Liberal Party (Luziyca)

Liberal Party
ChairmanSera Svensson
Deputy ChairmanAyers Gharov
Headquarters302 Huswa Varanken Boulevard, Bethlehem
Student wingAlliance of University Students
Youth wingLiberal Youth League
IdeologySocial liberalism
Social democracy
Internal Factions
 • Democratic socialist
 • Liberal conservatism
 • Libertarianism
 • Social conservatism
Political positionCenter-left to Center-right
House of Representatives
147 / 500
12 / 86
Party flag

The Liberal Party is the second-oldest political party to be established, and the oldest political party to continue to exist (pre-dating the National Luziycan Party by 89 years and the Whig by 97 years) in Luziyca. It is the most leftist mainstream party, any parties further left do not have a lot of ground.

Ideological and political positions

Economic policy

The Liberals support an economy with greater regulations, a living wage, and significant regulations to protect workers.

Environmental Policy

They regard green energy as cheaper and feels they should adopt green energy, because they know coal and oil will not last forever. They feel that environmental protections and regulations should be expanded, so to benefit the country.

Social Policy

Liberals are generally more progressive: they seek to reduce poverty by establishing a comprehensive system of welfare. They want to expand protections to LGBT people, and other discriminated groups such as Shudri.

Foreign Policy

The Liberal Party is non-interventionist, but believes it should maintain an army, to prevent an invasion of Luziyca. It feels it should not have to fight in wars on foreign soil.