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Flavia Lepera

The Most Renowned

Flavia Lepera
Senator-Opposition leader Lepera .jpg
Senate Minority Leader
Assumed office
10 June 2018
Serving with Felix Procilius
MonarchConstantine XX
ConsulAlexander Pompilius
Preceded byManuel Batziolas
In office
19 July 2015 – 3 June 2017
MonarchJason VI Augustus
Constantine XX
ConsulMaria Tarpeia
Alexander Pompilius
Preceded byTheodosius Fulvio
Succeeded byManuel Batziolas
Mayor of Castellum
Assumed office
13 November 2017
DeputyMarcellus Fidiculanius
Preceded byThomas Alienus (acting)
Leader of the Progressive Party
Assumed office
10 June 2018
Preceded byManuel Batziolas
In office
19 July 2015 – 3 June 2017
Preceded byTheodosius Fulvio
Succeeded byManuel Batziolas
Praetorial positions
Praetor for Healthcare and Human Services
In office
18 November 2006 – 9 October 2013
MonarchJason VI Augustus
ConsulConstantine Otacilius
Preceded byKaeso Ripnus
Succeeded byArsinia Luperca
Senatorial Secretary to the Magisterial Office
In office
15 January 2004 – 18 November 2006
ConsulConstantine Otacilius
Preceded byAmulius Bantius
Succeeded byGnaeus Silivasi
Spokesperson positions
Progressive Party Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs
In office
9 October 2013 – 19 July 2015
LeaderTheodosius Fulvio
Preceded byAlexius Pescennio
Succeeded byPaul Faenius
Senator of Latium
Assumed office
4 May 1998
Preceded byAdeodatus Raceanus
Majority1,155 (2%)
Personal details
Flavia Lepera Maria Faustina

(1969-04-07) 7 April 1969 (age 52)
Castra Devana, Latium
Political partyProgressive
Other political
Liberal (until 1991)
Andreas Olcinius (m. 1997)
Alma materCollege of Legal Studies, Castellum (LD)

Flavia Lepera (born 27 April 1969) is a Latin politician, current Senate Minority Leader, Leader of the Progressive Party, the Mayor of Castellum, and Latin Senator. Her first term as Senate Minority Leader and Leader of the Progressive Party came in 2015 until 2017. Before that, she held two cabinet positions including, Secretary of Health and Human Services, and as Senatorial Secretary to the Cabinet Office. She also served as the Progressive Party Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs from 2013 to 2015.

Lepera studied law during her tertiary education at Castellum College of Legal Studies graduating at the top of her class in 1992.

Lepera was first elected to Senate in a 1998 snap election. Consul Otacilius appointed Lepera Senatorial Secretary to the Cabinet Office in January 2004 and later appointing her as Minister for the Cabinet Office. Lepera was nearly promoted to the new post of Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change in 2005, but the appointment was blocked by the People's Assembly. In 2006 she received her first portfolio, when she was appointed Secretary of State for Health and Human Services by Consul Constantine Otacilius. As Minister of Health, Lepera came under scrutiny for suggesting that state funds be provided for abortions. Lepera chose not to stand in the 2013 leadership election, though stood for the 2015 leadership election, where she won a majority after the first ballot.

During her tenure as Progressives Leader and Senate Minority Leader, Lepera often advocated for expanding many public services that had been cut during Tarpeia Consulship, most notably in law enforcement. Lepera was also active in her attempts to see a repeal of the Morality Acts. Following the landslide Progressive defeat in the 2017 election, Lepera faced a leadership challenge in June 2017. She refused to resign as leader and opted to stand to retain her seat; she was eliminated on the last of three ballots, being defeated by Manuel Batziolas. On 17 June 2017, Lepera announced her candidacy for Mayor of Castellum in the upcoming local special elections set for fall 2017. In June 2018, she was elected leader of the Progressive Party for the second time.


Lepera was born the youngest of three children to Eufrosyne (née: Cantacosa) and Michael Leperus. Flavia was born in the small mountain town of Castra Devana near the Latin-Lihndosi border, though she was primarily raised in city Abusina, located just outside of Castellum. Her father was a prominent politician and member of the Conservative Party, where he rose as high as Deputy Leader in 1971, he also served as the first Count of the Imperial Treasury following the Social War. Her mother was born in an Imbrosian villiage, and met Michael while he was serving in the Imperial Navy during the war; the two were wed in September 1959. Michael Leperus served as a Senator for the Conservatives from 1956 until a mid-term retirement in 1999, which made him one of the longest serving members of the senate modern history. In 1999, Emperor Jason VI Augustus granted him a life peerage, The Lord Leperus. Lepera has two elder siblings, Michael and Iohnna.


During her primary education, Lepera attended the private St Valeria system in Colonia Augusta from grades 1 to 8 before transferring to the Pescia Academy in Adrianople for secondary school. Following her graduation from Pescia, she took a six-month gap and worked as a researcher at Conservative Party Headquarters. Then she began attending university at University of Castellum Iohannes XIII's Alba School of Economics where she studied economics. It was during this time that she notes her political leanings began to shift left, particularly after she studied a term abroad as a visiting student at the Royal University of Périmans in Vannois, where she befriended David Vasseur, current Vannoisian MP.

Initially intending to study economics at Castellum, Lepera shifted her focus to law and enrolled at the Castellum College of Legal Studies. During her later years in university, Lepera officially became a member of the Liberal Party. During her second year, Lepera became chief editor of the law review and chair schools constitutional law organization. She graduated after the five years of study for an advanced professional degree in 1992. Following her graduation she accepted a position as a junior partner at an Ascanium-based law firm.

Early political career


Lepera first entered elective politics in 1998 during the snap election. The snap election was triggered by the Group of Ten crisis that saw Consul Seius resign, along with a great number of Conservative politicians and cabinet members. She earned placement on the Progressive Party list for the snap election, becoming the 240th Progressive candidate elected.


First Progressive Party leadership

Lepera speaking at 2015 Progressive Party convention following leadership election.


Following the second electoral defeat in as many years, Theodosius Fulvio resigned as leader of the Progressives and Minority Leader effective immediately. Diana Neria took over as Acting Leader due to her status as Deputy Leader, also serving as Acting Minority Leader. The week following Fulvio's resignation, Lepera announced her intention to stand for leader in the upcoming leadership election scheduled for the next month. She issued her first campaign address to members of the local Augusta Trajana Progressive Party, her home constituency. Seven more members of the party would announce their candidacy before week's end, including Michael Sestius, Adrian Tineius, Maria Ummidia, and Manuel Batziolas.

On 3 June, former Progressive leader and Consul Constantine Otacilius announced that he would endorse Lepera, saying that "she is the only option provide Latins with a better future." Lepera quickly became the front runner after Otacilius's endorsement, resulting in her also receiving endorsements from 291 of 673 local constituency party groups.

On election day, Lepera won the election on the first ballot due to the new instant run-off voting method. Lepera received over 55% of the vote and became party leader at the 2015 Progressive Party Convention in Ascanium.

Senate Minority Leader

Local and Belisarian elections

2017 election and leadership challenge

After the 2016 succession crisis, Constantine XX announced his intention to call for new elections and dissolved the Senate on 9 February. Before campaigning began, Lepera and the Progressives would see 15 center-leaning senators defect from the Progressives to the newly formed United Latium — joining Consul Alexander Pompilius's newly formed party. The loss would result in Lepera offering a much more liberal party platform once campaigning began, in an attempt to shift the party to social democratic principles.

File:Lepera speeking.jpg
Lepera at a campaign event in April 2017.

Lepera focused her campaign on promises of expanding public funding towards healthcare and eduction, while also promising the immediate repeal of the Morality Acts and other right-wing policies from the preceding Rutupiae consulship. Lepera's platform announced a proposed VAT increase, which would result in at least £50 billion for her increased social program spending. Lepera also spoke often of higher Belisarian integration, specifically the formation of a united Belisarian army. These proposals were countered by Pompilius and United Latium proposing no immediate tax increases, which Lepera instantly attacked as "the false promises of a liar" in the 24 March debate where she cited that an increase in taxes was "inevitable" under either parties proposed government.

Lepera initially led a traditional campagin, though in the later days began to counter campaign events of Pompilius and often scheduled events where Pompilius had been just days before. Lepera repeatedly attacked the Consul and his "heartless policies;" however, this proved to be detrimental to the Progressive cause with both Lepera and Progressive poll numbers dropping in favor of the upstart Citizens – Popular Alternative.

On election day, Lepera won her seat by a slim 1,115 votes, just over a 2% margin. The Progressives would lose 37 seats and finish as the second largest party in the Senate after United Latium. Analysts expected Lepera to resign the following day, but in a speech to press Lepera announced that she would not stand down from leader, allowing her to remain Senate Minority Leader. A number of party members filed petitions with the party's board of governors for a new leadership election, stating that Lepera was unfit to serve as leader. On 30 April, party trustees would announce a leadership election to be held on 3 June. Lepera announced that has not yet stood down and intended to run to keep her position as leader, but would accept the results of the election.

Lepera was defeated by Manuel Batziolas in the leadership election.

Mayor of Castellum

After losing the leadership, Lepera remained in the Senate as a backbencher. Lepera has remained quiet on most topics, though has spoken out in favor of the September 2017 Senate proposals for devolved governments in the Gelonian and Hellenic counties of Latium. Lepera was also present at the 30 July regionalist rally in Castellum, though not in an official capacity.

On 17 June 2017, Lepera announced her intent to stand for Mayor of Castellum in the special local election. Lepera earned the Progressive Party nomination during the 14 September primary, defeating incumbent Deputy Mayor Thomas Alienus. Lepera narrowly defeated United Latium candidate Deodatus Sornatius.

Second leadership election

Policies and views

Social policies

Economic policies

Foreign policy

Personal Life

Lepera and her husband Andreas, 2016.

Lepera's primary residence is in Abusina, now a borough of Castellum. However maintains a home in Augusta Trajana, a small town in Iguvium.

In 1994, Lepera first began dating Andreas Olcinius, whom she first met while she was employed at a Castellum-based law firm. The two married in 1997, during a ceremony at St. Felix Basilica in metropolitan Castellum. She has three children with Olcinius: Michael, Petronia and Jordan. Her oldest child, Michael, is currently in his first year at King's College at the University of Ascanium, while her younger two children are enrolled at Cassia Academy in Castellum. Her husband, Andreas, works as a banker.

At times, Lepera has been accused of apostasy, due to her irregular attendance of church. Lepera has repeatedly refuted this and continues to proclaim that she is a "faithful Catholic" who attends church as much as her busy schedule permits.


  • 4 May 1998 – present: The Most Renowned Flavia Lepera

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