Federal Cabinet of Etruria

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Federal Cabinet
tbdth cabinet of Etruria
11 August 2016
Giuseppe Conte Official.jpg
People and organisations
Head of stateFrancesco Carcaterra
Head of governmentFrancesco Carcaterra
Member partyTribune Movement
Status in legislature40-seat State Council majority
186 / 290
57-seat Chamber of Representatives majority
398 / 680
Opposition partyCitizens Alliance
Opposition leaderVittoria Vetra
Legislature term(s)5 years

The Federal Cabinet of Etruria (Etrurian: Gabinetto Federale d'Etruria) is the national cabinet of Etruria. It is headed and appointed by the First Citizen of Etruria. It has XX permanent ministerial members, with X cabinet-level officials.



Early republic

Current form

Government mandate


Defunct positions

Current composition

Official cabinet members

Position Picture Name Party
President Giuseppe Conte Official.jpg Francesco Carcaterra Tribune Movement
Deputy President
Federal Minister for Traditional and Family Values
Giorgia Meloni 2018.jpg Vittoria Vasari Tribune Movement
Minister for the Economy Mario Draghi 2019.jpg Leandro Laezza Tribune Movement
Minister of Internal Affairs Matteo Salvini Viminale (cropped).jpg Gianfranco Galizia Tribune Movement
Minister of Foreign Affairs Angelino Alfano in Ukraine 01 (cropped).jpg Paolo Galba Tribune Movement
Minister of National Defence Lorenzo Guerini 2019 Official.jpg Dario Bellanova Tribune Movement
Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando daticamera 2018.jpg Viktor Robar Tribune Movement
Minister of Civil Security Giorgio Toschi.png Ercolano Tauriello Independent
Minister of Health and Social Services Marco Minniti July 2017.jpg Lucca Cancellieri Tribune Movement
Minister of Education Roberto Gualtieri 2017.jpg Mauro Spadafora Tribune Movement
Minister of Industry and Labour Affairs Federico D'Incà ritratto frontale ministro rapporti parlamento (cropped).jpg Ivo Račan Tribune Movement
Minister of Energy and Resource Development GianMarcoCentinaio.jpg Marko Stanić Tribune Movement
Minister of Transportation and National Development Giancarlo Giorgetti daticamera 2018.jpg Gianmarco Turinese Tribune Movement
Minister of Employment, Skills and Social Assistance Elisabetta Trenta crop.jpg Faiora Faranese Tribune Movement
Minister of Agriculture and the Environment Erika Stefani.jpg Serafina Emanuello Tribune Movement
Minister of Housing and Urban Development Enrico Costa daticamera 2013.jpg Mario Marinelli Tribune Movement
Minister of Local Affairs Giovanni Tria and Giorgio Napolitano 2012 (cropped).jpg Giovanni Rochetta Tribune Movement
Minister of Technology, Digital Affairs and Information Lorenzo Fontana daticamera 2018.jpg Fabio Cesare Farfani Tribune Movement
Minister of Culture and National Identity Vincenzo Amendola (cropped).jpg Alessandro Torcivia Tribune Movement
Minister for the Disabled and Vulnerable Barbara Lezzi (cropped).jpg Stefania Fraccaro Tribune Movement

Cabinet-level officials

Position Picture Name Party
Chief Whip in the State Council Marianna Madia daticamera 2013.jpg Marianna Rossi Tribune Movement
Chief Whip in the Chamber of Representatives Dario Franceschini 2014.jpg Salvattore Franceschini Tribune Movement
Cabinet Secretary for Federal Coordination Carlo Calenda crop.jpeg Andrea Povaio Tribune Movement
Attorney General Anna Finocchiaro 2015.jpg Teresa Evola Tribune Movement
Cabinet Secretary for Economic and Technological Innovation Gian Luca Galletti - Avaaz by Nicola Bertasi 02 (cropped).jpg Marco Gandolfi Tribune Movement
Cabinet Secretary for Disaster Response and Civil Defence Giuliano Poletti 2017.jpg Giuliano Adriano Gabanna Tribune Movement