Ibravian Air Force

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Ibravian Air Force
FoundedAugust 3, 1908 (113 years ago; as part of the Ibravian Army)
September 19, 1951 (70 years ago; as an independent service)
Country United States of Ibravia
Part ofDepartment of the Air Force
Ibravian Armed Forces
HeadquartersThe Octagon, Hamilton, D.C
Motto(s)Aim High and Succeed
MarchOur Goal in the Sky

The Ibravian Air Force (IBAF) is the air service branch of the Ibravian Armed Forces, and is one of the six Ibravian uniformed services. Initially formed as a part of the Ibravian Army on August 3, 1908, the IBAF was established as a separate branch of the U.S. Armed Forces on September 19, 1951 with the passing of the National Security Act of 1951. It is the ??? youngest branch of the Ibravian Armed Forces and the ??? in order of precedence.




Commissioned officers

Warrant officers

Enlisted personnel



Aircraft Origin Role In service Notes
Attack aircraft
Fighter aircraft
Reconnaissance aircraft
Electronic warfare aircraft
Utility aircraft
Training aircraft