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Joint Defense Forces

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Joint Defense Forces
联合防御力量 (Myrian: Liánhé Fángyù Lìliàng)
合同国防軍 (Mizuhese: Gōdō Kokubō-gun)
Flag of the Joint Defense Forces.png
Tri-service flag of the Joint Defense Forces
FoundedJanuary 1st, 2012
Service branchesborderless Joint Expeditionary Groups

borderless Myrian Aerospace Command

borderless Naval Service
HeadquartersHeping, Aldia
Kirishima, Fusou
Commander-in-ChiefHúxiān Minamoto
Under-Secretary of DefenseTBC
Chairman of the JDF Chief of StaffTBC
Active personnel50,000
Reserve personnel10,000
Domestic suppliers
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The Joint Defense Forces (JDF) (Myrian: 联合防御力量 Liánhé Fángyù Lìliàng; Mizuhese: 合同国防軍 Gōdō Kokubō-gun), is an intergovernmental military alliance & organization between the Commonwealth of Aldia and the Fusouese Empire. The premise of the JDF is based around the principle of collective security where an attack by an external party against one member state constitutes as an attack against all members of the alliance. The JDF is in essence the military component of the Myrian Union, a political & economic union between both Aldia & Fusou. It was established on the 1st of January 2012 with the express purpose of maintaining regional security & stability, responding to regional & international humanitarian crisis as well as to promote cooperation, integration & interoperability of the military of its member states. While its personnel are drawn from both the Commonwealth Self-Defense Forces and the Fusou Armed Forces it only maintains a Corps-level number of personnel equal to approximately 50,000 active troops and 10,000 reserve troops. This relatively low number of personnel were necessary as the JDF acts as a quick-reaction force meant as a stop-gap measure until the main combat elements from Aldia & Fusou can be mobilized. All JDF elements must be ready for mobilization and deployment within 24 hours and operate independently for a period of 30 days without resupply. The JDF is comprised of three components: the Joint Expeditionary Groups (JEG), Myrian Aerospace Command (MACO) and the Naval Task Forces and the Secretary-General of the Myrian Union serves as its commander-in-chief.



Military Operations

Operation Calm Seas

Operation Calm Seas is an ongoing multinational military operation whose primary objective is the protection of commercial, private & military shipping lanes from illegal activities such as piracy at the Myrian Canal on the Emporic & Anemoisic Oceans. The JDF Naval Service deploys a naval task force at both sides of the Myrian Canal, with each task force comprised anywhere between 15 to 16 ships from both Aldia & Fusou. To date, the JDF Naval Service has conducted multiple visit, board, search and seizure operations against vessels suspected of conducting illegal activities near the Myrian Canal and made hundreds of arrests.

Operation Clear Skies

Operation Clear Skies is an active military operation conducted by the Myrian Aerospace Command (MACO) that provides aerospace warning and protection for both Aldia & Fusou. MOCA utilizes a variety of radar facilities operated by the Commonwealth Self-Defense Forces and the Fusou Armed Forces to maintain radar coverage throughout the entire Myrian continent and beyond. Operation Clear Skies's extended radar range beyond the Myrian Union's EEZ provides the JDF and its member states an ample early warning time to any unauthorized incursions made by external parties. Aside from ground-based radar MOCA also utilizes an array of military satellites and AWACS aircraft to provide command and control and Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance capabilities to both the JDF and all armed forces organizations of its member states.

Components & Installations

Joint Expeditionary Groups

See main article: Joint Expeditionary Groups

The Joint Expeditionary Groups (JEG) is largest component of the JDF consisting of two brigade sized forces comprised of marines, naval and air elements from Aldia & Fusou. This serves as the MUs and JDFs force-in-readiness & quick reaction force that can be readily mobilized to various regional & international locations within 24 hours. There are currently two JEGs that has been established and stationed in both Aldia & Fusou. Each JEG consists of roughly 5,000 personnel comprised marine, naval & air elements. This balanced combined arms composition allows the JEG to respond to a variety of operational requirements effectively. The detailed composition is also flexible enough to be modified to better suit operational & deployment requirements.

Myrian Aerospace Command

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The Myrian Aerospace Command (MACO) is the air component of the JDF providing advanced aerospace warning, air sovereignty & protection. Several squadrons of fighters & patrol aircraft from both the Aldian & Fusouese Air Forces are also under the direct command of MACO. It operates a wide range of radar and anti-air facilities located throughout the Myrian continent providing full radar coverage across the entire continent. Its warning systems include short, medium, long and beyond the horizon radar coverages.

Naval Service

See main article: Naval Service

The JDF Naval Service is the combined naval and maritime branch of the JDF. It is comprised of two multinational naval task forces comprised of ships from the Commonwealth Navy, Commonwealth Maritime Protection Forces and Imperial Navy stationed at both sides of the Myrian Canal. Its purpose is to provide maritime protection for passing commercial, civilian & military shipping lanes on both sides of the Myrian Canal. Ships and personnel of the Naval Service are permitted to conduct visit, board, search and seizure operations on vessels suspected of conducting illegal activities iwthin the Myrian Canal shipping lanes. The Naval Service currently has two task forces deployed on both the Emporic and Anemoisic ocean sides of the Myrian Canal, each comprised of approximately 15 ships.


The JDF operates a number of military installations, bases & facilities across the Myrian continent. Most of these facilities were built and operated by the armed forces of Aldia & Fusou but have the JDF has since been given joint operational ownership of these installations. These installations range from airbases, naval ports & radar facilities. The following is a list of known installations & deployments of the Joint Defense Forces.

Location Installation Name Installation Type Military Units Assets Deployed
Fusouflag.png Fusou Inazuma Airbase Air Force Base Flag of Tianlong.png 111st Tactical Fighter Squadron
Flag of Tianlong.png 112th Fighter Squadron
Flag of Tianlong.png 3rd Airborne Air Control Squadron<
Fusouflag.png 82nd Fighter Squadron
Flag of Tianlong.png
AR-10 x24
EY-200 AWACS x1
Flag of Tianlong.png Aldia Yuandong Air Force Base Air Force Base Fusouflag.png 24th Maritime Patrol Squadron
Flag of Tianlong.png 39th Reconnaicense Wing
Flag of Tianlong.png Aldia Naili Air Field Air Force Base Fusouflag.png 15th Fighter Squadron
Fusouflag.png 12th Attack Squadron
Flag of Tianlong.png 53rd Reconnaissance Squadron
Flag of Tianlong.png Aldia Fengbao Naval Base Naval Base TBC TBC