Jean-Christophe, Duke of Périnesse-Toucourt

His Highness, The Honorable

Duke of Périnesse-Toucourt

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Prime Minister of the Vannoisian Empire
In office
13 September 2011 – 7 April 2018
Preceded byStephan de Renauer
Succeeded byJean-Yves Nicollier (Interim)
Jacques Sardou
Leader of the UMP
In office
13 September 2011 – 7 April 2018
Preceded byStephan de Renauer
Succeeded byJean-Yves Nicollier (Interim)
Jacques Sardou
Deputy Prime Minister of Vannois
In office
1 November 2007 – 13 September 2011
Preceded byOrens Theron
Succeeded byJean-Yves Nicollier
Secretary of State for Foreign and Ajax Affairs
In office
9 November 1994 – 1 November 2000
Preceded byMarie-José Guillaume
Succeeded byYves Dicourt
In office
11 April 2007 – 1 November 2007
Preceded byStéphanie Beaudouin
Succeeded byJean-Yves Nicollier
Secretary of State for Defence
In office
2 November 2006 – 11 April 2007
Preceded byAbelard Trémaux
Succeeded byJean-Vivien Riet
Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign and Ajax Affairs
In office
2 November 2001 – 1 November 2006
Preceded byCôme Anouilh
Succeeded byKévin Rapace
Chief Whip
In office
25 November 1992 – 9 November 1996
Preceded byMarc Tremblay
Succeeded byThierry Ureon
Member of the National Assembly for arrondissement 2 of Toucourt
In office
2 November 1985 – 7 April 2018
Preceded byRaphaël Vaganay
Succeeded byTBA
Majority22,431 (59.22%)
Personal details
Born27 November 1953
Toucourt, Vannois
Died7 April 2018 (age 64)
Saint-Nazaire, Vannois
Political partyFront Populaire (1985-1991)
Union pour un mouvement populaire (since 1991)
Spouse(s)Camille de Nicolas-Rioux of Lac-Matapédia (1976-2018)
RelationsPrince Charles, Duke of Périnesse-Toucourt (father)
ChildrenSébastien of Périnesse-Toucourt
Thibault of Périnesse-Toucourt
Marie-Céline of Périnesse-Toucourt
ResidenceHôtel Avoinet, Saint-Nazaire
Alma materImperial College of Louis XV (B.A. in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics)

Duke Jean-Christophe of Périnesse-Toucourt (Jean-Christophe William Charles; 12 December 1953-7 April 2018) was a prominent Vannoisian nobleman and member of Parliament from the second arrondissement of Toucourt. From 13 September 2011 to his assassination, he was the incumbent Prime Minister of Vannois. Prior to this, he served in and out of government as Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary, Defence Secretary, and Shadow Foreign Secretary. He ascended to the position of Prime Minister in 2011 due to the death of Stephan de Renauer, who passed of natural causes in his sleep on the night of 12 September 2011. The Duke was a member by blood of the ruling family, House Niort-Parthenay, and distant cousin of reigning Emperor Louis XIX; as such, he was afforded the title of Prince of the Blood.

The Duke was born to the Prince Charles and his wife, Princess Marie-Michelle of Zollicote, at the Mercy Hospital of Toucourt and into a life of relative luxury. He attended solely private institutions in his education, including the prestigious St. Vincent's Preparatory School in Saint-Nazaire for seconday schooling as well as the Imperial College of Louis XV in Cléricot in pursuit of his bachelors degree. Though he was initially interested in economics, he was drawn in the late 1970s to the political rallies of Pascal Robichaud, and worked with him and other leaders of the more moderate wing of the Front Populaire to modernize Vannois. Though he was at first suspect of running for political office, during the run-up to the 1985 General Election he was persuaded to stand for the open seat of his home, Toucourt. It is a position he has held ever since.

A grand orator and popular personality, Périnesse-Toucourt gained various lower-level spokesperson jobs in his early years in parliament before being tapped to become Chief Whip of the government with the assistance of life long friend and ally, Jean-Yves Nicollier. From here the two would rocket up the ranks of government and opposition, culminating in Nicollier serving for over a decade as President of the UMP while Périnesse-Toucourt would become Deputy and, finally, the Prime Minister of the Empire in 2011. Since then, the Duke and his allies won the 2013 General Election with a minor loss in seats and an increased vote percentage. He was the longest-serving Prime Minister in Vannoisian history but for Pascal Robichaud, and had stated that he would retire before the 2023 General Election should his party win in the election of 2018. As Prime Minister, the Duke oversaw widespread economic success under his policies, with Vannois breaking multiple GDP barriers since his ascension. Socially, he was a strong defender of conservative and Fabrian values, rejecting calls for same-sex civil unions and well as defending the interpretation of the church regarding most forms of abortion.

He was assassinated on 7 April 2018 by an as-yet unknown assailant while at a campaign rally.

Early Life and Family

Jean-Christophe was born Jean-Christophe William Charles on 12 December, 1953, under the reign of Thibault I. His father was Duke Charles of Périnesse-Toucourt, the eldest grandchild of Prince Louis-Alexandre, Duke of Périnesse-Toucourt; Louis-Alexandre was the third son of Xavier I. It is through this line that Jean-Christophe is able to claim the position of Prince of the Blood. His mother was the Lady Marie-Michelle of Zollicote, daughter of the Count of Zollicote and herself also a more distant descendant of the Niort-Parthenay line through Robert V. Her lineage, however, passes through the female line and as such she never carried the Niort-Parthenay name; her family is similar in this to that of her husband, as Duke Charles's mother was in fact a Niort-Parthenay daughter of Louis-Alexandre, whilst her husband was a Vannoisian nobleman.

Born at the Mercy Hospital of Toucourt, Jean-Christophe was baptized one month on from his birth on New Year's Eve, 1953, whereupon his name was announced. His godparents were his paternal grandfather, Duke Charles, and his maternal aunt Marie-Claire.

The Duke had three siblings, an elder sister and two younger brothers; Princess Claire (born 1950), Prince Louis-François (1956 - 1995), and Prince Félix (born 1957). He lived, along with his parents and siblings, at the Prince Louis-Marie Palace in Toucourt from a young age until he turned 14, whereupon he moved to Saint-Nazaire in order to attend St. Vincent's Preparatory along with his elder sister. He stayed in the capitol hosted by the Imperial Family until 1975, when he moved to a small set of apartments in the downtown of the city to prepare a home for his future wife and children. There he remained until after the 9 August, 2004 death of his father, whereupon he moved back to Toucourt and maintained his apartments in the capitol for political business.


The Duke attended the Imperial College of Louis XV in the capitol from 1970 to 1974, majoring in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, also known commonly as 'PPE'; it is seen as the must-have degree of the political elite in Vannois. After graduating in 1974, he went on to a short military career in the Imperial Vannoisian Navy during which he served on the aircraft carrier IVV Emperor Francis III. During his naval career he often returned to Saint-Nazaire and the Imperial Palace as well as his apartment residence in the capitol; it was during this time that his supposed relationship with the Princess Catherine would, for a time, become prime tabloid fodder. Later in life, long after his marriage to Camille de Nicolas-Rioux and the births of their children, he admitted that there was for a time talk of a betrothal between himself and the Princess in their respective youths. This did not come to fruition, the Duke said, because he and the Princess viewed eachother as "more siblings, and close friends, than anything of the romantic sort" and that "my heart was caught from the beginning by my Camille."

In any event, the Duke praised his time in private schooling and within the Vannoisian Navy, promoting both avenues for his own children and in his politics.


The then-Prince of Périnesse-Toucourt married Lady Camille de Nicolas-Rioux of Lac-Matapédia on 17 May, 1976; he would later become Duke, and her Duchess. Lady Camille is a daughter of the respected late Marquis Lac-Matapédia, and it was due to his loyalty and upstanding behavior that he was rewarded with the hand of an Imperial Cousin and Prince of the Blood. The Duke said that the marriage of himself to his wife was not wholly a business transaction, however, and that he did love her "from the beginning." The two have three children.

His Highness Prince Sébastien of Périnesse-Toucourt, born 24 December 1978
His Highness Prince Thibault of Périnesse-Toucourt, born 6 July 1980
Her Highness Princess Marie-Céline of Périnesse-Toucourt, born 27 April 1989

Political Career

Dammartin began his career in politics as an activist at the Royal College of Louis XV;

Prior to Premiership

Policies as Prime Minister

The Duke speaking to supporters in Soinnet, 2016.

Styles, Titles and Arms

As a distant cousin of the Emperor Louis XIX through his great-grandfather Prince Louis-Alexandre, Duke of Périnesse-Toucourt (the third son of Xavier I), Jean-Christophe was granted the titles and honors that Princes and Princesses of the Blood of the Imperial Household are afforded. Upon his marriage in 1976, he and his wife were set to assume the Ducal title of Périnesse-Toucourt following the death of his father. They did so in 2004.


  • 27 November 1953 - 9 August 2004: His Highness, Prince Jean-Christophe, Lord of Toucourt
  • 9 August 2004 - 7 April 2018: His Grace, Prince Jean-Christophe Thibault Francis, Duke of Périnesse-Toucourt
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