Isabella, Princess Imperial

Princess Isabella
Princess Imperial
Isabella of Latium.jpg
Born (1960-01-12) 12 January 1960 (age 60)
Palatium Purpura, Ascanium, Latium
Full name
Isabella Claudia Silvia Victoria Christina
FatherLeo Claudius, Duke of Adrianople
MotherDiana Augusta of Latium
ReligionFabrian Catholic

Isabella, Princess Imperial (Isabella Claudia Silvia Victoria Christina; b. 12 January 1960), is the eldest child of Latin Empress Diana Augusta and Leo, Prince Consort. At the time of her birth, Isabella was first in the line of succession until the birth of her brother Jason later that year in December. She has since disclaimed herself of any claim to throne in 2006.

Isabella became the first member of the Imperial Family to graduate from a university after attending Castellum College, Castellum. She is most well known for her relationship with John, Crown Prince of Ghant, who was married at the time. Isabella was stripped of her Latin titles after she refused to follow the wishes of Sovereign's consent and lived in Ghant with John until his death in 1994. Together, Isabella and John had three children: Leo, Diana, and Theodora. Isabella and her children remaind in Ghant following John's death until 1997 and the death of Emperor Albert I of Ghant, when she returned to Latium.

She currently resides in a private villa just north of Greater Alba, while also maintaining a home in Ghant – though is reported to have not returned since 1997.

Early life and education

Isabella was born at Palatium Purpura on 12 January 1960 as the eldest child and daughter of Diana Augusta and Leo, Prince Consort. She was baptized on 26 February at Sancta Sapientia in Castellum. Her godparents were William II of Lyncanestria (friend of her paternal grandfather); Theodora Claudia (her father's sister; Princess Zoe (her mother's sister) and Damianus Vitruvius (a friend of her grandfather).


Isabella was initially educated by the household governess and private tutors. When she turned 9, Isabella was enrolled at Sancta Maria School for Girls during primary school, becoming the first member of the Imperial family to attend formal schooling. She earned her bac from Lyceum Sanctus Michaelis. Her gap year included travel throughout Belisaria, Sante Reze, and northern Scipia, primarily Montgisard. She enrolled at Galata College, Haenna, where she studied art history. In June 1984, she transferred to Castellum College, Castellum, but would not attend until taking another gap year, beginning classes in 1985.

Isabella (left) with her mother Empress Diana Augusta, and brother Jason, Prince of Youth, in 1968.

Early courtships

Isabella was involved in few courtships. Those known publicly include Florentine Verrucosus from 1983 until 1984, and Ambroise, Hereditary Prince of Montgisard in 1987.

Ghantish controversy

In November 1990, Isabella traveled to Ghant for vacation with her siblings for what was originally reported to be a trip last only a few weeks. Reports on what occurred during their visit are scant, but when the Imperial children returned Isabella remained in Ghant. In the weeks following, her parents Leo and Diana were invited to visit the Ghantish court by Empress Grace; they did not return with Isabella with both Diana Augusta and Leo, Prince Consort refusing to make any indication as to what occurred during the visit. Official Imperial Family documents continued to include Isabella's name.

In January 1991, it was reported in Latin papers that Isabella married John, Crown Prince of Ghant in January of 1991 at a private ceremony in Ghant, causing a scandal of in Latium. She later gave birth to a son, Prince Leo of Ghant, in August of the same year; he was announced to be third in the line of succession to the Ghantish throne after his father and half-brother.

The Fabrian Church quickly issued the first official response to the news stating that:

"The Church does not accept the legitimacy of the marriage between HH Isabella and The Crown Prince of Ghant due to his current marriage to Lady Caroline of Zuria. According to the Church, the 'union' between HH Isabella and The Crown Prince of Ghant is polygamic and in direct violation with Church teaching and further more of the civil and temporal law...Any child born of the union between HH Isabella and The Crown Prince of Ghant will not be recognized as legitimate in the eyes of the Church."

The Church excommunicated Isabella the following day. Due to her excommunication and reportedly cold relations with her parents, Isabella remained in Ghant until the death of Emperor Albert I of Ghant in 1997 resulting in her expulsion from the country by Lord Regent Albert.

Return to Latium

Isabella and her children returned to Latium on 21 May 1997 after having fled from Ghant in the aftermath of Emperor Albert I of Ghant's death and the regency of Nathan IV of Ghant led by Prince-Regent Albert. She and her children were welcomed at the Diana Augusta International Airport by her brother Jason, the new Latin Emperor. Isabella had arrived with a number of household retainers including Ser Adrasto Minazar, the head of John and Isabella's household guard and Dr Pankratios Anemas, private tutor of her children. Her return to Latium was controversial during her brother's reign as Emperor, reportedly causing disagreements between Emperor Jason VI and his wife Zoe.

Isabella has remained in Latium since May 1997, reportedly not returning to Ghant since being exiled by Prince-Regent Albert. She does maintain a home in Ghant so that her children may come and go at their own leisure.


Name Birth Death Spouse(s)
By John, Crown Prince of Ghant (1962–1994):
Prince Leo, Duke of Alba (1991-08-31) 31 August 1991 (age 29) Princess Elissa of Dakmoor; had issu
Diana, Queen of Gaemar (1993-01-22) 22 January 1993 (age 27) Gadiel, King of Gaemar; had issue
Princess Theodora of Ghant (1994-11-19) 19 November 1994 (age 25) Not yet wed

Titles, styles, and honors

  • 12 January 1960 – 15 January 1991: Her Imperial Highness The Princess Isabella
  • 15 January 1991 – 22 May 1997: Miss Isabella Claudia Anicia
  • 22 May 1997 – present: Her Imperial Highness The Princess Imperial

Isabella is a Latin princess by birth and as such does not utilize a surname. However, she was temporarily stripped of her titles and succession privileges due to marrying without Sovereign's consent from 1991 until 1997. During this period she was known as Miss Isabella Claudia Anicia, utilizing her house name, Claudius Anicius, as her surname. Following her return to Latium in 1997 and subsequent lifting of her excommunication, Isabella was restored in her status as a Latin princess though lacks any territorial designation.


  •  Latium: Knight of the Order of the Ram Red ribbon bar - general use.svg

Foreign honors