Les Verts (Gaullica)

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Les Verts
LeaderMarie-Justine Tiquet
FounderJacques Cousteau
Founded22 April, 1979
NewspaperJournal Vert
Youth wingJeunes Verts
Membership (2020)Increase 41,912
IdeologyGreen politics
Political positionFar left
Euclean affiliationGreen and Ecologist Movement
Colours     Green
Première Chambre
99 / 631
Deuxième Chambre
7 / 69
Euclean Parliament
15 / 179

Les Verts (Estmerish: The Greens), is a left-wing political party in Gaullica centred around environmentalism and green politics. The party achieved its best results in history in the snap-election of 2019, earning 99 seats and entering a coalition government with the PSD. Much of their success was attributed to the back-to-back Euclean heatwaves of the summer of 2019, resulting in environmental concerns being at the national consciousness for the first time in electoral history.