Gaullican Armed Forces

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Gaullican Armed Forces
Armée Républicaine Gaullois
Seal of the Gaullican Armed Forces
Service branchesFile:Gaullican Army.png
GAF Ground Forces
File:Marine Nationale.png
GAF Navy
File:Gaullican Airforce.png
GAF Air Forces
File:Nationale Gendarmerie.png
GAF Gendarmerie Nationale
HeadquartersVerlois, Gaullica
Commander-in-ChiefJean Vallette
Marshal of GaullicaGeneral Christophe Ménard
Minister of DefenceJean-Yves d'Elan
Military age18-49
Available for
military service
57,604,192, age 18-49
Fit for
military service
47,494,336, age 18-49
Reaching military
age annually
Active personnel280,000 active (2014) 98,155 Gendarmerie (2011)
Reserve personnel27,680 reserve (2014)
BudgetA lot (excl. Gendarmerie budget)
Percent of GDP2.2% (inlc. Gendarmerie budget)
Domestic suppliersGUMI
Foreign suppliers23x15px Asteria
23x15px Hennehouwe
23x15px Caesena
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RanksGAF Ranks

The Gaullican Armed Forces (Gaullican: Armée Républicaine Gaullois) is the military organization responsible for the defence of Gaullica and her military arm in the world affairs. It consists of four branches, L'Armée de Terre, La Marine Nationale, L'Armée de l'Air and the Gendarmerie Nationale


The mission of the Gaullican Armed Forces as defined by Albert III, first Premier Ministre of Gaullica, and Fayolle Giraud, first President of Gaullica includes:

  • The protection of Gaullica's territory.
  • Safeguarding Gaullica's national interests.
  • Contributing to the maintenance of an international state of peace.
  • and upholding the terms of the 1936 Constitution.


Medieval Era


Colonial Period

Industrial Period

The Great War

Modern Era

L'Armée de Terre

L'Armée de L'Air

La Marine Nationale

Gendarmerie Nationale



The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier 'Albert III', flagship of the Marine Nationale.

The Equipment of the Gaullican Armed Forces can be subdivided into: weapons, vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, and attire.


Weapon Picture Origin Type Notes
PAMAS G1 DCB-Shooting MAS G1S.jpg Gaullica
23x15px Caesena
Handgun Used by L'Armée de Terre and the Gendarmerie Nationale
Submachine guns
FN P90 FN-P90 2.jpg 23x15px Hennehouwe Submachinegun Utilised by L'Armée de Terre
FAMAS FAMAS dsc06877.jpg Gaullica Bullpup assault rifle Utilised by L'Armée de Terre
FN FAL FN FAL rifle.JPG 23x15px Hennehouwe Battle rifle Utilised by the Gendarmerie Nationale
Benelli M3 Benelli M3 Super 90.jpg Gaullica
23x15px Caesena
Shotgun Utilised by all branches of the armed forces save L'Armée de l'Air
Machine guns
FN Minimi M249 FN MINIMI DA-SC-85-11586 c1.jpg 23x15px Hennehouwe Light/medium machine gun Utilised by L'Armée de Terre
M2 Browning M2 Browning, Musée de l'Armée.jpg 23x15px The Federation Heavy machine gun Utilised by L'Armée de Terre
DMR/Marksmen rifles
FR-F2 FRF2 lunette Schrome.jpg Gaullica Sniper Rifle Utilised by Gaullican Special Forces.
PGM Ultima Ratio Ultima Ratio Commando slovenske vojske.jpg Gaullica Sniper Rifle Utilised by L'Armée de Terre
Anti-materiel weapons
APILAS Apilas Lippujuhlan päivä 2014.JPG Gaullica Anti-tank weapon rocket launcher
FGM-148 Javelin FGM-148 Javelin - ID 030206-M-5753Q-008.jpg 23x15px The Federation Anti-tank missile/guided weapon
LLR 81mm Mortier 81 LLR 03.jpg Gaullica Mortar
PGM Hécate II PGM Hecate.jpg Gaullica Anti-material rifle

Ground Vehicles

Vehicle Picture Origin Type In service Notes
VHB-54 Giraud Leclerc-openphotonet PICT6015.JPG Gaullica Main Battle Tank 418
AMX 10-RC AMX-10-RC.JPG Gaullica Armoured Reconnaissance/Fire Support 248
ERC-90 ERC-90 Sagaie 008 FR.JPG Gaullica Armoured Reconnaissance/Fire Support 110
Armoured Personnel Carriers
VCBI VBCI, (Véhicule Blindé de Combat de l'Infanterie), French army licence registration '6094 0048', OURCQ 1918 photo-2.JPG Gaullica Armoured Personnel Carrier/Infantry Fighting Vehicle 604
VAB Véhicule de l'Avant Blindé, VAB 4x4, army licence registration 6923 0035 photo-1.JPG Gaullica Armoured Personnel Carrier/Observation Vehicle 3,135
VHM VHM-1, (Véhicule haute mobilité), French army licence registration '6932 0993' photo-2.JPG 23x15px Sveltlana Armoured Personnel Carrier 53
VBL VBL RHP Afghanistan.JPG Gaullica Armoured Car 1,470
PVP Festival automobile international 2011 - Panhard PVP APC - 01.jpg Gaullica Armoured Car 1,183
Buffalo Buffalo mine-protected vehicle.jpg 23x15px The Federation MRAP 4
Nexter Aravis Nexter Aravis à Strasbourg, 2010 (3).jpg Gaullica MRAP 15
EBG 20060714 defile blindes p1040887.jpg Gaullica Armoured Engineering Vehicle 40
Giraud DCL Char de Dépannage DNG-DCL 14 juillet 2006.jpg Gaullica Armoured Recovery Vehicle 18
VHB-50D AMX-30D-cote-droit.jpg Gaullica Armoured Recovery Vehicle 30
Unarmoured Vehicles
TRM 10000 TRM-10000 Citerne 014 FR.JPG Gaullica Truck 998
TRM 2000 TRM-2000 002.JPG Gaullica Truck 340
Renault GBC 180 Renault GBC 180.jpg Gaullica Truck 5,400
VLRA VLRA TPK 4 25 STL Pamela 009.JPG Gaullica Truck 2,100
Peugeot P4 French Peugeot P4 dsc06852.jpg Gaullica Light Utility Vehicle 13,500
Land Rover Defender Land Rover Defender FR Army - Strasbourg.jpg 23x15px Estmere Light Utility Vehicle 540
AMX 30 AuF1 GCT 155mm July 2008.JPG Gaullica Self-propelled howitzer 400
CAESAR CAESAR-openphotonet PICT6026.JPG Gaullica Self-propelled howitzer 104
TRF1 F-1-Towed-Gun-howitzer.jpg Gaullica Towed howitzer. 105
RTF1 Mor120.jpg Gaullica Mortar. 128
M270 MLRS MLRS 05.jpg 23x15px Federation Self-propelled multiple rocket launcher. 13


Aircraft Picture Origin Type In service Notes
Fighter aircraft
Dassault Rafale Rafale - RIAT 2009 (3751416421).jpg Gaullica Multi-Role Aircraft 204
Dassault Mirage 2000N/D Dassault Aviation Mirage 2000N (code 375) of the French Air Force arrives Fairford 7Jul2016 arp.jpg Gaullica Strike Aircraft 122 In active service
Dassault Mirage 2000 Mirage 2000C in-flight 2 (cropped).jpg Gaullica Fighter Aircraft 60 Active service
Euclocopter EC725, "Super Cougar" Caracal2552.jpg Euclean Community Search and Rescue/Military Helicopter 23 Several variants of the helicopter exist with weaponry
Euclocopter AS332, "Super Puma" 200px Euclean Community Search and Rescue 11
Euclocopter Tiger HAP/HAD Eurocopter LE TIGRE - Flickr - besopha.jpg Euclean Community Attack helicopter 51
NHIndustries NH90 NH-90 ILA-2006 2.jpg Euclean Community Transport helicopter 15


Vehicle Picture Origin Type In service Notes
Patrol Ships
Audacieuse-class French Navy Flamant Class P676 entering Dunkirk harbour (7961651562).jpg Gaullica Patrol boat 11
Loup-class Cassiopée.jpg Gaullica Minehunter 11
Lavelle-class Achéron recadré.jpg Gaullica Clearance diving 4
Soleil-class BRS antares.jpg Gaullica Sonar towing vessels. 3
Outremer-class Lieutenant de vaisseau Lavallée.jpg Gaullica Corvette/Aviso 9
Coucher du Soleil-class French destroyer Forbin (D620) underway in the Arabian Sea on 31 May 2009 (090531-N-9988F-406).jpg Gaullica Air-defence destroyer 3
Vercingot-class 200px Gaullica Anti-submarine destroyer 2 6 more in production
Senouillac-class FS Jean Bart 1.jpg Gaullica Air-defence destroyer 2
République-class FS Montcalm 1.jpg Gaullica Anti-submarine destroyer 8
Aircraft Carriers
Thibault-class BPC Dixmude.jpg Gaullica Helicopter Carrier/Amphibious Assault Ship
  • Thibault
  • Francis
  • Urban
2 more in production. (Potentially)
Albert-class Charles De Gaulle (R91) underway 2009.jpg Gaullica Nuclear Aircraft Carrier [[bulleted list |Albert III |Claude Gaullica}} Flagship of the Marine Nationale, one more in production.
Diamant-class FS Casabianca 03.jpg Gaullica Fleet submarine
  • Diamant
  • Rubis
  • Améthyste
  • Saphir
  • Émeraude
  • Perle
To be replaced in the near future
Victoire-class Temeraire1048.jpg Gaullica Ballistic missile submarines
  • Victoire
  • Triomphant
  • Vigilant
  • Terrible
  • Téméraire
  • Justice
  • Honneur
Fantôme-class Vendemiaire 2.jpg Gaullica Light surveillance frigate 9
Rigreuil FS Surcouf.jpg Gaullica General-purpose frigate 6
Command and Replenishment Ships
Frederic-class US Navy 070504-N-8861F-015 The Argentine supply ship ARA Patagonia (B 1) participates in exercises alongside dock landing ship USS Pearl Harbor (LSD 52) to mark the beginning of UNITAS.jpg Gaullica Replenishment Oiler 5
Experimentation Ships
Boultoire-class FS Monge.jpg Gaullica Satellite and missile tracking 1
Découverte-class Dupuy-de-Lome-photo10.jpg Gaullica Electromagnetic research 1
Profondeur-class 200px Gaullica Diving support 1
Arble-class Record SNSM 2015 - Thetis (4).jpg Gaullica Mine-warfare experimentation 1
Survey Vessels
Lapérouse-class Tonnerres de Brest 2012 - Pourquoi Pas - 001.jpg Gaullica Hydrographic and Oceanographic survey 5