Joanna I, Latin Empress

Joanna I Anicia
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Latin Empress
Reign14 February 1928 – 9 June 1934
Coronation19 December 1928
PredecessorMarius IV
SuccessorConstantine XIX
Born(1878-05-04)4 May 1878
Palatium Blachernae, Blachernae, Latium
Died9 June 1934(1934-06-09) (aged 56)
Palace of Augustus, Palatine, Castellum ab Alba
Burial9 July 1934
Full name
Iohanna Anicia Theophylacta Diana
FatherJohn XIII Anicius
MotherAlexandra of Ghant
ReligionFabrian Catholic

Joanna I Anicia (Iohanna Anicia Theophylacta Diana ; 4 May 1878 – 9 June 1934) was Latin Empress from 1922 until 1933.

Early life

Joanna was born on 4 May 1881 at Palatium Blachernae, in Blachernae, Latium. Her father was then John, Prince of Youth and his wife Princess Alexandra of Ghant. She was the youngest of four children At the time of her birth, her father John was first in line to the Latin throne. Joanna was the granddaughter of Latin Emperor Theophylactus I Augustus and Emperor Nathan II of Ghant.

Joanna was named for father. She was baptized at the private chapel of Palace of Porphyrogenitus, in Alexandria, on 18 July 1881. Her godparents were the Prince Michael, Duke of Callatis (her father's brother); Victor, Prince of Lugarne (her mother's brother); Charlotte of Vannois (her father's step-mother); and PLACEHOLDER. In her youth, Joanna was reportedly favored by her grandfather Theophylactus I Augustus due to her naming and demeanor, once calling her "the most amusing baby I've seen". As she grew, members of court remarked that Joanna's wit, charm and intelligence made her a favorite at court and with her grandfather.

She was primarily raised at court, though early in her childhood often travelled between Alexandria and Palatium Blachernae, her father's estate. Joanna was an accomplished dancer, and painter.



Plans for Joanna's future marriage were widely speculated before she reached marriageable age, though no court documents have ever surfaced regarding potential matches or betrothals with either foreign royal houses or domestic nobility. At one point it was believed that Joanna was nearly betrothed to XXXX, though this was reportedly never considered by her father according to the memoirs of her future husband. In 1896, rumors at court circulated that Joanna refused a betrothal with YYYY. While courtiers widely commented that foreign marriages were widely sought after, Joanna was instead infatuated with John Anicius, Count of Ratiara, heir to the Dukedom of Beroea and her third cousin.

Engagement and marriage

Joanna became engaged to John Anicius, Count of Ratiara on 4 May 1898, receiving the Emperor's consent the same day. She and Beroea were married at the Pantheon, in Castellum on 22 August 1898.

Married life

Joanna and Beroea resided at an apartment within Hieria Palace, in Alexandria, until 1909 when her husband was appointed Lord Palatine of Belfras, where he represented the Latin Crown. While in Belfras, they resided at Questros Palace, in Thessalona.




Name Birth Death Spouse(s)
John Anicius (1897-12-25)25 December 1897 10 June 1905(1905-06-10) (aged 7) Never married; had no issue
Constantia, Grand Duchess of Polnitsa (1900-06-18)18 June 1900 12 April 1945(1945-04-12) (aged 44) Maximilian IV of Polnitsa; had issue.
Theodora, Princess of Tourraine (1902-04-30)30 April 1902 13 March 1978(1978-03-13) (aged 75) Louis II, Prince of Tourraine; had issue
Constantine XIX Anicius (1907-09-08)8 September 1907 12 April 1945(1945-04-12) (aged 37) Princess Marie Christine of Épernon; had issue.
Prince Theophylactus, Duke of Ossonoba (1910-04-09)9 April 1910 12 December 1979(1979-12-12) (aged 69) Princess Marianne, Countess of Cesteven; had issue.

Titles, styles and arms

  • 4 May 1878 – 11 June 1897: Her Imperial Highness Princess Joanna of Youth
  • 11 June 1897 – 22 August 1898 : Her Imperial Highness The Princess Joanna
  • 22 August 1898 – 14 February 1928: Her Imperial Highness The Princess Imperial
  • 14 February 1921 – 14 February 1928 Her Imperial Highness The Princess of Youth
    • 1 March 1909 – 14 February 1928: Her Imperial Highness The Duchess of Beroea
  • 14 February 1928 – 14 February 1933: Her Imperial Majesty The Empress