Gaullican Conservatives

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Les Conservateurs Gaullois
LeaderHugo-Noël Devereaux
FounderJean-Marc Popelin
Founded8 November 1982
Membership (2020)Decrease 40,121
Political positionCentre-right to Far-right
Euclean affiliationAlliance of Conservatives and Democrats for Euclea
Colours  Black
Première Chambre
41 / 631
Deuxième Chambre
22 / 69
Euclean Parliament
21 / 193

The Gaullican Conservatives (Gaullican: Les Conservateurs Gaullois, CG), is a broad tent, right-wing political party in Gaullica. Having held the legislature in a self-described "traditional coalition" from September 2018, the party suffered its worst legislative defeat in the snap election of 2019. A large part of this defeat has been attributed to the handling of the ousting of now leader of the PRCP Coralie Barreau, leading to an internal fragmentation of the party.