Liberal Democratic Party (Lemovicia)

Liberal Democratic Party
ChairmanDamian Rogal
Parliamentary LeaderSergiusz Galecki
HeadquartersTopagunea, Lemovicia
IdeologyCivic nationalism
Classical liberalism
Political positionCentre-right
Colors     Green
National Assembly
42 / 110

The Liberal Democratic Party (Lemovician: Алдерді Демократіко Ліберала, Alderdi Demokratiko Liberala, Miersan: Partia Liberalno-Demokratyczna) is the governing political party of Lemovicia, having governed continuously since 1992, with their only interruption being from 2008 to 2016, when the Socialists governed in coalition with the Miersan People's Union, and the Northern Alliance.

Established in 1979 by Otxote Sasiambarrena shortly before Lemovicia declared its independence from Narozalica, it quickly emerged as one of the main opposition forces to Saroi Garnica's National Syndicalist Union who had seized power in Lemovicia and declared its independence. Thus, in March 1980, when the Lemovician Civil War broke out, it became one of the three sides in the conflict, alongside the Lemovician government, and the Miersan separatists. However, as its fortunes waned, it formed an alliance with the Miersan separatists to oust the regime.

After the end of the Lemovician Civil War, it renounced violence, and entered politics, where they were able to form a coalition government on the national level, and in the Lemovician Entity.


According to the party charter, the Liberal Democrats advocate for the establishment and maintenance of a liberal democratic order in Lemovicia. To this end, they advocate policies reminiscent of classical liberalism and neoliberalism, such as a free market, protection of freedom of expression, and letting the entities have more power, while maintaining central control over critical areas.

However, they also advocate for restrictions on liberties to "maintain the delicate balance [between the Lemovicians and Miersans]." Thus, they endorse a notion of civic nationalism for Lemovicia, as an alternative to the ethnic nationalism which they blame for "allowing the civil war to last for as long as it did."

Their policy regarding Samorspi and Euclean Community membership has alternated: generally, when an ethnic Miersan leads the party, they advocate joining Samorspi, and when an ethnic Lemovician leads the party, the advocate joining the EC.