Kazis Treaty Organisation

The Kazis Treaty Organization
Type of AllianceSocio-economic, Political and Millitary
Established:August 17th, 2015
Goals:1. Free Trade
2. Open Borders
3. Unified Single Market
4. Increased Manufacturing
5. Increasing Exports and reducing Imports
5. Sustainable Economic Growth
6. Political integration
7. Alligned Foreign Policies
8. Common Defense Policies

The Kazis Treaty Organization, or KTO, is a soft power group of nations which have decided to share a common education system and a common single market with free trade and free movement and people settling anywhere they want.


A list of members is given below.

Flag CoA Short and formal names Capital DoJ
Aziflag.png 100px Aziallis – The United Kingdom of Aziallis Seruf Founder
100px TBA Goldfluss – The Elective Principality of Goldfluss Zigberg TBA
100px 100px Prernask and Sulbi - The Grand Commonwealth of Prernask and Sulbi Azgerbt Founder
100px 100px Samaehroh - The Federation of Samaehroh Kazis Founder
100px 100px Sijyaga – The Republic of Sijyaga Shelafagardh TBA
100px 100px Syos – The United Republic of Syos Sanaya Founder
The Cyclone.PNG TBA The Cyclone - The Federal Harmony Republic of The Cyclone New Cadcan 19/05/18
Nerany.png 100px Nerany - The Serene Merchant Republic of Nerany Innani 19/05/18
Viha 859635.png 100px Viha - The Democratic Republic of Viha Sprnesse TBA
100px TBA Yowerra – The Dominion of Yowerra Tembruzyh TBA
100px TBA Ziskava - The Federation of Ziskava Naruja TBA


Treaty of Seruf

Treaty of Sanaya

Treaty of Azgerbt

Treaty of Kazis