Liberal-Labor Party (Latium)

Liberal Labor Party

Liberalis Labor Partitis
LeaderHelena Ovidia
FounderPeter Lucretius, 9th Count of Olisipo
FoundedMarch 22, 1861 (1861-03-22)
Merger ofLiberal Party and Socialist Party
Succeeded by
Colors     Orange
1 / 794
Castellum Assembly
0 / 50
Imbrosian Assembly
0 / 90
Local government
188 / 23,565

The Liberal-Labor Party (Latin: Liberalis Labor Partitis) also know as the Liberals, is one of the oldest political parties in Latium, and formerly a major third party. The Liberals were formed just prior to the first general election in 1856. The first Consul from the party was Peter Lucretius, 9th Count of Olisipo, who won the general election of 1893. Following the Social War, the Liberal Party began to rise in prominence; shifting from the token opposition party, to holding the Consulship for nearly twenty-five years between 1976 and 1991. The party was eventually overtaken by the Progressive Party and has since merged with the former Socialist Party and eventually shifted towards the center. At times, the party has been known to regularly flip between siding with the Conservatives or Progressives.