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Friendship Gardens of Layfet

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Layfet has had a tradition of establishing friendship gardens with each nation it has signed a Friendship Treaty with. They range in size and complexity. Each friendship garden is designed to reflect that natural fauna of the foreign nation, with strict protocols in place to prevent the leak of invasive species into the rest of the country. The Friendship Gardens are maintained by several entities that report to the National Park Service. Below is a list of friendship gardens in Layfet:

Garden Location Treaty of Friendship Built Maintained by Image
Bretislavia-Layfet Garden of Friendship[1] TBA Bretislavia-Layfet Treaty of Friendship (2021) Under Contruction N/A N/A
The Friendship Garden between the nations of Layfet and Vultesia Nordipolica Layfet-Vultesia Treaty of Perpetual Alliance, Trade, Peace, and Friendship (1719) 1720 National Park Service TBD
The Great Friendship Garden between Krenya and Layfet Nordipolica Layfet-Krenya Treaty of Perpetual Peace and Friendship (1726) 1731 National Park Service TBD
The Friendship and Peaceful Ties Garden between Vescarium and Layfet Alexandria Vescarium and Layfet Treaty of Longlasting Friendship (1750)[2] 1757 National Park Service TBD
The Garden Shared between the nations of Encessia and Layfet Nordipolica Encessian-Layfetian Treaty of Good Faith and Friendship (1728) 1729 Encessian-Layfetian Heritage Foundation TBD
The Garden of Great Friendship between Layfet and Hoterallia Nordipolica Hoterallian-Layfetian Treaty of Trade and Friendship (1819) 1822 City of Nordipolica TBD
The International Peace and Friendship Garden between Kentalis and Layfet Alexandria Kentalis-Layfet Treaty of Perpetual Friendship (1843) 1845 National Park Service TBD
The Layfet-NAI Friendship Garden Tonnes Layfet-NAI Treaty of Friendship (1966) 1969 National Park Service TBD
The Garden of Friendship between Halsuntria and Layfet Emery Heights Halsuntria-Layfet Treaty of Good Faith and Friendship (1964) 1970 Halsuntrian-Layfetian Heritage Center TBD
The Garden of Friendship between Gran Rugido and Layfet Cartwright Gran Rugido-Layfet Treaty of Friendship (1971) 1973 Cartwright City Parks Office TBD
The Friendship and Peace Garden between Lyonheimer and Layfet Cartwright Layfet-Lyonheimer Treaty of Friendship (1983) 1983 Cartwright City Parks Office TBD
Yryel-Layfet Garden of Friendship Windsor Yryel-Layfet Treaty of Friendship (2000) 2002 Yryelian-Layfetian Association TBD
Blechingia-Layfet Garden of Friendship Cartwright Blechingia-Layfet Treaty of Friendship (2018) 2020 Cartwright City Parks Office TBD

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  1. not yet built, in design process
  2. currently suspended do to Vescarium's government currently being in exile