Gestalt field

A gestalt field is a psychic projection utilized by the Witch's Realm of Daki. The effects of the field are poorly understood, and range broadly. The universal characteristic of a gestalt field is the disruption of vision and terrain, nausea, the manifestation of Gestalt sprites, and Witch's minions, and amplification of magical potency by members of Witch Cults. Gestalt fields are broadcast by a despair conduit or by the direct presence of a witch or familiar.

Typically a gestalt field is the area projected from a witch to encompass their victims in a thrall pact and as a defensive measure against interference. The area is approximately 40 meters in radius around the witch, and the effects are acute, ranging from extreme hallucination to death. However, the behavior of the gestalt fields of the Greater witches and their projection devices are far larger and less acute in nature.

Witch's Gestalt fields

When a witch emerges from her Despair stage, a gestalt field is naturally formed to defend the witch and to allow her the use of Witch's minions. Typically the Gestalt field of a witch takes the form of a pocket dimension, forming a region larger then the area it encompasses, and with drastically altered terrain. All minor witches use this form of field, making them extremely difficult to hunt or pursue. Usually hallucinations induced by a minor witch's gestalt field include words and sigils, phantom opponents, and complete loss of vision, replaced by stages or scenes from the witch's past life.

Thrall pacts can only take place in a gestalt field. Allowing the witch to both influence the minds of the enthralled, and leech magical potential and energy from their victims. A witch's thrall is implanted by witch's minions upon captured hosts, rendering them servants to the witch's commands.

Familiars induce extremely mild gestalt fields around themselves, enough to allow witch's minions to be sustained for a short distance, depending on the power of the familiar. The Royal Trifecta are unique in their ability to sustain witch's minions at a range approaching that of a Greater Witch.

The Gestalt fields of the three Greater Witches are far more extreme in nature compared to the Gestalt fields generated by lesser witches. Their range is approximately 120 kilometers from the witch, curbed somewhat to align with the borders of the witch's realm. The fields produced have extreme environmental effects, allowing the creation of the enthralled cities and for the eponymous witching sky which is a signifying feature of the Greater Witch's gestalt fields. Entering the witch's gestalt fields causes nausea and minor hallucinations, however, these are far less extreme then that of the lesser witches. It has been suggested that the potency of the greater witches' gestalt fields was sacrificed for further range and minion count.

Effects of the field include loss of radio contact and air travel, as well as the presence of witch's dolls, a trait peculiar to the greater witches' fields.