier, weapons platform and ambulance, among many other roles. The Talon-2 tank is the army's main battle tank. Other vehicles include the Leopard Armored Personnel Vehicle and multiple types of Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles.

While the EGF Aviation Branch operates a few fixed-wing aircraft, it mainly operates several types of rotary-wing aircraft. These include the TAH-60 Kingfisher attack helicopter, the TAH-60A Vulture tactical transport helicopter and the TAH-471 Egret transport helicopter.

Name Image Origin Quantity
Terrier RMWV M1151.jpg  Zamastan 25,000
Husk Light Strategic Vehicle (HLSV) Oshkosh JLTV.jpg  Zamastan 13,582 (procurement objective)
Husk MTV MTV-of-the-New-Jersey-National-Guard.jpg  Zamastan 18,800 (Active in all services
Husk HET
 Zamastan 679 (delivered; not all remain in service)
Armored vehicles
Joint Readiness Training Center Rotation 140929-A-IN756-459.jpg
 Zamastan 509 active
 Zamastan 500 active
Leopard-1 APV
Stryker ICV front q.jpg
 Quetana/ Zamastan 351
Lioness-1 M1200 Guardian "Armored Knight" (14794103335).jpg  Zamastan 65
Husk-ATV M153 CROWS mounted on a U.S. Army M-ATV.jpg  Zamastan 151
Husk-AFV Brown Bear International MaxxPro.jpg  Zamastan 334


Aircraft Photo Origin Role Introduced Quantity
TAH-6 Sparrow MH-6 Little Bird.jpg  Zamastan Attack helicopter 1980 20
TAH-60 Kingfisher AH-64D Apache Longbow.jpg  Zamastan Attack helicopter 1986 98
TAH-471 Egret CH-47 2.jpg  Zamastan Cargo helicopter 1962 103
TAH-60A Vulture UH-60A Black Hawk.jpg  Zamastan Electronic-warfare helicopter 1979 12
TAH-473 Egret 07-3774 PAE (17300527729).jpg  Zamastan Multi-mission helicopter 1962 11
UH-60B Vulture Blackhawk.jpg  Zamastan Utility helicopter 1979 431
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
Toring-1C Black Owl MQ-1C Warrior (2005-08-11).jpg Extended-Range Multi-Purpose UAV 2009 48