Gaullican Section of the Workers' International

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Section Gaulloise de l'Internationale Ouvrière
LeaderRenée Lémery
FounderGaston Bacassândime
Founded2 February 1901
NewspaperVoix des Travailleurs
Membership (2015)Decrease 35,108
IdeologyKirenian Model
Council Communism
Political positionLeft-wing
International affiliationAlliance for International Socialism
Euclean affiliationMixed Radical Left
Colours  Red
Première Chambre
24 / 631
Deuxième Chambre
4 / 51
Euclean Parliament
8 / 193

The Gaullican Section of the Workers' International (Gaullican: Section Gaulloise de l'Internationale Ouvrière, SGIO), is the oldest functioning party in Gaullica. Formed in 1901 as Gaullica's first socialist party, the SGIO was banned from participation in the electoral processes by the Parti Populaire of Rafael Duclerque. Though permitted after the Great War, their affiliation with Kirenia served to their detriment -- and a united front of the SGIO and the PSD soon fell apart. In the recent snap election of August 2019, the SGIO performed marginally worse than normal.