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Liberty Index (Esquarium)

The Liberty Index is an index published semi-annually by the Guardians of Liberty. It assesses human rights in their country based on both socioeconomic and sociopolitical conditions.

The index is updated twice every year in the August and February editions of the Guardian of Liberty web-magazine (on the first day of August and the first day of February), with an article showing elaborated assessments. Assessments of all countries can be viewed at the Guardians of Liberty website.


The Liberty Index is based on a scale of 1 (most free) to 7 (least free), and is divided into three categories.

Most free (1-3)
"Countries who have strong political, civil, and economic freedoms"
Problematic (3-5)
"Countries who have shortcomings in their freedoms"
Not Free (5-7)
"Countries who have weak political, civil, and economic freedoms"

The Liberty Index assesses a country by three main areas: political freedoms, civil freedoms, and economic freedoms, each with a scale of 1 (most free) to 7 (least free). Afterwards, the country's scores get added up, and then divided by three to get the final result.

For political freedoms, the following questions are asked:

  • Does the country hold free and fair elections that meet international standards?
  • Are there any politically motivated restrictions against certain groups?
  • Do citizens of the country have the right to criticize their government through speech, writing or peaceful demonstration, without fear of being arrested by the police?
  • Is there an independent judiciary?
  • How frequent are cases of political violence in the country?

For civil freedoms, the following questions are asked:

  • Do citizens have a right to life?
  • Do citizens have a right to live their normal lives without worrying about government repression, terrorism or other activities that may foster fear?
  • How often do citizens face either official or unofficial discrimination due to their race, gender, religion, ethnic background, creed or sexual orientation?
  • Are citizens employed in potentially dangerous or life-threatening jobs guaranteed adequate wages, due compensation and other things that protect their well-being?
  • Are citizens' right to privacy from unwarranted intrusions safeguarded?

For economic freedoms, the following questions are asked:

  • Are there any regulations that may substantially hinder investment into the country in question?
  • Do people whose property get seized by eminent domain receive adequate compensation?
  • Do the job creators get excessively taxed?
  • Is the black market the most common way to obtain common luxury items (i.e. televisions, computers, air conditioners, etc...)?
  • Does it take an unreasonable amount of time to obtain approval to start a business?

The treatment of prisoners, mortality rate and other factors are also considered when assessing the score.


Below is a list of regions surveyed by how free they are. The regional definitions do not exactly correspond with continental borders.

As of February 2017, the freest region in Esquarium was Nordania, with 71.5% of the nations were considered "free" by the Liberty Index.

The least free region as of February 2017 was Borea, where 29.4% of the nations in the region were considered to be "Not Free."

The region with the highest number of "partially free" nations as of February 2017 was located in Velkia, with 30.8% of the countries being considered to be 'partially free'.

Region Free Partially free Not free No data available
6 / 9
0 / 9
0 / 9
3 / 9
5 / 15
3 / 15
4 / 15
3 / 15
10 / 15
1 / 15
1 / 15
2 / 15
8 / 14
1 / 14
1 / 14
4 / 14
7 / 16
1 / 16
4 / 16
4 / 16
8 / 13
4 / 13
0 / 12
1 / 13
47 / 87
11 / 87
12 / 87
17 / 87


Below are the assessments of each country as of the February 2017 edition of the Liberty Index. It covers the period between August 2016 and February 2017.

Nation Region Political freedoms Civil freedoms Economic Freedoms Total score Change from last year Notes
 Ainin Velkia 1 1 2 1⅓ Steady "Despite the terrorist attacks in Talonee in April, Ainin seems to have recovered extraordinarily well, and have made a reasonable response to terrorism without sacrificing too much in the way of liberties. Yet, it maintains a prohibitively high tax rate on job creators, which could pose a problem to Ainin's economic future."
Template:Country data Ambrosia Nordania 1 1 1 1 Steady
Template:Country data Ankoren Nautasia 7 7 1 5 Decrease 2⅔ "The outbreak of The Hurricane and its associated consequences pose a threat to the people of Ankoren, as their political and civil rights have suffered. Thus, we are sadly forced to lower Ankoren's status back to not free."
Template:Country data Arkiasis Nordania 1 1 3 1⅔ Steady
 Aucuria Artisia 1 1 1 1 Steady "Aucuria can be considered to be one of the most democratic nations in northern Artisia."
23x15px Britanno Nordania 1 1 1 1 Steady
Template:Country data Chorea Velkia 2 1 1 1⅓ Steady
22px Concordia Nautasia 2 1 1 1⅓ Steady "The main issue is the fact that due to heavy Aininian influence on this tiny nation, it lacks the ability to act independently."
Template:Country data Costa Sud Conitia 7 5 3 5 Steady "Costa Sud's absolute monarchy means that there is little popular participation. In addition, civil liberties are curtailed, and there appears to be growing Nevan influence."
23x15px Daecon Nordania 1 1 1 1 Steady
Template:Country data East Cortoguay Conitia 2 1 1 1⅓ Steady "East Cortoguay has an excellent human rights record, despite its unlucky circumstance of continuing to border West Cortoguay, a relic of communism. Yet, they pride themselves on having a free and democratic society."
Template:Country data East Nautarya Nautasia 5 3 1 3 Steady "In spite of its perilous position of being next to The Caliphate, East Nautarya has managed to hold its ground quite well."
Template:Country data Fascesia Artisia 7 7 4 6 Decrease 1 "The reactions after the Christmas Day bombing by repressing the Muslim communities has caused great outrage and shock. With impending sanctions, it is doubtful that Fascesia can continue to be partially free."
Template:Country data Filimons Conitia 3 2 1 2 Steady
Template:Country data Fjalland Nordania 1 1 1 1 Steady
Template:Country data Francilie Conitia 1 1 1 1 Steady "In spite of recent tensions with neighboring Lecistan by threatening to invade it if Lecistan joined the Crown of Saint Lucia, Francilie continues to maintain its exemplary freedoms."
Template:Country data Geadland Velkia 1 1 1 1 Steady "Geadland has continued to maintain its exemplary human rights record."
Template:Country data Irvadistan Nautasia 7 7 7 7 Steady "Constant instability combined with a totalitarian dictatorship means that there is little hope that freedom can be truly exercised, especially between both The Caliphate and the totalitarian regime currently in power."
Template:Country data Jahistic Union Borea 7 3 1 3⅔ Decrease "The recent reaction to the shootings in the Assembly of the People by suppressing opposition parties has caused their ranking to drop by two thirds, making it partially free."
 Katranjiev Velkia 1 1 1 1 Steady "It is always admirable to witness a success story, having been at the bottom of the charts for several decades, before doing a 180 and ending up as a country with an exemplary human rights record, much like Geadland. In spite of Riro leaving, Katranjiev has not taken advantage to discriminate against the Kannei and Minjianese populations."
Template:Country data Kaona Borea 7 7 7 7 Steady
22px Kebenajaya Borea 3 2 1 2 Steady "In spite of coruption and some reduced civil rights, Kebanajaya is a sign of hope and we have full confidence that Kebenajaya will become Most Free."
Template:Country data Kinzeria Nautasia 4 4 3 3⅔ Decrease 1 "The score has dropped a point as President Thoko Mkapati has begun to centralize power for himself and curtailed both economic and civil rights. Kinzeria is vulnerable to becoming a full-blown dictatorship in the coming years."
Template:Country data Koyro Borea 7 7 7 7 Steady "It should be painfully obvious why Koyro still maintains its 'Not-Free' status."
Template:Country data Kraq Nautasia 7 7 6 6⅔ Steady "The ongoing civil war has destroyed what little liberty there was in Kraq, and all but destroyed the economy."
Template:Country data Lanos Nordania 1 1 1 1 Steady
Template:Country data Lecistan Conitia 3 2 3 2⅔ Steady "Lecistan has recovered significantly since the end of their civil war. However, the Crown of Saint Lucia plan may pose a threat to Lecistan's sovereignty."
 Luziyca Velkia 1 1 1 1 Steady "Luziyca maintains its status as the leader of the free world, and has one of the most exemplary human rights records in the world."
Template:Country data Lydland Nordania 3 2 1 2 Steady
Template:Country data Lyonsland Nordania 1 1 1 1 Steady
Template:Country data Magane Nautasia 3 2 1 2 Steady
23x15px Mingwok Borea 2 1 1 1⅓ Steady "Despite major influence by the monarchy, Mingwok is among the freest natons in the Monic world."
 Namor Velkia 4 4 1 3 Steady "In light of the election of Antelope Shohai, we have concerns that human rights that have been improved under previous administrations will be neglected. In addition, detente between Namor and Luziyca has cooled, which poses an economic threat to Namor. In addition, Namor continues to discriminate against Lutheran Catholics within its borders and continues its occupation of Oteki, Roubao, and Peitoa. With everything considered, the ranking of Namor has decreased by one."
23x15px Nevanmaa Nordania 7 6 3 5⅓ Steady "The most conservative nation in the world has one of the worst human rights records in Nordania, and also hinders investment by implementing strict architectural rules."
Template:Country data Olinda Velkia 1 1 1 1 Steady
22px Oteki Velkia 5 5 3 4⅓ Steady "Oteki continues to suffer under Namorese military occupation. Despite improving human rights, and a reduction of terrorism committed by separatists, there is still a long way to go before the torch of liberty can illuminate Oteki again."
Template:Country data Peitoa Velkia 5 5 2 4 Steady "Since the incorporation of Peitoa into Namor, Peitoa has run the risk of losing its own distinct cultural identity in the face of 'inner unification.' Peitoa needs to be given greater autonomy."
Template:Country data Phikam Borea 2 2 1 1⅔ Decrease "With the transfer of sovereignty of Phikam to Kaona, the Phikamese are concerned of their erosion of political and civil rights."
Template:Country data Pisdara Nautasia 2 2 2 2 Steady "Loupgate and its associated general strike has exacerbated tensions between the Pisdari and Aininian communities. As the Pisdaris prepare to elect a new government, we hope that the new government does not trample on political, civil, and economic rights."
Template:Country data Riro Velkia 4 4 4 4 Steady "Since Riro's independence from Katranjiev, we have noticed increased racism against the ethnic Katranjian minority residing in the country. In addition, Riro has implemented policies that has discouraged investment and has caused it to run into financial trouble. Combined with the fact that Riro has experienced deteriorating freedoms, especially to those opposed to the Liberationist ideology, we feel Riro is no longer a 'Free' country like it previously had been."
Template:Country data Roubao Velkia 5 2 3 3⅓ Steady "Roubao's political freedoms is strongly controlled by Namor, and while Roubao does have some civil rights, they are largely constrained by Namor's interests. We want Namor to withdraw from Roubao and let the Roubanese determine their own future."
Template:Country data Samchania Nautasia 3 3 3 3 Steady
Template:Country data Sardeed Conitia 1 1 1 1 Steady
 Senria Borea 5 2 1 2⅔ Steady "While Senria lacks substantial political freedoms, it makes up for it in less regulation and in greater civil rights for the populace."
Template:Country data Shibdan Borea 1 1 1 1 Steady "In spite of persistent unofficial racism against the indigenous people of Shibdan, Shibdan can proudly boast itself to be the freest nation in Borea."
 Sjealand Artisia 1 1 1 1 Steady
 Tuthina Borea 7 6 6 6⅓ Steady "It is difficult to properly gauge Tuthina's placement on this list, due to its drastically different values from much of the rest of the world. Yet, its prevalance of slavery, especially sexual slavery, combined with its absolute monarchy means that Tuthina deserves its 'Not Free' status. In addition, the prevalence of an internalized system of corruption hinders investment and prevents the rise of individuals through the ranks, further cementing its status."
Template:Country data Teutonia (Esquarium) Nordania 7 7 7 7 Steady "Teutonia continues to pose a threat to the civilized world, and to its own people. Ergo, it earns its placement as the least free nation in Nordania."
23x15px Toksan Borea 2 1 1 1⅓ Steady "As a former Dominion of Luziyca, despite facing threats from Kaona, Toksan has managed to preserve its democratic positions, and is among the most free nations of the continent."
Template:Country data Ultima Borealia Artisia 1 1 5 2⅓ Steady "While Ultima Borealia has had extensive civil and political freedoms, it has poor economic freedoms. If they liberalize their economy, they may be better off in the long run."
Template:Country data Vajorr Nordania 1 1 1 1 Steady
23x15px Vjaarland Nordania 1 1 1 1 Steady "Vjaarland can continue to boast that it is the freest nation of Nordania, and apart from restrictions on abortion, Vjaarland firmly deserves its top position."
23x15px Vyvland Velkia 1 1 1 1 Steady "Vyvland maintains an exemplary human rights record in Velkia, alongside Geadland and Katranjiev."
23x15px West Cedarbrook Conitia 1 1 1 1 Steady "West Cedarbrook maintains the most exemplary human rights record in Conitia."
Template:Country data West Cortoguay Conitia 7 7 7 7 Steady "The last outpost of communism in Conitia once again deserves its 'Not Free' status for maintain a system designed to destroy the economic, political, and civil rights. The only way things can improve is if the people rise up against the communist regime."
Template:Country data West Nautarya Nautasia 7 7 3 5⅔ Steady "West Nautarya has seen a decline in basic human rights since the dissolution of Nautarya."
 Xiaodong Borea 7 5 2 4⅔ Decrease 2 "Xiaodong's human rights record has as a result of a rigged election, murdering, imprisonment and torture of protesters, jailing of opposition politicians, creation of a police state and strict new economic regulations has resulted in it to go from one of Borea's most promising nations in regards to human rights to one of the worst."


In general, the Liberty Index has been known to portray a "rosier" picture of human rights in Luziyca and its allies, often neglecting human rights abuses in Luziycan prisons like Oksana A1, or police brutality against the Shudri population.

Thus, many activists have made claims that the government of Luziyca is deliberately "manipulating" the results of the Index, although the Guardians of Liberty have said that "many strategic allies of Luziyca have poor rankings on this list."

The Borealian government has heavily criticised the economic freedom portion of the Liberty Index, stating that "freedom does not mean the freedom to exploit others, as the Luziycans have taken to believe" and that the LI is a "front for Luziycan neocolonial interests, wholly rejecting the democratic will of the people to enact an economy that works for them and believing labelling all nations that refuse to be subjected to neocolonialism and tyranny of the bourgeoisie and the property owner tyrannical".